Platinum Pro Warlock review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (76 votes)
B.C. Rich: Platinum Pro Warlock

Price paid: $ 269

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 8
(This is gonna be a sin for what I have used this for, but I might as well do it.) Pedals: This guitar is somewhat noisey if you don't have a suppressor or anything, but you get use to it cause it bearly is noticeable with volume range, most amps Hum kinda anyway even the good old $2,000 ones. The sound of the guitar for metal is an instant 10, it has that vibe of course to play metal, it has the metal type tone, and none of that extra treble and such. Great. A guitar that must be dialed in right though. Modern Rock - Plays pretty good, no special impact and it can go pretty quiet this guitar surprisingly in any rock channel and has a bite to it which is good. 8. Blues - damn I hate to say this but it outdoes blues for as far as I am concerned for some Ibanez and Fender Guitars I kinda enjoy, overdrive is an instant good feel. 9. Jazz - yea this thing sounds like jazz when clean, it doesn't sound exactly the acoustic melody type though, I perfer my electric jazz, electric is muffled enough for acoustic as it is coming down to the big chords. 9 Industrial - Noisey guitar, not recommended for any type of crazy rock tones you use, meant for but it can be dailed in with a suppressor, this guitar doesn't fit 'any' tone you throw at it, but it fits metal obviously, which is an entirely different channel. If you want a metal tone get it, if you want a rock n roll fuzz overdriven tone that sounds good, won't do it trust me, good luck with the pedals though. 6 This thing is hard to pitch though I gotta admit it guys, its impressive if you can do it man, but the pros can get them no matter what the cost, and yes I can get them good. Love it, but at first it will take a while to get pitches from. 9

Overall Impression — 10
So who hates the Warlock guitars? I hope you don't these things are the most famous thing b.c rich is known for and this price of a Warlock kinda amazes me. Try before you buy, or you may have some problems with it, You may not. Spend lots of time with the guitar, cause you know its gonna be yours if you really want it, and when you go back to the music store it will still be yours. Warlock is petty good and the action is amazing, I careless about the looks, but I love the look of it too. I can careless about the sound, I can dial in any sound I feel like getting. I can careless about the durability cause its reliability is good. Quality over Quantity. Features, I can careless cause I know how to work with this guitar and it knows how to work with me. But my impression is for the price, it was just right for me, I don't regret it, thanks B.c Rich for giving out an amazing guitar, I'm impressed with this one compared to your many other guitars, I think this is comparable to your famous 'bich' guitars everyone loves, call me crazy but I'd go up against one anyday with this guitar. Don't be disappointed, I REMEMBER PEOPLE TOLD ME GET A Mesa Boogie MARK IV, I GOT A Bogner ubershcall AND I LOVE IT, HATED THE Mesa Boogie FOR MY PLAYING, Sounded good though. But something for Gibson, I dislike 80% their necks with a huge passion I would burn off the necks of it. There's a reason why B.C Rich is still here and that's cause their guitars rock, they been around for a while. And just so you guys say the guitar tone of this sucks. BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Singer/Guitarist Is USING their guitars as we speak, sure its a custom, but how did he get into it, in the first place? He Went Away From Jackson. Death Used B.C Rich which first Invented Death metal, Let me tell you that those guys can carry a good vibe of playing, the tone was back in the day but don't let those guys fool you. Trivium always wanted his own bass from B.C rich he said he picked one up and loved it when he played it so he wanted his own. So All In All. If you think that sucks, you think those bands Guitar Tone Sucks. Trivium Currently Uses Gibson though. Go Figure, but my examples of how artists inspire to B.C Rich means you as an artist should have no shame owning one man, Try it out already, why are you reading this review? Haha, peace guys, thanks for reading everything - Adida

Reliability & Durability — 8
Good reliability, bad durability. If you want a guitar live, this will do it to be honest I won't lie, don't abuse the bridge, or you'll be out of tune. Never abuse the bridge. The bridge does just fine if you do not abuse it, it is called a Platinum PRO for a reason, and that pro will stay for people who know their stuff, don't get this guitar if you're starting out cause it will confuse the *(@U#()RU out of you with the bridge set up it has. 8, Would of gave a 9 but guys, its for the Pro's cause they can handle this guitar really well, and I'm not gonna call myself a pro, even though I would like too, but I know this guitar plays pretty good.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Very fast action, nearly as fast as an Ibanez which have one of the thinnest necks around, obviously they would be as good cause its meant for metal. The finish is fair, thin if you are a bad care taker, hope you don't hit the tips cause you'll really be crying. The pick ups are adjusted pretty good with the strings but can be kinda loose with the bridge which is an on and off feeling but the playing is good.

Features — 9
Straight to the point Review: Not gonna sugar coat anything. I own 9 guitars, All different brands and pretty good ones such as an Ibanez RG and a hellraiser. Anyways off to business about this guitar, it is a bolt on, unfortunate and fortunate in some basic cases, not really my cup of tea, I would say though that this doesn't bother me but I perfer neck-thru but what do you expect for the price. This guitar is already identified on the top page, they don't lie, it is what it is.

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