Chuck Schuldiner Stealth review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (128 votes)
B.C. Rich: Chuck Schuldiner Stealth

Price paid: € 820

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Sound — 10
My music style is mainly metal, and this guitar is perfect for metal. The high output humbucker combined with dense woods like alder and mahogany really gives you the bite a metal axe has got to have. The short scale length does make it a bit harder to downtune, but I use 052/010 prosteels on mine, and it plays like heaven in D standard. I use it through my Vox AD30 VT, and it can give you the real Death distortion sound. I also use Line6 Toneport, and really, any sound fits to the DiMarzio in it. You can also play jazz or blues, since this humbucker not only can be very noisy at high gain, it can be also very quiet at low gain, and you could even blast the treble open and play some Eric Clapton Strat tones. This guitar can be used for anything, but it's destiny is and stays metal.

Overall Impression — 10
I play death metal and progressive metal, and this is just perfect. In combination with my DigiTech Death Metal pedal, it blasts beyond imagination. The shape of the neck is heavenly, and the guitar itself is flawless. The only mistakes were the thin strings, and the bad intonation. The seperate parts come together in Chucks soul and legacy, his signature Stealth, a beast amongst guitars, like the owner was a beast amongst the guitarists. No comparison is able for this craftmanship. If it only came with the guitar skills of the Legend himself, but alas that's not possible. R.I.P Chuck Schuldiner, 13-12-01

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar is a brick wall, it can withstand a storm. This guitar was made for the stage. The hardware looks as solid as can be. You can depend on it, without a backup, definately. The strap buttons are very solid, and will not lose any grip or won't slip from itself. The only flaw about the finish is that it is a fingerprint magnet.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The guitar wasn't intonated when it arrived. The string were also too thin, making it have to low tension. The pickup on the other hand was adjusted perfectly for the nicest sound. The instrument also tends to tip over when you let go of it, and it gives you an extra weight in the hand you play with. That may not be very much, but it can make playing more difficult.

Features — 9
It was made in 2010, Korea, very high quality guitar. The body is a piece of alder with a mahogany neck through construction. The scale is 24 5/8", just under the Standard Gibson scale. It lessens the tension on the strings, even that tiny difference in scale length. It has 24 jumbo frets, ebony fretboard, a nice feeling neck, not thin, but also not thick. It has a beautyful, and after a while fingerprint ridden black gloss finish. The body is comfortably shaped, but it does tend to tip over, giving it a slight discomfort playing it, but not that much. The Bridge is a massive piece of steel, giving it lots of sustain. It only has 1 pickup in the Bridge position, but that's about all you need for such a shred guitar. A DiMarzio X2N fills in that place, a very edgy and high output humbucker, really made for the metal riffs and high solos. Only 1 volumeknob, what else do you need, to citate the B.C. Rich website. Tuners are Grovers, they do tend to fall out of tuning, but that's because of the lower tension. It's the guitar, and only the guitar you get when you order it, but that's enough when you've played it.

