Warlock Metal Master review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 6.2 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.1 (178 votes)
B.C. Rich: Warlock Metal Master

Sound — 8
This guitar fits perfectly with the type of music it was made for. I play metal almost exclusively and so far with the tone this guitar has exceeded my expectations even though it might not say much due to the fact I was not expecting much to begin with. I run it through ProTools 8 using the Sansamp PSA-1 model and I am able to easily pull out some Megadeth, Metallica, and Pantera style tones with it. After messing around with the volume knobs and turning the gain down I was able to get a really nice sound for playing songs such as ".45" by Shinedown. The pickups are very quiet, I get no buzzing or hum at all. Overall I am very pleased with the pickups and do not have any plans to change them out unless I decide to splurge on some Dragonfire active pickups.

Overall Impression — 7
If you are a metal head on a budget this is a guitar you should really consider if you do not mind upgrading to at least some $30 locking tuners from GFS. I have been playing for around 4 years now and I have gone through about a dozen guitars ranging from $80 to $500 and I would have to say that B.C. Rich is now my second favorite brand with ESP being my #1. If this was stolen I would definitely try hard to get it back but if I could not I would probably upgrade to at least a Platinum series warlock. My favorite thing about this guitar is probably the most obvious and that is the Warlock shape. I compared it directly with my RG470FM and I have to say that even though the neck isn't as thin it was much more comfortable to play and the pickups sounded better than the Infinity pickups in the RG. It would be nice if it had a string through or stop bar bridge rather than a wrap around. All in all I think it is a good guitar and does not deserve no where near the amount of hate it gets. For a new player its definitely worth looking into but I suggest trying to find it used first before making a final choice on what to get.

Reliability & Durability — 5
As far as the neck, body, and bridge go the guitar will handle gigging without a problem. The strap buttons are very large and actually made it difficult to get my strap on them, and it was just as difficult to get the strap off so I can say that strap locks are not necessary but at the same time you can never be too careful so I advise to put strap locks on any ways. The tuning machines are total crap though, they hold tuning fine but they are of such low quality that when I removed them to clean the neck and frets that 2 of them just crumbled to pieces in my hand and I am not joking in the slightest. This could be due to the last user bumping the tuners against something hard or just over tightening the nuts on the tuners but either way I have never had this happen before. The finish does not look like it will ever wear off, but it will chip off especially around the edges but I guess that is normal for pointy guitars with cheap paintjobs. I give this section a 5 just due to the tuners alone.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
I got mine used so I have no comment on the factory setup. The neck pocket was pretty snug and was perfectly flat and smooth, the only complaint that could be said about the neck pocket is that it has a pretty noticeable negative angle requiring the bridge to be set pretty high but at the same time due to the angle there is a lot of access to the upper frets. The action is a comfortable height without much fret buzz. The frets could use some work but overall I have played and owned more expensive guitars that had worse fret work. After just 3 or 4 minutes of effortless work I got the intonation nearly perfect.

Features — 5
- Neck: Maple - Fretboard: Rosewood - Inlays: Standard pearloid dots - Frets: 24 - Headstock: Widow - Body: Agathis - Bridge: Wrap around. - Pickups: BDSM Humbuckers - - Controls: 1 tone, 1 volume, 3 way switch - Tuners: Diecast BC Rich tuners - Paint: Red with Blade graphics - Body Style: Beveled Warlock

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    I can't wait to get one of these one day! I'm not a big fan of the bodies Warlocks, but the blade graphics are really nice! And I like their necks so....gonna need to get this.
    Hey I'm having a problem with my warlock metal master blade. I bought it from someone off craigslist and the problem i'm having is that when i plug it in and hammer on the string it makes a crackling pop noise. I already tightened the imput and re soldered the wires in it, but still getting the crackling, any ideas?
    My lead guitarist has this model, and I had the opportunity to play it with some of our new material. He has had it 3 months, Stock set up, With 10's. and i must say it is a very uncomfortable Guitar to play. The angle of the neck to the body is odd, and the Wraparound bridge is uncomfortable to play. I noticed a few finish problems, and general quality control issues, sharp frets, wobbly neck, Very bad intonation ( fixable I know ) I would play it if I had to, But a frontman of a band, (37-8 years old) should really invest in some better gear. I couldnt comment on the sound as the amp I was running through was ass. I guess it would sound Okay through a good amp.
    My friend has 2 warlocks, I've played them both, they do sound really heavy through my peavey vypyr, but it's hard to get a nice smooth solo out of this. It's either too distorted or too muddy. Also, I find it a little hard to play for long periods of time. Also, the action is way to high and my friend plays drums now, so he never bothered to get it set up, or set it up himself. If you play in a band like blessthefall or the word alive, and all you care about is image, then go ahead. But if your interested in a truly great guitar for technically talented players that still sounds heavy, go with an ESP or schector.