V-Tone Guitar Pack Review

manufacturer: Behringer date: 09/05/2008 category: Electric Guitars
Behringer: V-Tone Guitar Pack
The V-Tone Guitar Pack contains everything an aspiring guitar player/enthusiast needs to start playing electric guitar. The pack contains a high-quality electric guitar with tremendous playability, featuring three single-coil pickups, five way switching and vintage vibrato bridge and a 22-fret maple neck.
 Sound: 5.8
 Overall Impression: 6.1
 Reliability & Durability: 5.4
 Action, Fit & Finish: 6.2
 Features: 6.6
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overall: 5.8
V-Tone Guitar Pack Reviewed by: tamer of horses, on july 12, 2006
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Price paid: $ 99.99

Purchased from: Shoppers Advantage

Features: This is a extremely cheap guitar from the makers of gutiar amplifiers. It has 22 medium frets, a laminated top, 22 fret maple neck. It has a Strat body, and its bridge is a string-thru body bridge. It has one volume knob and one tone selector knob. It has three single coil pickups. It has a five way pickup switch. Came in a package with a Behringer 15 watt amp, gig bag, cord, strap, picks, and guitar playing instuctions. // 7

Sound: This guitar does not sound very good on the amp I'm using. The amp is the one that it came with, which is a 15 watt V-Tone amp. I play mostly metal and hard rock, but it sounds bad playing about anything. It gets extremely muddy and noisy when you turn on distortion. // 5

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar setup was ok. The action was low that there was a lot of fret rattle, but with a little time with an allen key fixed that. The pick ups are just that, although they do move a lot. They're not great, but they suffice. Other than that the guitar is not that bad. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I do not think that this guitar will last very hard playing. The strap buttons are fairly solid, but if you move a bit too much they will come loose. I definately would not gig without a backup, but I cannot afford a backup. The finish is probably the best part. It is black and does not wear down. // 4

Overall Impression: This guitar does not really match me, but its all I can afford at the time. I wish I had asked for a better guitar before I bought this. If it were stolen or lost I would definately not get it again but use the insurance money to get something better, probably an ESP or and Ibanez. I wish that it had more frets, and maybe a better tremalo system. Overall, I guess this guitar would be good for a beginning guitarist who does not have a whole lot of money. // 6

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overall: 7.8
V-Tone Guitar Pack Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 06, 2006
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Features: This guitar is really everything what a beginner would need, in the pack, almost everything is important. I bought it long ago, and I don't regret. Why? I play electric quitars for 7 years, very intensively, so it would seem I'd have a great costly guitar. Nope, it's not necessary, when this one is plugged into good amp, it plays well. Those things included in the pack are not of the best quality (good I don't play using a pick, those in it looked not really good). Cable is good, I travelled with the guitar, and no problems were encountered. I would switch strings probably, those in the pack aren't very good. // 7

Sound: I use it with Line 6 Spider II 112. It took me some time till I have learned how to make a good sound, but now, it sounds good. I had some light issues with clear sounds, they could be played only on lower volume, but that isn't such a big deal for me. On the other hand, power chords sound very good for example. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar maybe isn't top quality, but I got it in good shape, and still I have it in good shape. The guitar sometimes falls out of tune and tuning is rather often, but if you're not deaf, it is matter of seconds. It never happened to me during playing a gig. // 7

Reliability & Durability: While this guitar probably won't last for your life, now it lasted two years of very intense playing. I took good care of it and it pays me back. I don't use a backup as I have no reason to, I fully believe this guitar. I think the guitar looks the same as it did two years ago (just with a bit dirty neck). // 9

Overall Impression: Let me tell you this, don't blame guitars first, often it is matter of combo (combo in this pack isn't good), and far far more often, it is matter of bad playing/laziness. I have no reason to switch this guitar for another one right now. It can produce wonderful sounds if played well on good combo. What would you choose? Good player with average (or slightly sub-average) guirar, or shitty player with many thousands dollars guitar? I would pick the first one. I must say I got pleasantly surprised by this guitar, the rest of the pack is really for beginners, but this guitar can play well even after you become good. I bought this guitar for my friend who wanted to start playing electric, and I just tried it on my combo. I tried it for weeks, and then he got my more costly guitar, as this one was simply better, the whole pack costs about 99 dollars I think, but this guitar can outperform guitars who cost two or three more times. // 8

