Mockingbird Evil Edge SE review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.6 Good
  • Users' score: 9 (61 votes)
B.C. Rich: Mockingbird Evil Edge SE

Price paid: $ 250

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Sound — 8
It's made for metal. There's no debating this. The stock pickups on the guitar were really really good, especially for the price I paid for them. I've played this through a peavey Bandit 112, 6505+, and various other amps over the years, and its great. I have it set in c standard and have for a while, and I can't stress how good this thing has sounded for 250 bucks. Having said that I switched the stock pups to SDs (59 in the neck, SH-6 in the bridge) and the guitar sounds great, with clarity and a tightness that comes with standard tuning that lacked with the stocks. When you get it right, this guitar does metal awesome. I can also get some pretty good cleans with the pickup change now also.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall, this guitar is one of my Old Reliable types. I've messed with it a bit and fine-tuned it (still am) but its definitely a great buy. Its awesome for metal. I've been playing for almost 7 years, I play mostly through my 6505+ and Bandit 112 amps. Its not as good as my SG, but I like it better at the moment than my Ibanez S2170 prestige to be honest. If it were lost/stolen, I'd be pretty pissed because I don't think they make this guitar anymore. In all honestly I'd probably buy up for something more expensive and a bit better. I love the way this thing looks and sounds.The weight thing is serious though, a bit impractical. At the time I bought it, I had just started playing and bought it because it was cool, but now I'm glad I did. Overall impression: fantastic guitar for the budget. If you can get it, are dirt poor, and really want a great metal sound, get this.

Reliability & Durability — 8
This guitar is a monster. It's heavy as hell (in weight). Its unbalanced and the neck dives. I've dropped it and its stayed in tune, left it in a corner to rot for 2 months once and it was out a little on a couple of strings. Pretty durable. Strap buttons are larger than the average ones I've seen and don't really allow the strap to come off on accident.They have also been sturdy over the years, no problems thus far. I've used it for several gigs and never had an issue with it besides the weight and imbalance. As I said before, the paint's chipped on the edges but only because I have a crap gig bag and the shape leans its weight sideways, making it the only thing to come in contact with something. No problems on the fingerboard or frets. Stays in tune pretty ok.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
I remember the action and set up out of the box not being too good but when you ship a guitar in a box, this is to be expected. Action and fit are preferences that can be molded anyway. The way I have it set now, the thing plays pretty damn well. Finish is good, but because of the way the guitar is shaped, its point tends to lean the guitar over and so has become chipped. The rest of the finish has held up well. A while back, something went wrong with the output jack, and that had to be fixed. Guy who fixed it ended up wiring my pickups in reverse (selector up=bridge and viceversa), but that's a repair flaw (that was also corrected). From what I have heard, output problems are pretty common on BCs. None of these issues are of main concerns to me as they were all fairly easy fixes and a little finish chipping on an edge isn't a big deal, especially after 6 years.

Features — 7
It's a 2005-06 model. Looked up dating but these things are a pain to date. 24 frets, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard. Agathis body bolt on neck. Tailpiece and string through body (personally not a fan). Comes stock with 2 B.C. Rich BDSM humbuckers. The thing looks kicka-s. Most pictures of it make the fingerboard look strangely colored, but it's a beauty of a guitar; not weirdly shaped to scare, but enough for a double take. The evil edge edition comes with a brass bird shaped pickguard which looks awesome.

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