Mockingbird Pro X review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (115 votes)
B.C. Rich: Mockingbird Pro X

Price paid: $ 765

Purchased from: BULLDOG MUSIC

Sound — 9
The sound of the EMG's is not as hot in their output as other pickups BUT the sound quality is really clean 'n' clear with a very hypnotic tone... Especially goin' thru smaller tube amps [Mesa Boogie Studio .22, Marshall Studio 15, etc] as monitors... Very quiet humbucker pickups with a full sound! They could've made the pickups push/pull for more tonal variety.

Overall Impression — 10
In my opinion, this Mockingbird Pro X model is a destined to be a classic collectable design for Rock / 'Metal guitar... I am a pro guitar player with a choice collection of great "tools" [they're tax deductable! ]... I actually bought 2 [yes 2! ] of these Pro X's to have the other as a backup = I consider these excellent investments as the Pro X has quickly become my main stage axe & to have the exact same guitar as a backup is what I prefer for live situations... As I said, this guitar has been a dream come true for me as it's specs & appointments are my preferences [like building a custom guitar for under $ 800-! ]... The Satin finish was an improvement on my dream as I LOVE the sleeek, smoooth, sensual feel of this finish on the body & back of the neck which makes for a much more "Intimate" involvement with playing... This Mockingbird compares favorably to the ol' Slash Mockingbirds- especially with the archtop body 'n' satin finish! In conclusion, I feel like a guitar I have dreamed of for years finally has been created & sells for under $ 900 all day on Ebay... My life just got mo' bettah! Try one?

Reliability & Durability — 10
Neckthru solid construction for live performing... All hardware seems solid & satin finish is sleeek 'n' sensual to the touch = very inspiring!

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Factory setup was poor = very high action... But easily adjustable action... The guitar itself is solidly made without any flaws in the craftsmanship = made in Korea has improved thru the years!

Features — 10
New for 2010 is the BC Rich Mockingbird Pro X w/ Archtop, Neckthru design, Sleeek 'n' sensual Satin finish, original Floyd Rose trem, Grover tuners & EMG pickups... This guitar's design is a personal dream-come-true as I have been looking for an archtop, neckthru Mockingbird w/ an Original Floyd Rose for years on Ebay without any luck... Made in Korea, the quality of the work is excellent on this 24 fret, 24 5/8" ebony fretboard... The active EMG pickups sound superb & the original Floyd Rose is the industry Standard for trem effects & the bound body, neck & headstock along with the Satin finish create a smoooth, sleeek & sensual feel to a grrreat guitar.. Came with fitted BC Rich case that works really well & fits snug!

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    DeadlyKombat wrote: Try one? No thanks
    HURR DURR BC RICH AM THE BADS. I ARE SO MUCH WITTY. Anyway, I like this model. I think it's one of the more intelligent layouts/colour schemes they've put out. The cheap crappy ones come in all black, and the good ones come in maple topped natural or stains.
    i don't understand why everyone hates on bc rich. about of gibson/fender elitist. i bought a used mockingbird as my first guitar years ago and its still one of my favorites to play. it is a lower end model but it has done me nothing but good.
    Shinsen88 wrote: The Mockingbird is the one BC Rich guitar I would consider buying.
    The Mockingbird is the one B.C. Rich i DID buy. And all you haters, i hope you're happy with your ESP's, because i'm very, VERY happy with my 'bird.
    Theres a Mocking bird Pro X Hardtail. Its the exact same thing without the OFR
    I've been told that B.C. Rich guitars are just good looks and bad quality. I don't believe that. In my opinion they're one of the best guitars.
    It looks rather nice for a B.C. Rich. Not saying I don't like them. I do. They just seem like more low-end style guitars.
    The warlocks, v's, anything kerry king, all are low end models but i really like assassins and mockingbirds good review!
    i actually just bought one and am waiting for it to arrive--i got a steal on ebay that i couldn't pass up. i gotta be honest, i agree with a lotta people here--i never liked bc rich guitars because of their horrible designs (the majority of their line is plain ugly). then i noticed the mockingbird and it really grew on me...quickly. AND most importantly it's got all the features i want: mahogany body, neck through, OFR, 24-fret ebony fretboard...perfect. i like the emg's, but sooner or later i might swap 'em out for some duncans. anyway, it's a sharp lookin guitar, and i'm really stoked to add it to my guitarsenal. just my two cents.
    I've got a Warlock Deluxe and a Mockingbird Special, both neck-thru designs and I love them. My next guitar WAS going to be that Epiphone Prophecy LP EX (with EMG 81\85 p'ups)... That'll just have to wait. I have to have this Mockinbird.
    Anansi wrote: Saw Slash a few nights ago..his rhythm guitarist had one of these and another one in a natural finish.
    I also saw slash around that time and his rhythm had the same guitar (finish and everything)! Beautiful looking thing, wanted one ever since. As if it's not enough that its beautiful outside and in, the fact that it was up there with the Great puts it right over the top! must have =)
    I'm selling my two jackson rr24's to get this. I'll be sad to see them go but need something with smaller scales. And to add, B.C. Rich are amazing! Their neck-thru guitars are some of the most comefortable I've ever played.
    have a b.c. rich (and a jackson) and in my opinion they are great not so expensive good quality and i love the shapes, that mockingbird is gonna be my next guit.
    Nice looking guitar, and the finish very sensuous. Can I say that about a guitar?
    I really want one of these, but ive never had a BC rich so i'd like to try it out first, does anyone know where i could try one in the UK? Thanks =D
    Saw Slash a few nights ago..his rhythm guitarist had one of these and another one in a natural finish.
    I Have one and I love her She's my baby but i'm being biased cause it is my favorite guitar
    Not a fan of B.C. Rich (at all), but it's a decent looking guitar. In a way.
    I love all the 12 year olds who just started listening to slayer, and try to come on here and act like BC Rich's are bad guitars. Shove your boring ass classical bullshit les paul, and strats up your asses. The Mockingbird, along with many other BC Rich guitars are innovative, and not some boring copy of an existing model, there original. FUCK YOU ALL METAL FAGGOTS, AH FUCK DUDE DIS AINT METAL DUUUDES. Play for quality. Thats whats a matter with metal heads there like ugly glamor models.To obsessed with look,and being hardcore to actually produce something good. Sure BC Rich has spikey guitars but they do something different
    I want one so badly for the same reasons as the original reviewer. It's got all the right features and I reckon it looks stunning. Just need to find one to try in the UK... I can't find a date when they're due on sale here.
    i hate BC Rich guitars (just a personal thing) but im really shocked by this one... it seems almost... un BC Rich like... from the Vid on YouTube i have to say it sounds pretty good, it looks awesome (imo) ... it has OFR and EMGs 81/60... Im really considering getting this one... wow.
    I have a Mock Special, Mock Evil Edge and a Mock thinline acoustic. gonna have to add this to the collection!!!
    Prefer the one with all the extra gadgetry and the red finish.. this one looks like the Synyster Gates failure cross bred with a Black Beauty Les Paul. Still love the tone though.