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overall: 4
V-Tone Guitar Pack Reviewed by: bnichguitar, on july 02, 2008
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Price paid: $ 99.99

Purchased from: Soundworks

Features: This guitar has 22 probably medium frets. Thie finish that came on it was very nice. It is a Strat style, with a Strat bridge (a very low quality) obviously passive electronics it has 1 volume and 2 tone controls 5-way selector with a sss pickup configuration. The tuners are un branded and suck. On the plus side it came with a gig bag, 15 watt amplifier(decent) strap, cable (died weeks later and the strap is also of low quality (mine snapped at the end) // 10

Sound: Oh boy, this guitar does not fit any style that involves distortion of any kind without tons of noise. The jack is loose so that I have to take the coord a certain way to get connection. The guitar is actually really nice sounding with Some clean sounds with chorus. Overall very poor. // 2

Action, Fit & Finish: Out of the factory the guitar was playable but I had to get it set up at the store to get anything good out of it. The pickups had to be adjusted in store. The whammy bar killed the tuning and broke off the same week. The entire guitar is a flaw but it has nice finish and the frets don't buzz. Loose output jack. // 3

Reliability & Durability: I definitely don't recommend this guitar for Live playing unless you are planning on smashing it. The hardware, I snapped off the frickin whammy bar! The strap buttons are secure so it wont fall off you (unfortunately) The finish will last but that's all that will. I wouldn't even recommend it for a backup. // 1

Overall Impression: Well I play heavy metal but it makes too much noise to handle distortion, it was my first guitar so I had only that. If it was stolen I would congratulate the thief. I hate the guitar and I compare it to a low end First Act. Just stick to behringers amps but since it came with one I have to give it a 4 overall. // 4

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overall: 8.8
V-Tone Guitar Pack Reviewed by: Satchafunkilus, on september 05, 2008
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Price paid: $ 100

Features: My Behringer was made in 2004 (I think). It was made in the USA( I think, my friend didn't go into detail.) It has 21 medium frets, and a solid-top. The body is Maple with a black finish. It has a Strat body. Passive electronics is what it came with. It has three single coil pickups. A non-locking tuner, and when I got it off my friend he gave me the gig bag, amp, a new tuner, and a cord. // 8

Sound: It suits me well, being that I mostly play rock, it rocks along with me just fine. I do not use any effects with it, because I have none. It has very rich sound if you can get the amp settings just right. The sound cracks and pops a bit, but that could a number of things. the sound is actually very good. I would this amp on a Fender Strat. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: I don't know much about this guitar, everything seems ok, but whatever adjustments that needed to be done is already done. As of now though I may need to adjust the pickups. Bridge is fine. The guitar has no flaws now, except for the dings in the finish, the wood seems ok. the volume/ tone knobs are horribly off, they are completly backwards, it says I'm on ten but I'm actually on 2. I will adjust this later. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The guitar should withstand Live playing providing it has new strings. The hardware can't really be trusted, which is why I don't play it to much. I would not recomend using this guitar for a gig, even though I said it should withstand Live playing. This is a good practice guitar for someone new, but that's as far as it goes, I can't even tremolo pick on, for I have fear I will break a string. When I got it the finish was dung up and scratched, but the finish should last. // 9

Overall Impression: I mostly just play rock, so the match is good. I have playing a little over a year, I also own a Fender Starcaster. I honestly would not have asked any questions, because what you see is hat you get and this is very true in this case. I would buy something else. I like how it feels good the necks smooth. I didnt get to compare it to other guitars. I wish it had a better bridge. All in all its not a bad guitar for a starter, I dont know why I bought it, besides wanting a different guitar. // 8

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overall: 6.2
V-Tone Guitar Pack Reviewed by: LightofDeath, on july 20, 2006
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Price paid: $ 109.99

