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manufacturer: Benson date: 07/31/2015 category: Electric Guitars
Benson: BGS-ETL10S
This guitar has 22 frets, 3 passive single coil pickups, 1 volume and 2 tone knobs and there isn't really much else to say about this guitar other than it looks like a Standard Stratocaster.
 Sound: 6.6
 Overall Impression: 7.2
 Reliability & Durability: 7.2
 Action, Fit & Finish: 6.6
 Features: 7.2
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overall: 8.4
BGS-ETL10S Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 09, 2013
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Price paid: £ 99.95

Purchased from: Amazon

Features: I recently purchased this Benson Strat style electric guitar from Amazon. After some research, I made sure I picked up a 2013 model. According to other reviews, some of the early models (pre-2009), were pretty pants. However after 2010, apparently Benson upped their game and started producing decent entry level guitars. All post-2010 models have black pick guards (So avoid pre-2009 white pick guard models). My model arrived pretty quick - impressed! - I have to admit I was more than chuffed with the metallic red finish against the black pick guard. It's a real good looker! Guitar eye candy! This as all the features of a generic Strat style guitar. // 9

Sound: I currently play in a covers band (indie/rock/funk) and I purchased this as a back up/rehearsal guitar. Like all Strat types, it covers all genres of music. I currently use a Fender Classic 60 watt combo, with no effects. So far, no nasty earth buzzes when plugged. I currently own, 1991 USA Strat and a 2009 Squire Chinese Strat and it certainly measures up to the latter. I can achieve all the fat twangy Strat tones with this guitar. I don't use a trem arm, so I can not comment about this function. All I can say, sounds fine for under a hundred quid! // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Guitar arrived factory set, however I needed to do some slight adjustments to suit my requirements. Intonation was fine. The pick ups were all levelled, so yet again I needed to make some slight tweaks to suit my needs. Bridge/pick guard/controls all satisfactory, however needed to peel off the plastic cover on the pick guard (fiddly job). The one thing that drew me to this guitar was the metallic finish and I was not disappointed. Body constructed with Paulownia wood (I'll be honest, I've never heard of it), maple neck and rosewood fret board. Feels and looks good for the money! // 8

Reliability & Durability: I have only owned this guitar for a few weeks... So far, nothing as dropped off. If I compare this guitar with my Squire Strat, I must say they stand shoulder to shoulder. After reading reviews on the early Benson guitars, I am so glad I picked up a new model. It feels really robust and stays in tune, with this in mind, I would definitely, give it a run out with the band I play with. I have played guitar for some years now and I am mindful of cheap, crappy far eastern copies, however this guitar certainly surpasses those fears! So far so good! // 9

Overall Impression: I play in a weekend jobbing cover band and I don't have and grandeur illusion of Rock Star status, so I'll tell it, as it is! This would be a great start up/secondary instrument and would never measure up to my 1991 USA Strat or would I expect it too! After all, I only paid a tad under 100 for a very respectable Strat copy that looks and feels fine. If you are looking for a back up or a decent beginner guitar, you won't go far wrong with this guitar. This purchase far exceeded my expectations. If this guitar was nicked, I would definitely replace it providing I could get hold of the metallic Red! For the money? Great! // 8

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overall: 1
BGS-ETL10S Reviewed by: Dazlaman, on june 13, 2013
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Price paid: £ 50

Purchased from: ebay

Features: The Benson I got was second hand from eBay. It has 22 frets, 3 passive single coil pickups, 1 volume and 2 tone knobs and there isn't really much else to say about this guitar other than it looks like a Standard Stratocaster. It came with a cheap bag (with the zipper located at the bottom of the bag so that you drop the guitar trying to get it out), a cable which I had to get replaced after a few months and an amp made by the same company as the guitar. The bag really has no use as it is not at all protective and the guitar didn't even come with the tremolo bar but that's ok because I wouldn't use a tremolo bar on a Strat bridge. // 1

Sound: I play mostly metal and add a little blues to my solo's and this guitar is terrible for both. It lacks the power I need for metal and it lacks a good fret levelling for my soloing (there is some serious fret buzz and dead notes on this guitar). It also lacked a good overall tone and it just sounded awful. At first I thought it might be the amp as it's only a practice amp but when I upgraded my amp it still sounded terrible. The amp being a practice amp couldn't even fit any effects pedals but there was an overdrive button which didn't make too much of a difference to the sound with it off. // 1

Action, Fit & Finish: The strings on this guitar were way too high and I lowered them myself but then there was terrible fret buzz and dead notes. The strings being too high makes this guitar a bad choice for beginners. The intonation wasn't even done right when I got this guitar. The finish however was the best part about this guitar it had a green burst finish. The string were also too tense and I had to lower the tension of the strings because combined with the string being too high it really hurt my hands trying to play this guitar. // 1

