Chuck Schuldiner Stealth Review

manufacturer: B.C. Rich date: 04/07/2011 category: Electric Guitars
B.C. Rich: Chuck Schuldiner Stealth
This guitar is awesome made in 2008 in Korea. 24 frets. 24 5/8 scale. Just very simple and brutal axe.
 Sound: 9.7
 Overall Impression: 9.3
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.3
 Features: 9.3
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overall: 8.2
Chuck Schuldiner Stealth Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 23, 2010
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Price paid: € 822

Purchased from:

Features: I guess it was made in 2009, in Korea. (Don't you people EVER say that Korean guitars are bad quality, check this guitar out and you will know!) It has 24 Jumbo frets on an ebony fingerboard, 25.5/8 scale. The neck amazed me when I finally got this guitar, its phenomenal! perfect for my needs! Neck trough body, Alder body. (not sure about the necks wood, bc rich page says only that its mahogany or maple, I guess its maple because of the weight, not sure though)The black finish is great, it can get scratches easily though... Wrap around tailpiece bridge is also just awesome! This bridge became my favorite one instantly! One passive DiMarzio X2N pickup and one volume knob for it. Non locking mini rotomatic tuners are also very stable! // 9

Sound: I mainly play Trashmetal and Deathmetal and this guitar is perfect for my needs, it has nothing more I need and none less, and everything this guitar has, they work as they should without any problem and makes playing confortable! The X2N pickup is great, its even hotter than an EMG 81 which I had in my older Jackson guitar. Pretty weird though... I had always thought that active pickups have more output than passive ones. Anyway, the sound of the pickup: clear distortion, very nice when playing fast palm muted riffs, its and agressive sound, not muddy at all! Noisy? NO! Very quiet pickup. It does what it should do: lot of distortion but no feedback at all! But the harmonics from the amp (the "good feedback") ring very nicely! The guitar is meant for metal music, so rockplayers don't bother at all. If you play trash, death, or the good old heavy metal, this is your guitar! // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was pretty much nailed when I got the guitar. I had nothing else to do but tune it when I got it. Pickup was adjusted pretty well also. So far I have not found any flaws on anything else but that it gets scratchy pretty easily and the guitar is not very well balanced, the neck will dive. At first its very annoying but after a while you get used to it. Nut is well cut and the tuning pegs are not loose at all! // 7

Reliability & Durability: Will this guitar withstand live playing? YES! Very nicely! I love to play this guitar live! The hardware seems pretty solid, except that the volume knob is not that sure thing... I haven't got any problems yet but I have had it for only a couple of months. Strap buttons are very solid! They will hold, I don't use straplocks on this guitar, the strap buttons are good enough which come with the guitar. I would definetly use this guitar on a gig without a backup, its very reliable! // 8

Overall Impression: As i have said, I play Trash- and deathmetal and this guitar is a perfect match! I have been playing for about 8 years now and I own also a Gibson Les Paul V.O.S. -58 guitar, Modified Jackson Dinky guitar, Marshall Super Lead Plexi amp, Bugera 6262 (People, the stereotypes about bugeras are WRONG, they are AWESOME amps!), Marshall Mg 100w combo and a Roland Cube 60 watt combo. If this guitar would be stolen, I would hunt that son-of-a-***** down and get it back after beating the heck out of that guy. What do I love about it? Everything! At first I hated the way neck dived but I got used to it. My favorite feature on this guitar is probably the neck, its not thin, but its not very fat either. Somewhere in between, and BC Rich nailed the shape! Very easy access to upper frets and no string buzz at all! Very nice guitar, probably the best guitar I have ever owned! // 8

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overall: 10
Chuck Schuldiner Stealth Reviewed by: defiant1, on may 15, 2009
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Price paid: A$ 1400

Purchased from: Villsge Guitar

Features: This guitar is awesome made in 2008 in Korea. 24 frets. 24 5/8 scale. Just very simple and brutal axe. The neck is a bit thick bet extremely comfortable, neck thru as well so access to higher frets is no sweat at all. Guitar is entirely made from alder. Jet black finish paintjob. Comes with a wrap around style bridge which is simple and a decent bridge, does it's job. One X2N pickup (best pup ever), one volume knob. Grover mini rotomatic tuners. Neck is lightning fast. // 10