Purchased from: Musiciansfriend.com

Features: I'm not sure what year it was made and I'm pretty sure it was made in the US. The guitar has 22 medium frets. I think it mostly likely has a solid top. It comes in only a black finish. It is a double cutaway guitar with a vibrato bridge. Passive electronics with a volume switch and 2 tone controls with a 5-way selector. Tuners I am unsure of. Behringer includes a gig bag, cheap 10 ft. cable (which I have seen a lot of complaints of people saying it broke within the 1st month of receiving the pakage), a 15w amp, strap, and 3 medium weight picks. // 6

Sound: For now its just getting me through metal (hardcore), not good with solos. I am currently using it with a 30w Spider II, and it sounds much better in there with insane than it does with a distortion in the Behringer amp. It can produce a lot of feedback even from 20-30 ft away, but I'm in a tight space when practicing especially with the insane distortion, not so much clean. The guitar can produce a good heavy sound which suits me for now.The guitar can make good sounds, but the bad thing about that is that it falls out of tune real easily, not very good tuning pegs. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Its set-up ok. Not bad for a beginner guitar. The pickups are adjusted like a Strat. The tuning pegs could b better. // 5

Reliability & Durability: I wouldnt use it for live playing because it could fall out of tune, I'm using something else. Eventually the hardward will start to wear off. The strap buttons are solid. No, I would mmost likely need a backup. The finish looks like it could withstand some time. // 4

Overall Impression: metal (hardcore), this is not a goos match. 3 years. I'm 15 so I dont all the expensive equipment yet. Spider II amp, Boss DS-1, 10ft. and 3ft. cable, strap, the gigbag. Not really, because I wasnt that good as I am now, so I was just glad to have it. I would definetly get something else, unless if my band and I were impatient then maybe. I love that it gives me the heavy stuff for metal. I hate that it I'm still using a biginner guitar. Feature - trelolo bridge. I wouldnt compare it, nice beginner. I wish I has the ESP M-200 and a half-stack. // 8

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overall: 6.6
V-Tone Guitar Pack Reviewed by: tristan123/, on august 29, 2006
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Purchased from: Guitar shop

Features: This guitar package was bought Dec. 2005, probably made in China, but unsure. 22 medium frets, maple fretboard, with black glossed finish. Strat style guitar, with a thin fretboard. 3 controls: 2 tone, 1 volume, 3 single coil pickups, 5-way selector. Comes with 15 watt amp (ok beginners practice), gigbag, 3 picks and strap. // 7

Sound: This was my first guitar, as you progress you will want a better one (lasted me year). I play hard rock, some blues and occasional clean. First I used the free amp, until I bought my new Marshall G15RCD. For a guitar of this price the sound is not bad at all. the 5-way toggle enables different pickups for playing (bridge - bassy, mid - both, bridge - lead, brighter sound). It goes without saying that the sound isn't amazing, but for somebody who wants their first guitar, had never played before (like myself), it's a good buy. The pickups are pretty quiet, and the sound will match most styles, but it's designed more for rock/blues than metal. // 5

Action, Fit & Finish: The overall standard of the setup was good, especially for the price. No flaws, nothing wrong with the paint, pickups or fretboard, nothing. The only problem was that the action was to high for my liking, but very easily adjusted with allen key (supplied). Everything else as it should of been. Pickup selector isn't the queitist, does not make a nasty noise when selecting. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The guitar is not strong, simply because it is such a cheap price, the wood is not top quality etc. I have owned this for just under 1 year, only problems are: 2 small paint areas have been scratched, fretboard dirty, but wiped over. I've knocked it over on hard floors a lot, and it's still very sturdy. This guitar probably would withstand liveplaying, if you were so insane as to do it with this! Hardware has lasted well. Durable, but paint comes off fairly easily. // 7

Overall Impression: I don't find this matches my hard rocky, with a bluesy end kind of style well because the pickups aren't very good, but as long as you buy this for a true beginner, it will be a fine starter! If this was lost or stolen I certainly wouldn't buy it again because I'm ordering a far better Epiphone Les Paul Plus, and after a year there is no reason why you shouldn't upgrade to a better buy. I love the fact it looks cool (really) and it has a whammy bar. It's also very light and comfortable, great playability! I hate the fact the pickups are not great. I wish it had better tuners (I tend to re-tune every hour). Overall, this package is an all-round high standard for the money. // 5