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    if u dont like death metal , if u dont like the chuck ... go fvck your self ... this is a tribute for who love the death metal ... not for a gig who wants to play meatloaf
    Haters will hate. Love Chuck, love Death and sure as hell love his guitar.
    I would do vile, evil things to get my hands on one of these. Even if just to hang it on my wall.
    Actually they don't all suck for the bitchers, some companies even gibson, fender, dean, washburn, Esp, Ibanez make shit guitars or shit equipment, but it could also be that you suck XD you plug a guitar in and it could sound amazing by one guy like Dave Mustaine or Marty Friedman...whoever right you pick it up and it sounds like shit whom is to blame you! So before you bitch make sure its not your playing and the other equipment for ****s sake x.x. I have played this guitar before and I'm rather good and I loved this guitar but I didn't by it as I'm more of a washburn player and have a custom 7-string by them I have played some bad cheap guitars by them but they aren't designed for all around playing they are made for metal so if you are a noob buying a guitar for looks to stand out in a ****ing jazz crowd don't get a b.c rich dumb ass anyone stating a guitar sucks like that must really suck themselves its like saying oh I bought a gto so I'm going to win the Indy 500 no dumbass sure ya look different but you aren't faster. I love guitar noobs who bitch on these about a guitar.....they take no consideration the purpose of something so they diss it XD.
    i think this guitar is so ugly. i also personally would never buy a guitar with one pickup. right from the get-go your limiting tonal possibilites. stupid especially for sig guitars of this price. played it at guitar center and was not impressed in the slightest with it
    Chuck recorded all Death records with BC:RICH, on a Mockingbird and afterwards the Stealth, believe me, that guitar CAN`T suck.
    I have 4 Bc Riches,3 Schecters,A Hamer 27 fret. One Bich special edition I just picked up for $25 put some used Dragonfire pups in it ($15)new knobs ($25) and pup rings($5) stripped the finish off the top reset the neck angle($0)And with that wrap around bridge I can play and sound better than all you BCR hatersLOLOLOL If I had mo money I would buy the Chuck sig model in a heartbeat!
    Personally I do believe though this is nothing more than a wall ornament.
    ''I use a Boss ml-2 and sometimes a DigiTech black 13 with it. Through a shitty 10 watt amp. Still amazing sound for what gear I have" sure kid whatever you say. How the hell did this review get posted?!
    I have tried this guitar once. Really loved playing it. Simple features (all you need tho if you play pretty standard Death metal) and in my opinion a cool look. I'm not that fond of B.C Rich guitars, but guitars priced over 8-900$ from them are pretty sweet. I would not give this guitar 10 for features but still, I would almost give it 10 for the rest since it's a great player and looked very reliable.
    I like BC Rich guitars. I made my bronze series warlock sound amazing before I sold it to help me move to a new city. Would I get another BC Rich guitar? Certainly. I'm a Gibson player myself. I have been playing my custom Gibson Explorer for about 10 years now and I wouldn't trade it for the world, but despite that I would definately get a BC Rich as a back up guitar. ESP would probably be my third choice.
    Guys to make it more simple its a collectors item....its not a pro series guitar, every company makes a hunk of shit like fender guitars are for poor people, starters, kids, B.C. rich has expensive guitars that sound amazing through amazing stacks and half stacks and combo amps and even pedals through practice amps, its all about how much you put into the guitar, or better yet instead of bitching about a companies product why not make one yourself or work with them to make your own custom guitar that is the purpose of kits, parts and custom shops! High quality parts aren't cheap, plus you need to take in the consideration its both your playing and they need to make a profit otherwise they'd go bankrupt if they didn't make a profit.....I appreciate this model, would i have fun with it and use it as a collectors item sure, would I take it on stage no, it isn't made for that I make my own guitars and I buy pro series guitars from washburn and modify them **** if you don't like the sound of this guitar and you want it to sound better but love the body here let me guide you noobs into what most people do, first leave the neck pickup in as they are usually fine for distortion, look for a different bridge pick up like a duncan, bareknuckle or dimarzio, for prog and more wide range control I'd suggest dimarzio, for all around playing duncan, for non stop shred bare knuckle, also when you switch out yourself or pay a shop to ask them to make sure your pots are set to 500 and not 250 or anything else, there problem solved not stop bitching, that will fix your sound problem get a nice looking guitar and swap parts!
    ~IzzyInzane~ wrote: You guies are hilarious. Man i build my own guitars and sell them for way cheaper with way better woods and electronics and looks. I had a $500 Schecter c1-fr with Duncan Designed pickups and it raiped this thing sideways 24/7 10/10...BULLSHIT more like 7.5/10 it plays nicely... ... ... *facepalm* there isnt anything good about this guitar
    Its just a tribute guitar lol its not designed to be some pro guitar for you to shred up a storm and play all around if it was they'd make him a full series like Dean did with the Dimebag MLs.
    ^there's other reasons not to give it 10s, as it isn't perfect. Probably should have said that lol.
    You guies are hilarious. Man i build my own guitars and sell them for way cheaper with way better woods and electronics and looks. I had a $500 Schecter c1-fr with Duncan Designed pickups and it raiped this thing sideways 24/7 10/10...BULLSHIT more like 7.5/10 it plays nicely... ... ... *facepalm* there isnt anything good about this guitar
    Had mine for a few months, plays very well. I wouldn't give it 10s though as it's extremely hard to sweep cleanly on it. At least an 8 or 9 overall though, in my opinion, and realistically the lack of a tone knob and bridge pickup have little impact, especially the lack of a tone knob (who ever turns it down at all?)
    sweet guitar i just wished it came with black hardware but that kind of undoes the whole signature model deal. This is actually deserving of its rating unlike the rest of the little kids on here who give a a $200 ibanez or epiphone a 9.5 rating.
    I'd love a 70s Warlock. They do make some nice guitars, but if your justification is that you have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good one, that's a slippery slope. I don't expect greatness out of a Bronze line guitar, but other companies make better entry level guitars. You can say people are just biching about the shape, but so what? That's what strikes your eye first. If having a radical design serves form before function, count me out. You all have your own body preferences, and you can't act like they're all objective, well thought out opinions.
    I have that guitar and I know this guitar doesn't deserve 10/10. I changed the nut for a Bone custom nut. And that low cost bridge seems fine at first but after a while it starts to lean and the intonation goes to pot. to If you buy this guitar, prepare to lay down another 200-300Eur to make it good. But I must say the sound and playing on this guitar is incredible. So long the sound and playability is concerned, it really is 10/10. For METAL at least...
    i personally like the guiatr i love to play heavy metal and it looks like it would play pretty good on stage
    Maple neck through alder body. Jesus christ.
    racman92 wrote: I love Bc rich, and its what I play. I think a lot of people hate on BC rich just cuz of their radical shapes, and thats annoying. I dont have experience with this guitar, but Chuck sure as hell loved it.
    I personally think it's the Platinum, Bronze, and lower end series. I personally love 2 of B.C. Rich's original shapes, and if I could I'd get a custom. If you try out a mid level or a high level one, you'll know what I mean.
    defiant1 wrote: my amp is a crate blue voodoo, with a vader cab. now this guitar is a machine, however i did not give this guitar all 10, i didnt even write the review. i later found out it was a friend who wrote this . anyway i would give it 8.5/9 simply cause of where it is made and a lack of neck pup
    how does that make any sense. why would your friend do that...
    Nick Curleo
    Looks kind of like a Jackson Warrior, only it's ugly. As far as BC Rich though, my friend likes 'em. Must be at least decent.
    GenerationKILL What a wimpy looking guitar, just looking at that flimsy looking body made me wince, this is the enduring legacy of one of death metals' finest progenitors?! what a disappointment....This thing doesn't even compare to other "legacy" guitars in my opinion, its just another "wacky" BC rich with someones name slapped on it for credibility, Chucks' probably rolling over in his grave right now...
    Guess you've never seen Chuck play. Did you expect a Chuck Schuldiner tribute Modern Eagle? You know, an axe he never played? There are stupider looking sig guitars (Dime) and higher priced (Vai, Schon, Zakk, almost anybody with a Gibson endorsement) sig guitars out there.