DC700 review by Carvin

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  • Features: 10
  • Sound: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (1 vote)
Carvin: DC700

Price paid: $ 1400

Purchased from: Carvin.com

Features — 10
When it comes to Carvin there are many options and features that you can choose from so keep in mind this guitar was made to my particular taste. This guitar was made in the US in 2013. It is a 24 fret neck with a 25.5 scale. I optioned for an ebony fretboard with abalone block inlays. It consists of a neck-through neck style and I personally opted for mahogany wings and neck with a maple cap. The finish on this particular guitar is jet black with a satin matte finish. The DC700 is a super-strat body style with a deep cut for upper fret access. It has a tune-o-matic bridge with Carvin's own active pickups. One volume and one tone control, three way selector, stainless steel med jumbo frets, and Carvin locking tuners. It included a very nice custom Carvin case with my purchase.

Sound — 10
I play many different types of music including mostly metal but also rock, classic rock, blues, funk and allot of classical. This guitar does a damn good job at covering my wide variety of musical taste. The metal tone I can get out of it is amazing. I'm running it through my JCM 800 (2203) with my PodHD500x but even through my small solid state practice amp it sounds great. With my selection of woods I was aiming for a Les Paul sound and sustain and I hit dead on target. It has the sustain of a LP (maybe even more) but with those extra frets and better fret access. There has been allot of debate on the web as to Carvin's active pups vs EMG pups. I've had plenty of EMG equipped guitars with the same exact wood specs and I personally believe that EMG pups are a tad bit more overdriven but the Carvin pups are much more versatile and can get just as mean as the EMGs. I personally would never swap these bad boys out for EMGs but that's my opinion. Cleans are very organic and warm in the neck position and don't even sound like an active, but when you flip down to the bridge pup it def has a very similar sound to a EMG as far as clean tone goes = very bright.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
This guitar came in box perfectly set up. I live in Illinois so this guitar didn't travel overseas or in extreme conditions which might effect set-up. Carvin takes allot of pride in setting up their guitars so you shouldn't have much trouble in that field. There was no flaws in my particular guitar such as chips or dents. The satin matte finish is seriously amazing. There is virtually no sweat sticking on the neck. I'm a sweater, especially when I play, and the satin matte finish has allowed me to overcome this disability. The neck is also very fast but yet beefy as if a Gibby LP and a Ibanez wizard neck made love. Lol. Overall great craftsmanship in this guitar! I own Gibson Customs and it seems in the last 5-10 years their quality control has gone to hell, but you do not find this in Carvin. Also, this is the first guitar that I've ever owned that has stainless steel frets and let me tell you they are extremely nice when it comes to bends + they look like they can take a beating and last forever.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar is built like a tank! I know that if you beak your headstock or neck with a neck through your pretty much screwed, but I don't think I'll have to worry about that. The hardware is extremely solid, but you know how that is, time will tell. I opted for locking strap buttons because I don't even want to risk it slipping lose lol. Finish seems like it will last forever but I will know in roughly ten years lol. I love this guitar so much I probably would never gig with it, that's where my Ibanez selection comes in handy.

Overall Impression — 10
I know exactly what you're thinking, ohhh another guy who is so in love with his guitar that he gave it a perfect rating. I can personally say I have had the pleasure to own very expensive and well made guitars such as my Gibby EDS-1275 or my Ibby UV777 which are both top dollar amazing guitars but I can honestly say that they can't touch my Carvin. For being able to customize this thing to a T, I could not be more satisfied with the price and the overall quality of this masterpiece. This is the first review that I've ever posted because I just had to give Carvin a thumbs for their detail and craftsmanship. They seriously made my dream guitar. I've always loved the tone and sustain of my Gibson Les Paul and the speed and playability of my Ibby UV777. Well Imagine these two guitars making a love child = my guitar. :-D Carvin has always said once you own a Carvin guitar you will be a lifelong fan and this could not be more true. Ty for reading this and you should check out Carvin.com and build your dream guitar today!

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    I'm with you... I bought a Carvin DC800 and love it. The active pickups have just the right amount of hotness, allowing jazz playing right up to driven metal.