San Dimas 2H USA review by Charvel

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (14 votes)
Charvel: San Dimas 2H USA

Price paid: $ 689.99

Purchased from: Ebay

Sound — 10
The Charvel suits my sound perfectly, from Alt Rock to even Blues, although you must understand that Charvels were built to be predominantly Rock and Harder Rock style guitars. I'm playin it through a Marshall TSL122, and a Hughes And Kettner Switchblade, and I've never been so happy with my Live rig before. It can definitely reflect that legendary brown sound with the fullness in the tone that really brings out more color in the amps, its sound is also VERY warm and thick, I love it.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall Impression, one crazy guitar, if I could ask the guy Who sold me this one question now it'd probably be along the lines of "how the hell could you let this go?!"

Reliability & Durability — 10
The Charvel lines already infamous to take a beating, you can definitely depend this even with a backup axe, the finish never lets you down, and for some reason is very hard to leave marks on. (not that i've tried "wink wink")

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The guitar comes with a setup already performed, as always all you have to do is tune it up, pickups adjusted at the correct heights (bridge pickup nicely out and neck pup set lower), there were no problems whatsoever with this guitar, even as I bought it used.

Features — 9
I completely took my chances with this axe, gettin it off ebay, but in the end I've never been so happy with a guitar. The Charvel line is almost exclusively USA made and I believe they've been bought out by Fender. These are great guitars, Alder Body, Maple Neck, 2 Seymour Duncan pups (SH4 and JB). Overall the body feels VERY solid, as if it was a one piece solid guitar. This baby's got 22 medium jumbo frets and sports a nice black high gloss finish. It's reminiscent of a Telecaster but doesn't sound anything like one. It's got an original model of a Floyd Rose, one very heavy duty volume knob, a bypassed tone circuit (missing the control, often gets a little bit more tone out of the guitar), and a 3 way pup selector. The Grover Tuners are just great, and there is a lock on the nut to make your guitar ready for ridiculous dive bombs. Comes with SD Straploks, and a Charvel Gig Bag thats not too shabby.

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    Rock Pig
    Don't write a review during the freaking honeymoon period, man. This is far too biased, even superficial, and I have to say I seriously disagre with some of your points, having recently bought the guitar. It's a very nice guitar, make no mistake, but some of the points you made simply aren't true!
    I was thinking of buying this guitar. Can you please expand on what was wrong with the review/guitar Rock Pig
    Id say its not to far off of the mark. The thing that bugs me is the "original floyd" is korean...not the german Schaller unit. Dont get me still does well..better than most of the licensed fr's Ive had. All in all I love mine...the combo of the alder body, maple fret board and sd's make a very very great rock guitar...brighter than similar guitars I have and hits just right...IMO.
    Johnny Sea
    I own the polar white model. It's a nice guitar. This is my experience. I spent a couple of hours adjusting the action and filing a few things down. The frets are cut very square on the ends. You will need to file the corners round or your hand will feel a bothersome serrated type of feeling when you slide your hand down the neck. The locking nut will need filed round on the corners too. The side of your thumb will feel an uncomfortable jab when you bump it if you don't. I really like the guitar after these touches. I wish the factory would hand finish these though. You have to remove the neck to adjust the truss rod. I wish it were on the headstock end.
    Rock Pig
    Johnny, I've got the same one (colour and all) and I have to say I agree with you. Mine came with a couple of irritating factory niggles (cold solder on the ground wire, loose jack plate) but turned out pretty fantastic once these things were ironed out. In fact, I fancy I'll submit my own review at some point.
    I just bought the Japan made San Dimas Pro Mod in Polar White and it is an amazing guitar! I heard about the fret jobs on the US made series, well let me tell you something about the Japan made guitar. The fret work is superior to the US models! The fret edges are ground smooth and the edges have been rounded at the factory. The fretboard has also been slightly edged almost giving it the look that they started to scallop the fret board. Very very nice job on the Japan models! My biggest problem I just encountered is adjusting the truss rod!!! Why on earth did they put the adjustment at the neck joint! And then make it damn near impossible to get to unless you loosen the neck. That to me says the guys at Charvel weren't really thinking about this. It is a fender designed neck so why oh shy didn't they use the Fender style adjustment on the headstock! Another little beef I have is, the Japan made models come with direct mounted pickups a nice touch BUT there is no way to adjust the height of them, they are screwed right to the body. I figured there would have been springs under the pup screws! Other then those little nit pickings the guitar is fantastic! Sounds great and the neck profile is also fantastic, I would say the profile of the neck is between the modern C of Fender and the U profile of BC Rich/ Jackson/Ibanez and the compound radius is also great!
    Fenders don't have floyd roses for the most part. Problems occur with the lock nut when you have a truss rod adjustment at the head.