Platinum Pro Beast review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (34 votes)
B.C. Rich: Platinum Pro Beast

Price paid: $ 300

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Sound — 10
This guitar is my music style, I play heavy/hair Metal. and classical shred. It's good for chunking chords and complete shreddage. I use Dave Mustaine Signature strings with it too, for the full metal experience. I use lots and lots of gain, and a good warm clean sound too, sometimes. It's not noisy at all, it depends if your cable is good though. The sound is really bright on the higher strings and just right for the lower stings. It has a great metal sound. The harmonics are exellent on this guitar and the souns come out so rich and full, there is a lot of variety and you can play just about anything on it.

Overall Impression — 9
I play heavy metal, and classical. This guitar matches my style like a glove. I've been playing for 8 years about and the only guitar I've played thats better than this is my friends 3000 dollar Jackson King V. I own a Marshall practice amp, a few random cables, several straps, and Dave Mustaine signature progressive strings, I would advise any player to get these. I can't think of anything I wouldve asked before purchasing this because all of my questions were already answered. If someone stole this guitar I'd hunt them down. But I would probably purchase it again, except this time I would get it in red. Its one for the money. I love the floyd rose, the great metal sound and the shape. The only things I dont like about it is the shape can be annoying sometimes if you don't know how to position it while sitting down and that it is very heavy. Me favorite feature is probably with Tremolo with the whammy bar, I love those things. I compared this to the Jackson RR3. I chose this one becuase it had the same idea but the price was really cheaper and the shape was just a bit cooler. This is a must buy for any real glam show off metal artist.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar is made for live playing! The hardware seems perfect, the only thing I'm concerned about is the pickups that are made by BC Rich. The strap buttons are really strong, I don't even think I'll need strap locks. I would use this guitar without a backup at a gig, mainly because my other guitars are major trash! This was the first really good addition to my guitar collection. Very dependable. The finish is going to take several tens of years to wear off. It's really thick and black!

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
This guitar was build very well, though it is very heavy it can sustaine alot of damage. The pick ups were adusted just fine, the only adjustments I had to make were the strings I had to replace. Their were absolutely no flaws in this guitar when I recived it. I have a 1 year warraty on it anyways so it's all cool.

Features — 9
This guitar was made in 2005. It was made in Korea, there must have been some sweat shop associated. It's got 24 jumbo frets with a rosewood fretboard, and a maple neck. The neck is bolt on. The body is made of agathis. The shape is beautiful, and really metal! It's got a licenced floyd rose, which keeps those strings in tune if you yank or dive on the whammy bar. Thier is 1 volume and 1 tone knob, and a 3 way Switch. The pickups a 2 humbuckers, both BC Rich BDSM humbuckers. They have an alright sound, I won't be replacing them anytime soon. The tuners are locking, it might be a bitch to restring but it's worth it. It came with a really nice gigbag all the tools needed for it and a cable.

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    OOHAARGH!!! I CANT FUCKING WAIT!!! IM GETTING ONE FOR MY EIGHTEENT BIRTHDAY!!!! Cheers mate having read your review, I can finally block out all the negative rumours he talks about B.C.Rich!!! What does he know? He listens to Pink Floyd!
    Nice review, loads people were saying " They fall out of tune real easy " but they must have been jealous that I'm actually getting one and they aren't, lol. Thanx for the guidence dude
    Lovely guitar. I'd love to get one LEFT-HANDED for the same price as a right-handed one. But these F***ING shops who sell 1 L/H guitar for every 20 R/H ones they do makes it nearly impossible to find one. I've never even seen a BC Rich in a shop so how the f*** am I gonna find a left-handed one in black for standard price!?
    A-G-guitarist, try going to their website and custom ordering. I mean, if you really want one. I got an Avenge Son of Beast model for christmas along with a line 6 spider 3 75 watt amp and a digitech grunge pedal. I can't put that thing down. I absolutely adore it. Alot of people say the amp sounds terrible and the guitar falls out of tune easy and sounds awful with only one volume knob, no extra settings on the guitar itself, but my family and I all agree it sounds great. If you missed Guitar Center's sale, you missed your chance to get an Avenge SOB a hundred bucks off. It's looks are amazing, it's solid black with a blood red trim and demon wing fret markers. I reccomend this guitar to anyone who's just looking at stepping into the business, and looking at their first serious guitar.
    c man
    to be honest with bc rich your paying more for the looks. I use to own one of these guitars while I liked the looks I was not impressed with the sound quality and the pickups
    lol BDSM. haha read the description for the guitar. its hilarious.. BDSM.
    Sick axe, i think i'm gonna get a custom WARbeast tho, because the shape is simply more badass... no one has even reviewed it!!! bleh. guess i'll have to be the first
    these r awsum guitars my mate put emgs in it it sounds so good! better then the stock bc rich humbuckers
    I have played this guitar and ya they fall out of tune easily but so wat for the sick price they are asking i dont care.
    c man wrote: to be honest with bc rich your paying more for the looks. I use to own one of these guitars while I liked the looks I was not impressed with the sound quality and the pickups
    You have to try this guitar before you say something like that cause I agree with you that most bc rich's are like that, but this one isn't. It actually is pretty damn good