Platinum Pro Warlock review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (76 votes)
B.C. Rich: Platinum Pro Warlock

Price paid: $ 500

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 9
I play a variety of metal, especially thrash. I would not recommend putting heavy guaged strings on it, such as 10-52. That makes the guitar harder to keep in tune and it will loosen the tuning pegs after awhile. For the type of music I play, this guitar suits me very well. I think however that my effects and amp have a good deal to do with it. I use a Carvin 4X12 cabinet and a Mosvalve 180Watt head with a 31 band EQ stashed in there. I also have an arsenal of Boss effect pedals including the super chorus, metal zone, digital reverb, and digital delay. These effects work very well with the warlock and make it sound very nice. The pickups don't give off much feedback at all, as long as your not standing close to the amp that is. And don't put pickup covers on them, that will make feedback happen whenever you stop playing no matter what you try. You have a very high note range with this guitar since it has 24 frets, however, since it has a tune-o-matic bridge and no trem what'soever, your experimenting is limited. I use no mids in my sound, all bass, and a lot of highs to get my sound, and the warlock handles that sound very nicely. I love the way I have gotten it to sound since I bought it 3 years ago.

Overall Impression — 9
My impression of the guitar straight out of the factory is nothing to be completely proud of. After getting it worked on, I love it now and wish for no changes on it. I play a lot of thrash metal and I play very agressively, this guitar has stood up to the match of my playing very well. I have no regrets with buying this Warlock, since I had it set-up, it play amazingly well. However I would have to think about wanting to replace this guitar if I lost it or someone stole it. Since I had to pay extra to get it set-up the way I wanted it, and I wish it would have had a locking trem, but back when I bought it I wasn't into trems at all. I think I would buy a different guitar with a locking trem on it with the extra money I had to pay to get the Warlock set up. This I do love about the warlock is it's endurance to withstand hard playing. This guitar has not failed or shorted out on me when I play live. It stays in tune very nicely and can easily be tuned to drop D and the other strings will stay in tune as well. This was a first guitar that I bought myself. I have been playing a good 8 years. And I bought this guitar because of it's outta control shape and big crunch that the pickups gave. They're passive but they're very good sounding. You can get very good pick squeal with them. I'm not too thrilled with the way it was wired, seemed like it was done carelessly, and the way the neck was set-up when I first bought it. The neck was set up unevenly and it had differnt actions as you went up the neck. The farther you went up the neck, the higher the action got. Probably though the feature that stands out the most for me is the shape. A lot of people like B.C. Rich because of their outta control shape. I learned though that B.C. Rich is more than looks, they also have a very good sound to their platinum line guitars. If I could change a few things on the warlock, I would want a Floyd Rose Locking Trem, and a pair of Seymour Duncan Livewire pickups, which I am acutally planning to put in. But to try to put a trem system on it, I think that the sound would change drasticly and I wouldn't know what it would sound like until it would be already done.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar can go threw a lot of damage and thrashing around. I have a very agressive playing style and I am glad to say that this guitar has suited me very well. It doesn't detune in the middle of a song, the strap buttons are very big so the strap will not fall off in mid-play, and the hardware and tuning pegs all withstand the abuse they take sometimes. I don't think I would take this guitar with me alone. I would need a backup in case I would break a string on this guitar. But I play very heavily and I very rarely have string breakage. So far the finish is still what it was when I bought it. It does have chips in it from when it has hit the ground a little hard, but other than that, I have had this guitar for 3 years and the finish has still lasted like new.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The warlock was set up very poorly from the factory. I noticed that after about year of owning it, the input jack on the guitar would constantly come loose. The screws we're starting to strip the wood after awhile and I had to get that fixed. It also turns out that the volume knobs we're wired to the wrong pickups. The tuning pegs we're also a little loose, but that was easily fixed. The volume knobs on the guitar, also came loose after a little bit, however I fixed those as well and now they work like new. The pots give off no noise when turning the guitar up or down. The pickups were set very low when I bought the guitar, but that can easily be changed. I got the warlock set up about 4 months ago, and now it plays almost flawlessly. The neck and the action is a lot better now, the string distrubution along the neck is very even, the volume knobs have been rewired, and the loose input jack has been fixed. It had some flaws from the factory, but after getting it set-up by a professional, the guitar plays like it was bought for over 1000$.