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overall: 3
V-Tone Guitar Pack Reviewed by: jermtheworm, on december 13, 2006
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Purchased from: music shack

Features: I don't know what year it was made and I don't really know where it was made. the guitar really shows nothing about it's origin anywhere on it. The frets to me are a bit to spaced out for me. and the neck is kinda bulky leaving a lot of room for error in Precision driven songs. It's a solid black guitar with everything the same from when I bought it. The Standard Behringer pickups on a Strat style body with S/S/S arrangement. It has a five way selector with a tremelo bar. The tuners keep tension pretty good but that's about the only good thing about this guitar. It came with a gig bag, strap, cables, and an amplifier with a few picks and a set of strings. // 4

Sound: I play ska and a lot of rock. I'm a very versatile guitarist Who needs a guitar that is just as versatile. This guitar has a really muddy sound when played clean and a gritty feel when using distortion. So it really is kinda hard to differentiate certain tones from others. The pickups are pretty noisy too and the hum can get really annoying expecially when your trying to tune your guitar. I'm using the basic amp that came with the pack and it doesnt't sound good either. I've played other guitars on it to see if it was just the guitar that sounded horrible but any guitar I plugged into that amp sounded just as horrible. Really the sound isnt to die for but I've heard worse. // 3

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was put together pretty poorly by my standards. I had to adjust a lot of things such as the tuners and a lot of the other mechanical components on the guitar. At first the guitar looks pretty good but after a few times of playing it and actually looking at it you start to notice all the imperfections. // 3

Reliability & Durability: Everything on this guitar seems like it can just break at any moment. I wouldn't trust this guitar Live because I'd be to afraid that it would go out of tune on me or it might just come apart. This guitar is probably safest just standing but I like to move around as I play so I wouldn't trust this guitar for that either. If I had to use this guitar at a gig I would definitely make it a last resort and I would deffinetly have plenty of backups so it never comes to that. And my finish is starting to wear away just from a few years of playing it. // 2

Overall Impression: I play a wide variety of music and this guitar really doesn't sound good in any of them. I prefer my acoustic over this guitar. I've been playing for about 4 years and I own a Yamaha acoustic guitar and it only cost 50 more dollars than this guitar pack and it's it miles ahead of this guitar in over all impression. I would have honestly prefered any other guitar than this guitar and I would actually be happy if I lost it or stole it just so I would have a reason to get a new guitar. Really I don't like anything about this guitar and I think the only reason I got it is because I didn't ask anyone about it or look at other guitars. That and I knew nothing of guitars. But if I could go back and do it all over again. I would have definitely gotten another guitar. // 3

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overall: 4.8
V-Tone Guitar Pack Reviewed by: XxDiStUrBeDxX, on october 23, 2007
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Features: I'm not really sure on what year it was made. There are 22 frets on this guitar. The neck is actually pretty good. I have no problem at all playing this guitar. The body is just like a Strat which I hate so. The pickups are really weak and can't pick up pinch harmonics at all on the amp that comes with this pack. I tried on a Crate GX-212 and the pinch harmonics are still pretty weak. The whammy bar goes out of tune every time I use it. // 4

Sound: Ah the sound is horrible. Once you learn the guitar and get use to what good sounds you will know what I'm talking about. The guitar gives a real treble sound without any bass. I mostly play heavy metal though, but you going to want that extra bass to give it that full sound. As stated above you cannot do pinch harmonics with this guitar on this amp. I mean you can, but they are so weak and sound horrible. // 4

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar actually is set up as good as it can be. The action is pretty low, but not low enough for metal. The wood is very light and seems very cheap. If you were to look at it you couldn't tell it would be so light. Once you pick it up you can tell right away that it's not a good guitar. // 7

