SE Dagger review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.6 (29 votes)
B.C. Rich: SE Dagger

Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: eBay

Sound — 9
I play many different kinds of music, from Incubus to Black Label Society. The clean sound on this is undoubtebly unbeatable. It has incredible lows on the neck position. The distortion is great, the one flaw is that the low E string sounds a bit cruddy when sing distortion, but after you break in the guitar it sounds perfect. the pinch-harmonics are as close as you can get to EMG's. I play dropped tunings a lot, and unlike my Ibanez AXS32, the pickups never start to sound like crap when down tuning.

Overall Impression — 10
I have been playing for 3 years, and I own a silver Ibanez AXS32, an Ibanez V acoustic, a First Act, and a hand me down acoustic. It's better than all of these. This is great for metal, Red Hot Chili Peppers typed, or plain old school rock. My overall impression of this guitar is amazing. I would much rather have this than a Gibson.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This has an extreely thick finish, don't worry about scratches. It is extremely durable. I have banged it several times and I have yet to see a mark. I would definitly use this at a gig. There's something about this guitar that keeps the strings from snapping. I play a lot and sometimes thrash, and even when you use GHS 9's, they don't snap.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The action is perfect. It has a nice thick neck that feels like that of the SG neck. The pickups are in perfect positioning, I have yet to have to adjust this guitar. The jack has come loose a couple times, but this has happened with most other guitars I've played. The toggle switch was also a bit loose, but unless you're really odd about that kind of thing, it's fine.

Features — 8
The SE Dagger is a semi-hollow guitar brought to you with the attitude that only B.C. Rich can deliver! Features include bold dagger shaped sound holes, solid maple center block, ebony fingerboard with dagger tip inlay, two humbucker pickups, two volumes, three way toggle, master tone and a Widow headstock! Except noted models.

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    I've had the black version of the Dagger since 2008 and it's pretty epic. Sounds great when doodling unplugged and rocks like a bitch when it's amped. It plays really nice too and it's superb value when you consider the pricebracket it comes in. My one complaint - the top edge of the pointy bit digs into my chest when I play sitting down - solution: stand up & rock out!
    Genocidal_wingz wrote: its different for everyone, some people dont like fenders...some dont like gibsons...some prefer different brands over others....its their opinion. To me it doesnt matter if a guitar is a Gibson. If its the sound you absolutely love, then yeah.
    I own one, plays great, sounds great, looks great, but is too heavy!! Uncomfortable on the shoulder after an hour of playing. As far as being semi hollow it has the sound it's meant to have and is super responsive with harmonic feedback. The pick ups must be waxed because they tolerate incredible volume and don't squeal. Overall I think BC Rich under priced this guitar and when I had the chance I should have bought a couple of them,,,now discontinued!!
    The Drunken
    I've got one of these and it kicks ass. I play alot of cover tunes and it handles clean jazz, Tom Petty, and the Eagles as well as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Metallica. A very versatile guitar, as well as comfortable. I'm in love with the thing. The only problems I've had is the strap holder on the end came loose, and scratchy pots, both of which are easily fixable and just made the guitar that much better. I would like to experiment with higher end pickups but I'm having a "if it ain't broken, why fix it" moment, combined with limited funds! Try one out and you might be surprised, both with the playability to the price. I want more, one with the bigsby trem and one with the widow headstock, I want my endorsement, ha ha.
    by the time this one came out bc rich was junk old bc richs are much better they had style then
    i own 4 bc rich guitars. they are amazing. i just got an assassin fx6. insanely beautiful sound and playability. my mockingbird will blow any fender or gibson out of the water. my 800$ guitar is better sounding and playing than my friends 5000$ les paul. people need to realize bc rich are innovators and not all guitars from them have ridiculous shapes.
    bc rich rules. i own 4 different ones. love them all. my new assassin fx6 is the most gorgeous thing ever. ive played and owned fenders and hated them. my friend has a gibson v. its ok but tone doesnt compare. my mockingbird blows all of then away.
    awful guitar...absolutely horrible. If you want a semi hollow get a versatile and pretty These dagger things have the most horrible sound.
    B.C. Rich's actually have really good pickups. But the neck through ones are all as close to perfect as you can get. B.C. rich makes good sounding good looking guitars. Some are kind of uncomfortable to play though.
    i like b.c. rich guitars. the fact that thaey're not the suual guitar shape is good. i played this guitar in a music shop and it sounded better than alot of the ibanez and jackson solid body's which were all too dry and needed effects to get anything out of them.
    I have this guitar too, to be honest i wasn't expecting much from it, but it sounds pretty damn sexy when used with a pedal. Only thing was, within only a handfull of plays it needed repairing, new toggle switch and pick up so that sucked. Otherwise
    Stop Messin'
    B.C. Rich makes nasty looking guitars. The natural Mockingbird is one of the best looking and even that's ugly. B.C. Rich should make a few nice looking guitars, something without points. It seems like everything on a B.C. has to be sharp and pointy, even the inlays. It gets old.
    I normally dislike B.C. Rich, but this one has my attention. Atleast it doesn't look like it will stab you after 30 minutes of playing.
    its different for everyone, some people dont like fenders...some dont like gibsons...some prefer different brands over others....its their opinion. To me it doesnt matter if a guitar is a Gibson. If its the sound you absolutely love, then yeah.
    this guitar is awesome. I own one and love it. great sound, great feel. i won fenders and gibsons. I love them all. My dagger is one of them, love it
    rofl youd much rather have that than a gibson.. Wow... Get your guitar priority's straight lol .
    I've played it, it doesn't really stand up to my Peavey EXP, but it's a good beginner guitar, but not worth a 10 in any catagory
    I like the shape i wish they did that in solid-body and i'd get it. kinda like a sharper PRS
    i don't generaly like BC Rich guitars, with one exception being the mocking bird, other than that i hate every BC Rich guitar
    I use fender, gibson, marshall, mostly classic rock. This dagger is my poor man's goth 335 lucille. I paid $110 used, had to get the wiring redone. I'm not paying thousands for a gibson. It's cooler than the other semi hollows. I've gigged with it, sounds great, pain is involved, when you sit down to play it the pointy thing is against your chest.