Features — 8
I've had this Warlock for a good few years, and at first, I loved it. It was great. Two B.C. Rich humbuckers that really gave a crunch when you played it, two volume knobs and a tone, 3-way pickup switch, nice cutaway body for easy neck handling. It had a nice Tune-O-Matic bridge that kept the guitar in tune very nicely. I also liked the number of frets, 24 to be exact. This model was made in Taiwan, not my first choice but it was made pretty well. The neck was made of very smooth mohagony, it's not the fastest neck in the world but it suited pretty well. The case did not come with it, I had to buy the case seperatly though.

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    my friend let me play his bc rich and if i had the money, i would go out and buy this 1
    this is a good guitar if you got a lot of cash...its got killer sound and looks... my frend has one in black...played it...its great.. although artificial harmonics are a lil hard to do...but you hget used to it
    That's true man I've seen people that only played for a year or 2 and were already ridiculously good. I know somone thats been playing for 5 years and can barely play anything still
    Wicked guitar with a heavy price tag! Its all worth it though, my friend has one, I would kill for it!
    aidandude wrote: 1. i dont know about 4 years being a verry advanced player, i'e been playing for 5 years and i still think of myself as a noob 2. i tried this guitar and i love it1 great action, great neck everything pwns! some people reffer to bc rich as novelty guitars, well i think this model is one of the many that prove them wrong
    ive only played for two yars and ican do all the tricks in the book and ive been crappin songs out for a year.
    if you want to see the finsih add me to msn.. glady show you my gear.. if you wanna buy the warlock let me know
    i have the pro, didn't like the paint sent it away for ten weeks custom air brush paint job... guitar is amazing, i have a gibson SG and jackson rr 25, dont likr hte feel of a V.. rather play my warlock.. guitar is my baby, nothing compares. argue all you want.. then check listen to the lead then argue
    I bought this guitar and it just sounds amazing mainly I play Metallica,Rammstein,Die apokalyptischen Reiter,Trivium ... and this guitar is damn good for this but harmonics are a little bit hard to do especially pinch harmonics
    ive only been playin for 2 years and ive got one in special edition pearl white and they OWN!! i wud reccomend it to any metaler!...yes it can be tricky to tune and re string but once u get the hang of it its a doddle! u just need the patience when u first get it coz it can be frustrating! a great buy, ill be investin in another BC rich for deffinate!
    I bought this guitar second hand for 190...but i find the floyd rose incredibly hard and tricky to set up..also the action is always messed up, all my strings are touching the first fret and it is really hard to perform harmonics on it...all i can say is that it is called a platinum PRO for a reason...this guitar is not for noobs..ive lost patience with it!
    you are all retarded, theres nothing wrong with agathis, it sounds fine. cheap doesnt necesarily mean bad.
    well what can i say about this guitar apart frum "WOW!!!", i have the left handed version and have been plaing for 6 years now, just bought this guitar n a line 6 spider 3 120 to play it on, its just ****in ace! i love it, ROCK ON BC RICH!
    remember kids its called platinum PRO because its for professionals. No, its called pro so it seems as though its for profesionals. To me it seems like a lot of flash (body shape, FR trem) with no guts to back it up (agathis body)
    danabis wrote: my friend has this guitar and he cant work it! he takes it to the guitar shop to get it tuned N00B. remember kids its called platinum PRO because its for professionals.
    That's why it's made of agathis? Don't be so quick to label "N00Bs" next time.
    i think it is heavy because all the stuff it hads i had an ibanez with the same stuff and it weights a lot it is an rg
    I have a huge problem with the inlays...the pearl dot is cooler than the normal does anyone know if this guitar is really light or heavy or in the middle?
    cheap is exactly the word, i tried it once of a friend and at the end of the session all i could say was that this guitar had a lotta potentional (for some types of musix) but scruwed up by not going the extra mile on the guitar
    ArcherTheVMan are cheap bastards when it comes to wood. i tried one of those guitars and i didnt really like the feel of it, to me it
    Refugee 595
    I agree, they did use horrid wood, i am a fan of the warlock, but this one is a discrace