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manufacturer: B.C. Rich date: 12/26/2013 category: Electric Guitars
B.C. Rich: Matt Tuck Signature V
This guitar is most certainly a curveball. With features such as a Les Paulesque neck with the killer looks of a V, the guitar is very unique. And unique is good.
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Matt Tuck Signature V Reviewed by: The jazz Man, on december 26, 2013
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Price paid: £ 1049

Purchased from: Guitar Guitar

Features: This Korean made monster of a guitar is a considerable step up from the previous signature Jackson guitar which Matt Tuck has been famous for in previous years. The specs are as follows: - Construction: Neck Through - Body wood: Mahogany - Body thickness: 40mm - Top style: Beveled - Headstock style: 3-to-a-Side Traditional - Headstock color: Matching - Headstock binding: White - Tuners: Grover Super Rotomatics - Neck wood: Mahogany - Neck radius: 16" - Back of neck: Painted - Neck binding: White - Nut width: 43mm - Fretboard: Ebony - Inlay: Custom - Frets: 22 jumbo - Scale: 25.5" - Bridge type: TonePros Tune-o-Matic - Pickups: EMG 85 Neck, 81 Bridge - Hardware: Black - Finish: Transparent Purple - Accessories: Universal Gig Bag // 10

Sound: Being a heavier guitar player influenced by players such as James Hetfield, Zakk Wylde and Alexi Laiho, I needed a guitar which is able to pack a punch, yet still offer some versatility. For the last few years I have been running my Jackson Matt Tuck RR1T fitted with EMG pickups through a Vox Tonelab which goes into the front end of my Carvin 112. Expecting a similar sound due to the guitars having the same pickups installed, I was beyond surprised when I plugged this guitar in for the first time. The guitars tone is huge featuring a considerable amount of bottom end. This makes it perfect for playing low end rhythms. However, the guitars overall sound is not just limited to fat chugging rhythm tones. As a huge fan of players such as Zakk Wylde is I mentioned earlier, I am very much into fiery leads. And this guitar delivers the goods when it comes to delivering the rich tones needed to create audible and melodic solo's. Having the choice of the thick rich tones of the EMG 85 and the cutting edge clarity of the EMG 81 pickups, this guitar is ready to deliver those melodic slow leads and the lightning fast solos which we know and love. There is no muddiness to be found within this guitars spectrum when it comes to playing shimmering bright cleans, which is a very important factor which contributes its versatility. The cleans are rich and clear without sounding thin. The mass of the guitar is huge, and this gives the guitar both clarity and richness when it comes to the sound. And in my opinion, making it much more superior to the Jackson which lacks in tone and mass. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Straight out of the box, the guitar was set up perfectly. There is no fret buzz or inactive frets and the annotation is perfect for my playing style. The pickups are set at the right height and wired well, free from any noisy pots, and the bridge is routed perfectly. The guitars finish is flawless, without any dings or scratches. The guitars size is immense, yet comfortable for a V shape and the neck size is considerably thicker than I anticipated, but very comfortable. I cant pick any faults at all in this section. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Matt Tuck wanted to design a guitar which is road worthy and is built to last, and him and the guys over at B.C. Rich have succeeded. The guitars weight it immense, making it extremely strong durable. It is a well built instrument with its hardware firmly in place. The guitar holds tune incredibly well, and its finish is catered to last. The large strap buttons are firmly in place, offering complete stability and balance without it dipping like some V shaped guitars may have a tendency to do. I would definitely chance the guitar without a backup in a live situation. I have never played a more solid instrument. // 10

Overall Impression: I am aware of B.C. Rich having a rather unstable reputation and being known for building some very overpriced yet mediocre guitars. However, this guitar is most certainly a curveball. With features such as a Les Paulesque neck with the killer looks of a V, the guitar is very unique. And unique is good. It's a whole new design of guitar for the company. Not an already existing model with Matt's name stuck on it. Whether you are a fan of Matt Tuck or not, the guy has been on the road and recorded enough albums to know what a good instrument is, both in the studio and on the road. And this guitar is evidence of that. Especially after the lacking Rhoads guitar he was previously playing (which has its merits, but does not live up to the standard of this guitar). So like I say, B.C. Rich and Matt Tuck fans or not, you should really give this instrument a try. As it is not lacking in anything. Sound, mass, playability and the like. I would definitely try to replace this guitar if it was stolen, as it is a wonderful instrument, ready to record and survive the life of the road. // 10

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