NJ Beast review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (36 votes)
B.C. Rich: NJ Beast

Purchased from: Music 123

Sound — 8
The B.C. Rich stock guts really don't do the guitar justice. The guitar came stock with their BDSM pick ups. Honestly, I am not a fan of their tone, but that is my opinion. I gutted the Beast and put active EMG 81/85's in it and man did it crisp it up.

Overall Impression — 8
Well, this guitar is the meanest looking axe you can get, period. I play Death metal, and am an active musician and always get comments from people at shows on how sick the guitar looks. It is a little heavier then most guitars, but the weight is distributed pretty evenly. The hardware quality are lacking, and the Floyd Rose Speedloader system is a pain, but damn does it look good! There are tuning pegs what so ever. People double take the guitar all the time. Also as I stated earlier, the action and feel of the neck is excellent. Bottom line, I would recommend this guitar with out a doubt, but plan on gutting it and upgrading your insides from the get go.

Reliability & Durability — 6
Okay, a couple of things here on reliability. The stock hardware sucks. Period. I mean, aside from the tone the volume, and tone pods are crap and the selector Switch 'clacks' when flipped. I had both the pods fail within 3 months on a Brand New guitar. Not good. As stated earlier, I gutted everything and replaced them with an EMG act9ive 81/85 set up and it really sounded great. Now, the Speedloader system, a great idea but a pain in the ass. Great because it's a F.Rose, and you can change a string in 3 seconds while Live. But a pain in the ass to get your intonation correct, and it takes special strings which are hard to find and 10 bucks a pop no less.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The action is excellent. It has a very low action and the neck curvature is smooth to play. These where two of the main selling points for me. The paint finish (I chose Black) was nice and clean and the clear coat was pretty thick and had a great Shine. It cleans up well with some glass cleaner.

Features — 10
Standard accessories came with the Beast, including the manual and whammy bar. The exception to this model I purchased was the Floyd Rose "Speedloader" feature, which has no tuning pegs on the head stock. It uses pre-wound strings that have stops (actually cylinders) at both ends of the string that fit into two channels. One at the head and one at the bridge. The bridge channel swings up to "load" the string in, then snaps down to lock. The cool thing about the speedloader system is that you can change a whole set of strings on a Floyd Rose guitar in less then a minute. HUH? Yeah, I'm serious. It has some quirks which I will go into further in the reliability section I will describe more in depth in the 'reliability' section.

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    i love my bc rich warlock nj neck-thru series and mine has had not a thing wrong with it, i would consider buying shares in bc rich i like them that much, its a solid bastard, ive had straps break on stage and picked it back up without a scratch, its even had people throw a rench at it and its only got a minor dint
    The BC Rich Beast Is Fucking Amazing. You Can Get So Many Types of Sounds From It, You Could Go From A Thick Deep Metal Tone To A Calm Blues Tone you Just Have To Sit Down And Actually Play And Adjust Some Settings. These Guitars Are More durable Than esp And For The People Who Say That All BC Rich Guitars Suck Than Your Fucking Idiots, We've(My Friends and Workers At Guitar Center) have But My Beast up against A Dean Dimebag Razorback And a Esp Explorer and found that the beast was way easier to sweep,and tap on and it got higher pinch harmonics. Its Not the Best Guitar out there but it will shut you up and leave you in awe with its looks and sounds.
    i love this guitar, i have one and after u get ur floyd set up, it stays in tune amazingly, and the pickups are better than some of the other bc rich's ive played
    bcrichguitarist wrote: SOUPerman432321 wrote: B.C. Rich guitars suck alot don't buy them they are crap get an esp or schecter insted. Esp are crap quality, none of my bc rich guitars have ever ****ed up on me, my first guitar was an esp f-250 that thing crapped out on me within a year, ive never had a problem with any 3 of my bc rich guitars... but the beast is uncomfortable to play and it is heavy as hell, but it looks cool, and sounds amazing
    i agree with both, i like b.c. richs better but esps are good guitars too...but i think esps last longer, my b.c. rich started falling apart after about three months of play but it has a pretty good heavy sound but it has a crappy clean
    my beawt haws held up trough every thing I've thrown at it my only regret is that I can't aford a hand crafted one in my dorm room last year I dropped it left it out in the sun and put it through hell I play mostly metal so I really didn't listen to the clean very much but I have to say this guitar is ****ing amazing and is built for distortin bc rich is awesome
    blotooo uhmm i kinda got annoyed but your first few words... made in china???? all BC Rich guitars are made in korea and japan dude. not china, hahaha other than that ya i agree with most of ur review
    I just bought one of these for $250. I already had the Beast Platinum Series, and like this one just as much. Maybe better. I have bought the Draco, WMD Warbeast and the NJ Deluxe Warbeast in the last year, after already having an LA Series Warlock, Platinum Series Warlock and two 1984 NJ Bich's ... since 1984 lol... and I never thought I'd buy another bolt on again, but this Beast with the "fastback Heel" feels and sounds great! Plus being only $250.00 motivates as well lol Just needed to be cleaned up, set up, some hardware tightened and tweaked and it's like brand-new... no scratches dents or nothing I'm really enjoying playin it! I've owned a lot of BC Rich's over the years, and still have 8 at present, and have never, ever had a problem with them. Love them all! I also do my own set-ups and maintenance myself, and treat them like gold, which reduces possible damage or break-downs. Awesome score!
    Dimebag Dean
    I agree with RattleHead. The beast is a great guitar, in my opinion one of the best. B.C Rich puts esp and schecter to shame