Reliability & Durability: Never play live with this guitar, it is probably the worst guitar EVER. Or at least that I've played. If you're going to play a gig you will need a better guitar than this. The hardware is terrible and I wouldn't even have this as a backup guitar. Like I said before the finish is the best part about it and it does look like it will last. My strap seems to slip off this guitar too so it has been dropped a few times, while the guitar doesn't seem to have major damage on it, it does have a few cracks on the body near the neck. // 1

Overall Impression: My parents bought it for me as my first electric guitar and back then I didn't know a lot about guitars and neither did they and they thought that what guitar you get doesn't matter because there isn't much difference between them all and they were wrong because this guitar is terrible. I have better guitars than this one (Vintage Metal Axxe Razer, Dimavery SG) and I play them through an unbranded amp and use a Behringer Ultra Metal 300 pedal and they sound really awesome for distorted metal and clean tones but the Benson is terrible. If it was stolen I would rather spend more money and buy a Jackson or ESP guitar. // 1

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overall: 8
BGS-ETL10S Reviewed by: harryharper33, on august 14, 2013
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Price paid: £ 100

Purchased from: ebay

Features: I acquired this guitar around three months ago from eBay for a tad under one hundred quid. This was purchased brand new and according to the bumph it was manufactured in Feb 2013. My neighbor, who teaches the guitar, strongly recommended this particular brand and model. I dabbled with guitar around 12 years ago and used to own a Burns Marquee, however I had to let it go after my first nipper came along so I am not a complete novice. I wasn't expecting too much for the money, however I was more than impressed when my Benson Strat arrived in all its glory. The usual generic three single coil p/ups, three control knobs, whammy trem unit etc etc. In a stunning blueburst finish with black pick guard. // 8

Sound: I am a "sit at home" player trying to recreate a few Led Zep solos and bit of dire straights stuff. The guitar arrived with a 10 watt practise amp which was o.k. However the guitar really came alive when I borrowed my brothers Roland Cube 80GX... Even Knopfler would have been proud of me. The guitar had a really sweet tone with that middle twang you would expect from a Strat style guitar. I am not a pro musso, so this Benson Strat suited my musical needs and styles of music I like to listen to and play. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The first thing I did was take the guitar next door to my guitar teacher neighbour for his verdict and hopefully his knowledge of setting the guitar up. He was pleasantly surprised with the factory set up, although there was a little buzzing on the 6th fret. However, armed with the 2 hex keys, my neighbour soon resolved this problem. Casting my amature eye over the guitar, I could not see and gaping faults with the build quality or finish. In fact not sure how they can manufacture this (including amp) for under 100? // 7

Reliability & Durability: I am not sure how this guitar would play in a live band situation because I don't do this or ever will. All the chrome work on the instrument looks brand new and is corrosion free. The strap nuts seem pretty robust with large screws. Although the pick guard screws seemed slightly mis-aligned. The finish seems very good all over and looked better than the web pictures... So that's a plus! So far the guitar seems to do what it says on the tin and seems very reliable. I have not been able to put the guitar down so far and I am more than happy with the build quality. // 8

Overall Impression: I love to listen and TRY and play classic old stuff i.e. Dire Straits, Stones, Led Zep and Hendrix and the classic Strat type tones are perfect for the genre I love. This acquisition was made to re-light my passion for good old classic rock music and it's certainly done that! Also I would I would give it a favourably compare it to my my Korean Burns I used to own. My favourite thing about this guitar is the price because I agreed with my wife I would only spend 100 on a guitar and do not feel short changed! Also I love the fact it arrives with a padded gig bag. // 9

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overall: 8.6
BGS-ETL10S Reviewed by: jackscamp33, on october 09, 2013
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Purchased from: Amazon

Features: This guitar rocked up last week via Parcel Force. Came complete with a tidy little bedroom amp (10 watt) all from Amazon... So good so far! Came within 24 hours of purchase. Guitar was made in 2013 according to the Quality control blurb inside. We purchased the metallic silver with a black-top pick guard. Really chuffed with build quality. This guitar is the usual strat style with all the trimmings. Nice chrome work and lovely finish. Whammy bar fits fine... Although I don't use a trem arm. Three controls (x1 volume x2 tone) all finished in black with five way selector controlling the three single coil pick ups. All arrived with padded gig bag, strap, picks and cable... Even a clip tuner! WOW! // 9

Sound: I like to bash out a bit of Chilis/Kings Of Leon/Killers/Nirvana so I find this guitar perfect for all the above styles. Although, the guitar arrives with a 10 watt practice amp, I plug into my Line 6 Spider III and it sounds great with all the effects on. The guitar is very quiet when plugged, with minimum background hiss. Without effects got the usual Fender "bell" sound. The reason I picked this guitar was because I can have the 'start style' versatility at very low cost... So I was very nervous prior to the guitars arrival, however I was pleasantly surprised when I gave the guitar the once over... Great sound for the wonga! // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Arrived factory set I think and very satisfied. I once tried a cheap copy in a local shop that was set too low, so subsequently it was buzzing up and down the fretboard. So I was more than happy with the action... No chocking anywhere. Pick ups were a little to proud for my liking so I adjusted them slightly. The bridge seemed okay apart from some of the saddles needed slightly adjusting to correct the intonation. The finish was really nice (metallic silver), however I am aware this colour would not be every ones choice... It's got the Marmite factor. All the chrome work seems good with no corrosion. Just needed to clean the fretboard (seemed like there was some sort of resin on it) - a bit annoying. // 8