Reliability & Durability: Ha if anyone takes this to a live show, I wouldn't even pay attention because I know it's going to be bad. There is no where near enough power to play live with this amp. Maybe with a better amp, but even then the guitar is really crappy and would ruin it. I've never had any problems with it besides the crappy whammy bar. // 5

Overall Impression: I play metal mostly and blues. This guitar might be good for classic rock with that light distortion sound. If you are looking for that low distortion sound then this is not the guitar to get. I don't use this guitar at all, but if it was stolen I would get a expensive Ibanez. I'm not really sure which one, but I know they have got to be good. The only thing I love about this guitar is the strings feel really silky and smooth oh and it's light weight makes it easier to carry around. I play mostly between a Schecter Omen 6 and a ESP F-100. I know there are only 300 dollars but! those two guitars blow this guitar away. I started out on a ESP F-100 and I'm still stuck on it due to lack of money. I'm ready to move on to another guitar but eh, so for my final piece of advice, I wouldn't recommend this guitar to anyone starting out unless there wasn't very serious about music. If you aren't serious and would like to try it out then go for this one so you don't spend too much money or check out other cheap guitars. If you are serious and know that you are going to learn it no matter what. I would save up until as least 300 like I did and learn to play on a sort-of crappy guitar and then move up! // 4

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overall: 5.6
V-Tone Guitar Pack Reviewed by: Kennydrox, on april 14, 2008
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Price paid: $ 78.9921

Features: This guitar was presumably made recently in 2007, it has 22 medium frets on a nice feeling maple neck. The neck itself is nice feeling overall, but the strings vibrate on the frets quite frequently. The strings that came on the guitar were solid, they had a nice feel, and were easy to slide up. The pack comes with a gig bag, strap, a set of backup strings, a 15 watt amp and a cable. Also the body is just like a Fender Strat, which I like. There is one volume knob on the guitar as well as two tone knobs. // 6

Sound: It works alright for punk and ska, but the distortion is light and I would definately recomend other guitars that sound better. The amp as it is, take-it or leave-it, is a simple 15-watt low quality amp. The distort as I said, is not the best, and if you are serious about music, definately get a better amp, or just don't get the package at all. Being a 15-watt, it does not go very loud, in-fact, the tiny Marshall clip on amp, is superior. // 5

Action, Fit & Finish: I personally like the finish and paint on this model, it is a deep black with a nice pick guard, I've only had a few months with this guitar, but have had few problems. The wood on the neck has wood-knots, but you cannot feel them while playing, it took way more tune-ups than nessasary to actually get the strings to stay in tune. The bottom few frets on this particular guitar are too long, and the E1 string has gotten stuck under them for some strange reason. // 6

Reliability & Durability: I would probably bring a back-up to a live gig, as I don't know if it would stay in-tune when playing metal or hard rock. The cable that came with the amp is very low quality, it cuts in and out, and has a wierd sound after awile, so definately upgrade from the cable that came with it. The strap is junk. It stretched very quickly and now falls off frequently. If you are going to play a Live show, don't use this guitar. And do not even think about useing the pack-in amp. If you want to use the pack-in, just use a megaphone, get a roady to hold it up very close, and it will sound better. // 4

Overall Impression: Wll, overall, take-it or leave-it, or just leave-it. It's just $100 and it's not the worst set up I've seen. I have a Takamine acoustic and I would play that over this guitar anyday. This guitar is for absolute begginers. I do however like some things, about this set-up. The strings that come on the guitar are actually kind of nice, and easy on the fingers, they last a long time for a begginer guitar seeing as my E1 string has only broken a few days ago. Also the maple fret-board is decent. The look of the guitar itself is good from a distance, and the finish is nice and glossy. Concluding, this guitar should only be used by begginers Who are cheap. If you are a begginer and know that you are going to be serious about music, go get a Yamaha acoustic, or an Epiphone. // 7

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overall: 7.6
V-Tone Guitar Pack Reviewed by: Electric Hex, on may 03, 2008
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Purchased from: www.Gear4music.com

