Mockingbird Special review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7.2 Good
  • Users' score: 7.5 (237 votes)
B.C. Rich: Mockingbird Special

Price paid: C$ 730

Purchased from: Axe music

Sound — 8
the tone this guitar provides is best suited for hard rock. Or metal and all its sub genres, but it does clean up quite well so its ok for some alt rock too. I use a spider IV 30 watt combo amp with it, and you can really make this thing scream to high hell! It sounds fantastic with a ton of distortion but I'd keep way from too much bass as it does get a little fuzzy with too much of it. The mockingbird specials clean tone performace is also rather impressive but it does have its limits in that department for sure. Perhaps one of my favorite things about this guitar is that there is no white noise from the pick ups at all, and I mean NONE! Really, all in all I'd say that the mocking bird special has a great tonal range from clean melodys to distorted shredding it holds up great.

Overall Impression — 7
I've been playing for 4 years now and have had this guitar for about 6-7 months, overall I'm fine wih what I spent for it. In typical bc rich fashion you get what I think is pretty good bang for your buck. My brother has a much more expensive les paul and we are both agreed on the fact that my mocking bird sounds better. It may take a while for the body shape to grow on you, but I f--king love how this beast looks! It has an odd almost classic look to it yet also a really agressive metal look, dunno seems like people love it or hate it. If it was stolen honestly I'd probably buy a different replacement, but only because I'd like to try some of the other makes and see what they have to offer. Overall I'd say try it before you plunk any cash down cause it's not for all players but still an incredibly solid buy.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Now as a qualifier I should say, I don't play in a band or live or anything. I play for the hell of it and nothing more. But anyway in my opinion I think the mocking bird would hold up just fine in a live session. I've never had anything break, start to rust or malfuntion with it. This special is a solidly built axe you can be sure of that. The strap buttons are verys well placed (its a very odd body style so it might have taken a few trys to get it right) and very solidly mounted. If I were to go and play a gig somewhere I'd feel totally confident taking only the mocking bird with me. The paint also seems to be very high quality, mind you I'm a psycopath about keeping my gear clean but it still has kept a good Shine to it and it doesn't mark easily.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
Out of the box this thing was ready to roll, the action is pretty damn nice and all the hardware was in great condition. As for the finish I think it was very decently done, and the average person wouldn't really see the flaws it had. But upon further inspection I found several black flecks in the paint and the bindings didn't end cleanly. They looked like they almost leaked a bit beyond where they should have ended. So visually not perfect, but what really counts to me is that nothing was broken when I got it and nothing is now.

Features — 6
My particular mockingbird was made in korea in 2008. It has 22 jumbo frets, a 24 3/4" scale, neck through construction, mahogany body and neck, ebony finger board, ahh f--k it if you want all the techincal specs check the link. I got mine in white and it came with a bc rich case. Which didn't fit, axe music was nice enough to provide one that did. The guitar itself has a great assortment of features but the offical bc rich case didn't fit a bc rich guitar (wtf) so I have to dock points for that.

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    I got mine in white about 5 years ago when I was really into metal and all sub genres and it is doing fantastic! I use it for live gigs and all sorts and it just seems to be built like a rock! My band is Alternative Indie and the clean tones I get from this thing is just unreal, also get a great tone distorted through both my Boss Metal Zone and Overdrive/ Distortion pedal. I have played it through so many different amps since I have been gigging and it just sounds great out of everything I throw at it. It sounds amazing through a Fender Deluxe Tube amp in particularly. I have kind of gone out of the metal faze that I used to be in and still I wouldnt swap this guitar for anything in the same price range at the moment. People are shocked when they find out that I'm playing with the BC Rich Mockingbird Special because they can't believe what great tone i get from it (btw its the one with the Rockwell twin humbucker soapbars).
    So the thing is, out of the box ALL BC Riches suck. Now after time, and care, setting them up, getting to know the neck a little better, I think they are all quite decent guitars (minus the bronze series) Are they "High-End"? no. Are they equivalent to Your $700 Jacksons, ESPs, etc? Yes! Most people dont take the time to let the guitar adjust to the atmosphere in their specific location before making a decision. I have had the WMD Warbeast, this very mockingbird we are talking about, an NJ Warlock, and the original Beast... all great guitars, still have the Mockingbird. Also note that BC Rich has changed ownership several times, and each time they change hands, the quality goes back and forth between very good, and utter s**t. Just a thought.
    i just got a perfect ebay dragons blood special x for 340 shipped.I love the feel/sound. Perfect sound. Perfect neck. If i had my wish i was thinking that the knobs would be better further back behind the bridge well the newer ones they put them back there as mine is an older model. but i love it for the feel not the shape I hate all b.c. rich shapes except the assasin and st3. but this baby reminds me and has the feel of a les paul.I love it
    wolfwood_9 wrote: b.c rich's are for wanna be musicians who want to try and play hardcore stuff! any real musician will buy and ibanez,esp, or jackson. much heavier sound for hard rock and better tone AND craftsmanship.
    4 words for ya buddy.. KERRY *MOTHER*FUCKING* KING ...oh, and Zoltan Bathory, John Moyer, and a host of other "real metal guitarists".
    I have this Mock, it IS awesome I would buy this over a Les Paul any day! And for the price of a LP you could buy 2 or 3(I think thats what it is sposed to play like) Mine came with Rockfield pups...very nice. I give mine a 9 because it is perfect in every way except I get all wild sometimes and accidently flip the pup selector. I have 7 other guitars, all sound different.This covers the 70s rock and even nails down early Dio and Bark at the Moon tones. ESP/ltd and Schecter are the same to me. If a dude is on stage and you are far away is hard to tell if it is a schecter or a esp, unless it is a custom headstock. And it seems all "metal" dudes play LTDs or Jackson anyway Do something different!!!I prefer Schecter. But to look Rad I whip out a BC Rich!