Sound: My music style is heavy metal and any sub genre of metal. This guitar caters perfectly for this style. I use a Boss ml-2 and sometimes a DigiTech black 13 with it. Through a shitty 10 watt amp. Still amazing sound for what gear I have.. A very full sound, thick chuggs and harmonics are effortless. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Factory set up was pretty good, I just put strings I like on. The pickups were set up well, plugged straight in and I was like WOW!. Everything was set up properly. I hated bc rich but now... I love em. The guitar is very light cause of the wood and tends to neck dive. Craftsmanship is outstanding perfect in every way. // 10

Reliability & Durability: A really sexy and wonderful guitar! With such an amazing and very powerful tones, a very fast and smooth neck, and a very lovely wicked shape. Everything seems durable, seems reliable enough that I could keep my backup guitar locked away. The black paint finish is beautiful and this guitar is addictive to look at in person. As soon as I plugged it into the high gain channel of my amp I was floored by it's awesome tone. // 10

Overall Impression: I played on this fine guitar and was impressed. I half expected it to be an Indonesian made insult to Death fans. It wasn't. Fine craftsmanship. Excellent factory setup, although in the wrong tuning. After playing it for 20 minutes or so, I realized that it really needs to be played through a Vintage Marshall Valvestate to perfectly mimic Chuck's attack. (Ahem...) Tube amps are a bit too warm to replicate Chuck's tone. I might add that the scale length wasn't as much as an adjustment for me as I thought it would be. This guitar is simple an effective like an AK47. It does what you need it to superbly, nothing more, nothing less. // 10

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overall: 9.2
Chuck Schuldiner Stealth Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 07, 2011
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Price paid: € 820

Purchased from:

Features: It was made in 2010, Korea, very high quality guitar. The body is a piece of alder with a mahogany neck through construction. The scale is 24 5/8", just under the Standard Gibson scale. It lessens the tension on the strings, even that tiny difference in scale length. It has 24 jumbo frets, ebony fretboard, a nice feeling neck, not thin, but also not thick. It has a beautyful, and after a while fingerprint ridden black gloss finish. The body is comfortably shaped, but it does tend to tip over, giving it a slight discomfort playing it, but not that much. The Bridge is a massive piece of steel, giving it lots of sustain. It only has 1 pickup in the Bridge position, but that's about all you need for such a shred guitar. A DiMarzio X2N fills in that place, a very edgy and high output humbucker, really made for the metal riffs and high solos. Only 1 volumeknob, what else do you need, to citate the B.C. Rich website. Tuners are Grovers, they do tend to fall out of tuning, but that's because of the lower tension. It's the guitar, and only the guitar you get when you order it, but that's enough when you've played it. // 9

Sound: My music style is mainly metal, and this guitar is perfect for metal. The high output humbucker combined with dense woods like alder and mahogany really gives you the bite a metal axe has got to have. The short scale length does make it a bit harder to downtune, but I use 052/010 prosteels on mine, and it plays like heaven in D standard. I use it through my Vox AD30 VT, and it can give you the real Death distortion sound. I also use Line6 Toneport, and really, any sound fits to the DiMarzio in it. You can also play jazz or blues, since this humbucker not only can be very noisy at high gain, it can be also very quiet at low gain, and you could even blast the treble open and play some Eric Clapton Strat tones. This guitar can be used for anything, but it's destiny is and stays metal. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar wasn't intonated when it arrived. The string were also too thin, making it have to low tension. The pickup on the other hand was adjusted perfectly for the nicest sound. The instrument also tends to tip over when you let go of it, and it gives you an extra weight in the hand you play with. That may not be very much, but it can make playing more difficult. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is a brick wall, it can withstand a storm. This guitar was made for the stage. The hardware looks as solid as can be. You can depend on it, without a backup, definately. The strap buttons are very solid, and will not lose any grip or won't slip from itself. The only flaw about the finish is that it is a fingerprint magnet. // 9

Overall Impression: I play death metal and progressive metal, and this is just perfect. In combination with my DigiTech Death Metal pedal, it blasts beyond imagination. The shape of the neck is heavenly, and the guitar itself is flawless. The only mistakes were the thin strings, and the bad intonation. The seperate parts come together in Chucks soul and legacy, his signature Stealth, a beast amongst guitars, like the owner was a beast amongst the guitarists. No comparison is able for this craftmanship. If it only came with the guitar skills of the Legend himself, but alas that's not possible. R.I.P Chuck Schuldiner, 13-12-01 // 10

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