Reliability & Durability: The Benson seems to be well made on the surface and the guitar is quite chunky & weighty... So I would assume it would withstand the "rigours of the road" although I only play once a month at a local pub jammin' session... So I won't know until next month. The body is made of Agathis (not quite sure what this is) and the guitar as stayed in tune since I changed the strings (it comes with a spare set of Ernie Ball - RESULT!). Benson seems to be very generous with the finish and the lacquer seems quite thick without affecting the tone of the guitar. Thumbs up for the overall build quality! // 9

Overall Impression: I know the origin of the guitar is the far east (China), and I am really impressed with this so called "budget guitar." I have been trying to find some minor faults with this guitar without success because all I keep seeing is £99.95 flashing in my head. This is certainly good value although I did not need the practice amp and I wish Benson gave you a guitar only option. Before I purchased this I was using a Vintage tele copy, which as now been relegated to the wardrobe. I know I will probably get bored with this guitar, however for now I am happy bashing out my favourite stuff on me Benson. // 9

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overall: 8.8
BGS-ETL10S Reviewed by: readyfreddie, on july 31, 2015
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Price paid: £ 130

Purchased from: argos

Features: It didn't specify the year it was made in, but after doing some research I was assured this was a 2014 model. I was advised that the best Benson models were built post 2011. It was made in china with 21 frets. It's a solid body, in a Strat style, with a honey sunburst finish. The bridge is a through body style, but I think it might need a few adjustments. I'm not sure about the electronics, they seem to be active, but the packaging and manuals didn't specify. There is one volume control, 2 tone knobs, and a 5-way selector. There are a neck and mid Standard pick ups along with a bridge distortion pick up, I'm not sure about the make of them, but I'm sure that they are Benson. They are single-coiled. I think the body is Alder or bass wood with maple neck. It came with a padded gig bag (brilliant!), 10 watt amp, a strap, cable, picks, and a LED tuner. // 9

Sound: I play a more metal, punk rock style and it suits it fine and I didn't need to move my pick ups. I use the amp that was included with it, a Benson GA-10. The amp comes with an overdrive setting which I use most of the time. The sound can be rich and full or alternatively it can also sound sharp and aggressive. Depending on the pickup selection it can sound very bright, or it can sound very dark and deep (I prefer dark and deep for my style of music). Also you can make it sound a little like a bass, you switch it to the mid and neck pick ups and turn the tone knobs to 0 and Switch the equalization to 0 for treble, 5 for mid and the bass up to 10. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: It was set up pretty nicely, I have not changed anything yet because I'm not sure how and what to do. The pickups were set up extremely well, I'm thinking of moving the bridge to a slanted position, and moving the neck one up a little bit, other than the adjustments I'm making for my music style I wouldn't change much except the strings are too light for my style of music. The bridge seems routed right, but this is my first guitar so I can't be sure. I am really impressed with the finish, I have whacked this thing many many times and the finish hasn't even scratched or made a mark! I did have to tighten the tuners to insure the guitar stays in tune, however this is not a problem. I did replace the factory strings for a set of Rotosound... This made a massive difference I'm pretty sure the wood is basswood, but I'm not sure, it does have a rich sound like basswood guitars. Really chuffed! // 9

Reliability & Durability: I haven't played this live at a gig yet (cause my band does not have any gigs yet!), but I have played it through one of my friends' other amps and I think it would do a great job at a live gig. The hardware does seem like it will last, if you want to replace anything, replace the strings first. The strap buttons are pretty solid, my strap hasn't fallen off yet, and I do punish my guitar a lot. I would depend on it when we start to gig and think it would withstand the rigours of a punk metal set up. The finish is pretty good, I'd say it will last me a while, but that's because I don't plan on whacking it against the amp and stage after the last song of a gig. The finish seems pretty tough... Only time will tell! // 9

Overall Impression: I play a metal, punk rock mix, it is a really good match, even without adjustments to the pickups. I've only been playing a few months, most of which were on an acoustic. I don't own any other stuff except strings and the accessories that came with it. If it was stolen I would buy it again, only because you get a lot for your money if you take into account the entire package. I love the fact that it can sound like a bass under certain settings, and that it sounds very dark when played with a heavy hand. My favourite part of the guitar is the set of 3 single-coil pickups, it gives me a broader range for my style of music. I have compared it to my friends' guitars, and most times it is better, I compared it to my friend's Squire, I'm not sure which model it is, but it is a Strat style guitar with one double-coil pick up at the bridge and it out performed both of these guitars! // 9

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