Metal Master Pack review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.6 (161 votes)
B.C. Rich: Metal Master Pack

Price paid: $ 400

Purchased from: Morrocoy Studio

Sound — 10
I mostly play metal, and this axe really fits my tone. At first, I used to play it through a Zoom GFX-1 effects pedal, and I wasn't 100% happy, but then I replaced the pickups for a couple of active EMG's (81, 85), and started using Boss pedals (MT-2, DD-3 and TU-2) and Dunlop pedals (Crybaby, MXR KFK1 10 band EQ), and now it just rocks. It ain't noisy, and it works well with heavy distortion, or clean (I've played bossa nova with this thing, and it actually sounds great). The little amp sounds great as well.

Overall Impression — 10
This is an amazing and really underpriced pack, gereat axe, great amp, great value! I own an Ibanez GRG270, and a Legend Les Paul Look Alike, and this guitar blows the others away. If it got stolen, I would either buy another or kill myself! It's a really versatile guitar with killer looks, and great sound. Go buy one now.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I've had this guitar for about a year, it has no flaws what so ever, and, trust me, I've bumped it several times and the paint hasn't chipped off, I crashed it against a ceiling fan the day I got it. Go me! It could stand a whole lot of gigs, I would certainly gig without any backup, seems pretty reliable. The only thing that is fragile is the super thin gig bag.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The action was great, the finish was flawless, the bridge was perfectly set up, everything is perfect, the only minor detail is that the pickups came a little bit too high, but that's easy to fix. The hardware was really well setup, and the frets were all shiny, And still after a year of use, it's still flawless.

Features — 10
USA Made, 24XJ frets, 25.5" scale, Solid top Basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard. Bolt On construction, black paintjob with a pretty cool white tribal graphic. Includes a BCL10 amp, a gig bag, picks, a cable, and a 2" nylon strap. Comes with a couple of BC Rich passive humbucker pickups. Volume and tone knobs, 3-way pickup selection switch.

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    seems like an OK beginner pack, usually bc rich is shit though lol...
    Dont waste your money. Guitar/amp packs blow becasue the guitar is sh*t and the amp isnt anywhere near powerful enought to do anything, so save up for quality products
    I bought one to start, and it's really great! Underpriced pack for sure. The only not so great thing is that the tuners are quite bad. The strap peggs aren't really suitable for straplock either, but that can be solved easaly. The guitar neck is also a bit heavy [I don't know if this is the guitar's problem but >.>] That's all, I'd strongly suggest it for metal palyers!
    this guitar is ok i won it, and its ok but yeah get an ibanez its much better i still like it since its the only electric guitar that works, i have a fender strat that need new pick up, and theyre expensive.
    I had that pack for about nine months i had to get rid of it. It was fine for the first 3 months then the guitar stopped working. I got it rewired and fixed up and it broke again after another 3 months. I exchanged it for a different guitar of the same kind and it broke once more after three months. They let me trade it in for an ibanez. You paid to much for it i only paid $450 CDN.
    such high compliments on that little 15 watt amp when its such a peice of crap. the guitar itself is... blah. horrible sustain and everything. good beginner guitar? nah, not even close. the only good thing B.C. Rich has brought out is the Assassin, which is actually amazing for what u get. the rest is shit. good ass guitars come from Ibanez, ESP, and i personally dont like them after the fender deal but Jackson. and i agree McDonalds Value Meal > B.C. Rich Metal Master Pack
    Demonikk wrote: I'd always take a Jackson over a BC Rich; better sound, looks and playability. With BC Riches, you can't expect to gig and keep your axe in mint (or good, for that matter) condition. At least Jacksons take a good few knocks first
    i would take a value meal from McDonalds over a BC Rich If you by The Metal Master Pack you are a master of nothing
    my friend has a $750dollar B.C. Rich..... he's in 7th Son (incase any of you know of it) and he shreds the sh*t out of his axe like there is absolutely no tommorow!!!! So yea, if the first dude who bought the pack saved 150 extra....coulda gotten 1 of the most bad ass BC Rich guitars ive ever seen/heard btw, nobody should get a guitar pack unless they need an amp as well....the guitars usually suck
    made the mistake of getting one...cudve gotten an ESP F-50 for the same price... still not bad..
    it doesnt sound like much, but for a beginner guitar, this is pretty amazing. in starter packs most people go for starters, and this beats the living shat outta squires, i must say, having owned this pack and my brother starting out with a squire starter. its truly a great guitar which i still use today (i own 3 others now). and its very reliable for practice, although it isnt the best for shows.
    I'd always take a Jackson over a BC Rich; better sound, looks and playability. With BC Riches, you can't expect to gig and keep your axe in mint (or good, for that matter) condition. At least Jacksons take a good few knocks first
    ummmmm...or not esp ftw ibanezs suck so do B.C Rich go get a haircut and a melon and then we can talk
    ...Yeah, you should've gotten the ESP. B.C. Rich make shitty guitars, but surprisingly enough make damn good bass guitars. Regardless...don't waste your money...Jackson, Ibanez, and ESP are the way to go. Keep it metal.
    why are people giving this perfect 10's? its a starter guitar made by the most over rated band, BC Rich. All BC rich guitars suck. they are cheaply made and the pick ups are worthless, everythings loose and they just suck. The only ones worth bying are bich's and maybe mockingbirds. But all other bc riches are for emo kids who think just because there guitar looks cool that its amazing, when truly, its realy not