Features: This guitar features a rosewood fretboard with 22 standard sized frets, solid wood body, maple neck and sealed chrome machine heads. The body takes the form of a Stratocaster and the pickguard is also laminated with a protective film to prevent scratches, even though it is very durable. This guitar comes in a range of 4 colours; black, scarlet, cream, and sunburst (my colour). The typical Strat has 1 volume control and 2 tone controls plus a five way selector switch and normal pickups. I bought this guitar in a pack that came with a 15W modeling amp, a chromatic tuner, padded gig bag, 3 picks (light, medium, heavy), whammy bar, 2ft lead, strap and leaflets. // 7

Sound: I play all variations of rock from light classic to heavy metal, but personally prefer Indie, punk, metal, things that don't make you want to punch someone afterwards.:) I am currently using this guitar with the amp it came with 15W V-Tone GM108. I heard some bad comments and reviews but what do people honestly expect from a ninety pound guitar pack with a 45 amp and 30 tuner. I thought about getting a Pacifica 012 because I know someone Who has got one and they're ok. Anyway after trying this one out all my worries were gone because it's brilliant. I have heard hundreds of guitars and this one is not rusty, not muddy, and there is nothing wrong with the sound if you tune it properly. I am not sure if this is the V-tone everyone else is reviewing but it says "el toro" on the head and comes with a V-tone amp. The amp is better than any starter I've seen and can be modelled with 27 different combinations on the switches alone, it has 5 dials (low, medium, high, overdrive, master) and sounds perfectly fine with a teeny tiny hum even on full volume. However it sometimes (rarely) gives earpearcing feedback on overdrive mode. This guitar and amp combined together can make good warm and bright sounds aswell as gain relations but cannot handle too much heat on the really heavy modes. This problem can be solved by buying another amp (I suggest Roland Cube 30X) but the guitar is fine. Another good thing about it is the volume of it unplugged, it is actually louder than my acoustic guitar. I have much to say about this model but the reason some people may experience different sounds is because the inside components can be deffected if you live nearby a radio station/electricity pylon or anything that gives out electrical signals. This is probably the reason for my nasty feedback but overall I am impressed with the sound. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The neck and head of the El Toro are beatifully sanded to the point of where it is smoother than your arm skin, like most guitars. The pickup arrangement is satisfactory with equal space between the two singles and then the double wobbler at the bottom. If you examine the guitar very closly you begin to see faults in it such as tiny millimeter gaps inbetween the saddle and the pickguard, and a sharp colour change in the backside of the lap groove but overall the finish is good. The strings are not of good quality but that can be changed with a few pounds. The pickguard has lots of screws in it which may suggest that it could become loose with time and the saddle is out of line in the most minute measurements. Again, this is not to Gibson quality but I can almost guarantee you will never find a better deal on a new guitar wherever it may be that you look. // 6

Reliability & Durability: The strap buttons are extremely solid as expected and the vinir of the product looks like it could be set fire to without tint damage. I think that if you are playing a gig less than 3 hours you can depend on most guitars, but the strings on this one would probably become out of tune after one whole hour on continous hard play. I have knocked, dropped and spilt coffee on this guitar and it looks brand new, no dents, no scratches and no stains. I am a bit of a nutter and tried to snap the neck knowing I could fix it again if need be and with all my strength it did not break. With this I can safely say that the guitar is suitable to be used in a Live gig etc. // 9

Overall Impression: I had only owned this guitar for a week when I wrote this review but had played other people's guitars for a little while. I got playing about 2 months ago but have recently started to practice more and more and it's now like atleast 2 odd hours everyday of practice. I wish the supplier could have given me more detail about the product and not made it sound better than it was (of course I know everyone does that, and I knew it would not be "top notch") so that my decision could have been easier. But to be honest, I played a Gibson Les paul the other day worth 1000 and I thought my El Toro sounded better, the Gibson was fully in tune and being played right. Anyway with a pack of an individual value of 200 bought for 90.00 with everything you need in it this guitar is perfect for any starters out there, The only competition for the Behringer El Toro at the same price are the Fender Squires, but forget that Pacifica 012, and the muddy amp that comes with it. Get this one for 50 less. I hope I have inspired readers to make the same decision that I have and wish you all good luck in your guitar playing lives. // 8

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