IT Beast review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (36 votes)
B.C. Rich: IT Beast

Price paid: $ 400

Purchased from: Music Farm

Sound — 10
It suits my music style perfect, it's obviously a straight up metal guitar, and that's what I do, and I played it in Standard for a while just to mess with it, but now have it in Bb, for my lower tuned songs, and it stays well intonated even at that low of a tuning, which I really liked. I can also get really nice cleans out of it, and even playing classical songs on it at certain settings, (paganini, bach, etc), It has a more punchy rhythm tone I find than neck thru guitars, but doesn't have a shitty bolt on neck that makes high fret access annoying, and a good sustain too because of the bigger neck setting in the body. I mean if you can get over the body shape I think this guitar can play any style to be honest, it just wouldn't look the part for a lot of styles except metal.

Overall Impression — 10
I've been playing 6 years, and owned 8 B.C. Rich guitars over the years, as well as ESP, and Ibanez's, and play my friends Jacksons a lot. But BC Rich has always been my guitar company of choice. Great guitar, wasn't sure how it'd stand up to the NJ Series Beast with Floyds, but I was suprised, and loved the differences, it's a great guitar for me for when I'm sick of playing a guitar with a floating bridge, and just want a no hassle, easy to tune, brutal metal monster, it has the playability, the craftmanship, the looks, and amazing tone if you Switch up the pickups to something better, just a great metal guitar if that's what you're looking for. I play a lot of leads and it's great for that too, not just a rhythm guitar by any means. I'd definately recommend the IT line to anyone.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar is pretty tought looking to me with it's thick neck, and all the hardwares well set in, nothing loose, I put schaller strap locks on too, so no worries there, yeah I'd definately use it at a gig with no backup, really reliable for me so far, doesnt't fall out of tune or anything, the flat finish may wear a bit eventually, because flat finishes seem to do that in my experience, but I don't care much, I just love playing the thing.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The guitar came pretty well set up, I had to lower the action a bit, but that's all, and I had to change the pickups myself, it all came perfect otherwise, and love the guitar, the cream binding was a nice touch, and gave the beast a more sophisticated look, and no bevels gave it that look too. I love the look of the whole guitar, and I usually dislike unpainted necks, but It just works real well with this guitar the way the neck is set in the body, and the widow headstock is a sweet change for this guitar, but still gotta love the original beast headstock.

Features — 9
I have 3 NJ Series Beasts already so I am well used to what Beasts are usually like in the NJ Line, but the IT was different in a few ways. Of course the IT still has 24 frets like all other beasts, as well as an ebony fretboard, with a widow headstock inlay at the 7th fret. The IT neck is a fair amount beefier than the usual NJ series thin necks, but I really liked the feel of it, and fit comfortably for all my playing styles (which are mainly technical death metal, fast black metal, and shred shit), the bodies Nato Mahogany, which gets a lot of bad rap, but I really like the tone of it personally, and don't find anything wrong at all with Nato for bodies, The neck though is the main feature of this guitar, with it being bolted on in the back of the guitar behind the pickups, giving it all the feel of a neck thru, but the more "twangy" tone of a bolt on, and really looks awesome from the back too, with the widow headstock mirrored into the back of the guitar, also cool that this beast has a widow headstock instead of the original beast headstock, still suites it I think. The body doesnt't have bevels either like most other beasts, just a flat smooth top, String Thru body plays nicely, and good to have a Beast without a Floyd for me, so I can change tunings on this guitar easily, regular Beast setup of volume, tone, and 3 way toggle, the only problem I ever have with BC Rich is the pickups, I always Switch to an EMG set, and I went with a conventional 81/85 set for this, which I love the tone of in B.C. Richs.

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    it all depends what you're into basically, some people find it uncomfortable, i personally don't at all, and sold all my other brand of guitars to buy more Beasts, ahahahah, but thats just me, and the lower lines of BC Rich are definately crap, but any NJ Series, and a lot of the newer models released are just awesome, but a lot of people don't suit BC Rich thats for sure, some people look like tools playing some of the shapes.
    Nice guitar! Its sick, love the design and shape, BC Rich are good at making awesome, good performing show guitars!! I would do anything for a guitar like this!
    After some additional set-up and a switch from the stock strings, this guitar actually plays very well. I just can't STAND the shape... You definitely wouldn't know you're playing a BC Rich by the feel of it, though. It's very smooth on the neck pickup, and aggressive in the bridge, with a slick neck for soloing. I just wish it wasn't so spikey D:
    How does the IT construction compare to a setneck/bolt on? Is the sustain still nice? I assume the IT creates a nice flat bac for the guitar, so it would feel like a set neck.
    this is the guitar i have and i only paid 200 from a shop in birmingham, england its a nice guitar to play ^_^
    the B.c Rich Beast Guitar is great guitar, i own one myself. yes it does have a great feel but at first it felt weird and uncomfortable becoz the rise spike at the back gets in the way a little bit, but anyways its a fantastic guitar great sound, really good for harmonics, Pick ups are great, real easy to gallop pick aswell
    Hey a friend of mine has this guitar its nice and has a good solid sound but i found that it is very uncomfortable to play sitting down, and not even that comfortable to play standing up i guess im use to Ibanez S470, but good guitar for the price, sick paint job!!!!! Cheers
    Jimbleton wrote: did you pay 400 us dollors or what cos i am in england and i want one of these and i wondered how much it will cost me to import one
    Having a look at the reviews in a mag for the IT warlock and jr V, they're both about 390, although looking around online I've found em for 350. That should be a decent enough marker for this... Very spiky thing.
    Triviutallica wrote: That axe is a beast! i would kill for that guitar i would also kill for an esp alexi 600 and dean razorback wow thats a lot of killing! lol
    they sound like shit, well the bass version of this does, I've played one.
    did you pay 400 us dollors or what cos i am in england and i want one of these and i wondered how much it will cost me to import one
    I own a Beast with a Boris finish and its great but its not practical as it is heavy and it hurts when you try playing it sitting down. too jagged them edges so I'm probably gonna sell it for a Jackson.
    nah my friend has a BC Rich beast and he paid 400 dollars for it. its freaking amazing. i tried it out wen i went round his place, and its got an amazing sound and feel to it
    A lot of people disdain B.C. Rich guitars for their poor quality. I was told if I wanted a GOOD B.C. Rich I'd have to pay thousands in order to procure one
    Triviutallica wrote: That axe is a beast! i would kill for that guitar i would also kill for an esp alexi 600 and dean razorback wow thats a lot of killing! lol
    me too i have the same taste but am really looking forward to my first esp but i get my bc rich bich in a couple weeks
    I love all of B.C. Rich's guitars, and i know this one is just as amazing as all of the others, and in my opinion, their guitars aren't ugly
    That axe is a beast! i would kill for that guitar i would also kill for an esp alexi 600 and dean razorback wow thats a lot of killing! lol