San Dimas Style 2 review by Charvel

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (13 votes)
Charvel: San Dimas Style 2

Price paid: A$ 1799

Purchased from: Custom Music Wagga Wagga

Sound — 10
I play mostly hard rock stlyes from the 70s and 80s, and this guitar being most famous during the 80s era, it fits in perfectly to my style. It can play a lot of the 80 metal style from Van Halen to Judas Priest to Motley Crue, it is perfect for that style of music as its built primarly to play that stlye. I'm using a solid state Crate FW65U (not that great of an amp but it does the job)through a Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz pedal. The sound I get from it is just great. Fits into my stlye very well. The guitar can go from Hi Gain Distortion to very nice smooth cleans very easily. The 59' in the bridge produces a very rich and full sound for the cleans and the JB model in the bridge has a nice bright sound which sounds great with overdrive.

Overall Impression — 10
For Hard Rock and heavy metal it's great. I have owned a Ibanez GAX30 as my beginner guitar and moving on straight on to the San Dimas is just mindblowing. After playing the GAX30 for so long them moving on to the San Dimas it just felt so much better. This guitar is perfect for me. If this guitar was stolen from me I would look for the person Who stole it and if I find him he would be lucky to live. The greatest feature about this guitar is the neck. It features a compound radius which I just love. Its so smooth allowing it very comfortable to move up and down the neck while I'm shredding away. The first time I played it, it was mine. I just fell in love with it straight away, didn't need to try out anything else. The only thing which I wish it had different is the position of the toggle switch. It is very hard to get to. If it were a bit clser it would have been better.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I haven't yet played with it Live but it looks like it will withstand any live performance, the hardware is solid very tough and seems it would last a life time. The strap buttons are a pair of Dunlop Straplok, they are very tough and solid. I would gig with this guitar anyday, even without any backups. With this guitar there are no needs for any backups as its very solid and also it can make any sounds you want it to.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The action on the guitar is great. Its very nice to play, very smooth neck with a great action making it very nice and smooth to play. The pickups were adjusted perfectly, everything was perfect. The Floyd Rose is adjust very nicely, very easy to pull on, and stays tune no matter how long I have been pulling on the bar. I do have a very small issue with the position of the toggle switch which is quite hard to get to especially since I change pickups quite alot through out songs. Other than that it is perfect.

Features — 10
The features on this guitar are great. All the features are perfect for my needs. Very simple but very effective. - Made in USA 2009 - 22 Frets, Jumbo Frets and a 12"-16" Compound radius - Bolt-On Neck - Alder Body, Maple Quartersawn Neck - Tele Style body - Polar White Finish (the 5th production batch) - Original Floyd Rose - One Volume pot and 3 way toggle Switch - Neck Pickup; Seymour Duncan 59' Bridge Pickup; Seymour Duncan JB Model - Floyd Rose locking Nut - Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners - Comes with a Gig Bag

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    24 for frets and tone knobs are useless to many my friend. either way you have a solid point. but considering it's price you'd want it to be flawless.
    olpaj wrote: meh, another 10.0 review... please be objective people. u havent played it and u dunno how it performs live and still u give a 10. come on. it doesnt even have 24 frets or a tone knob
    Number of frets and types of knobs dont determine the quality of a guitar. Think about it, a lot of people dont NEED a guitar that has 24 frets and a tone knob. But yes, all 10 review, not very reliable.
    While I agree that people should throw around perfect scores everywhere, I have to say that this gutiar is pretty much worth 10 points. Sure it doesn't have 24 frets, but it's a top quality guitar in really nice finishes for a good price! Tested one myself at the Fuzz guitar show in Gothenburg this spring...Man that guitar was nice playing at! And tone knobs are actually very unnecessesary for most people, since most of us just max the tone and never touch it again... I would prefer 24 frets and will probably always prefer 24...but this guitar is to good to get lower points than 9 out of 10, based on my experience
    divinorum69 wrote: For me tone knobs are as nesessary as drinking water on a daily basis.
    I don't drink water on a daily basis. I also never use my tone knob. I max it out, and if i want more bass, i switch to my neck pup, more treble, bridge.
    meh, another 10.0 review... please be objective people. u havent played it and u dunno how it performs live and still u give a 10. come on. it doesnt even have 24 frets or a tone knob
    yet another all ten review, people need to really think before posting all tens
    pingis.....there are plenty of guitars that are over 1K that have bolt on necks and 22 frets that f'n rock! Esp custom shop, MMEB....EVH w=gang...etc. I bought a neck thru guitar with a floyd for 150$ locally in a classifieds and its not bad either.... You never know..... BTW...Ive got this guitar and it is as good as everyone says....and I do use a tone knob every once in a while. Rock and roll
    Pingis_Or_Death wrote: 22 frets and a bolt on for A$ 1799? Never in my life would I even think about buying that.
    Ridiculous. Are you saying if someone offered you SRV's Lenny Strat for $1799 you'd call it a scam? I've played this and it doesn't at all have that clunky bolt on feel.
    olpaj wrote: meh, another 10.0 review... please be objective people. u havent played it and u dunno how it performs live and still u give a 10. come on. it doesnt even have 24 frets or a tone knob
    very true*
    fretman5000 wrote: little_angus wrote: for what do you need 24 frets???? A7X at least uses all 24
    he was asking about something useful. also, the body style is sooo ugly... I guess if you're into weird telecaster ish shapes then sure, but i would never buy this guitar...
    jake kiley from strung out just bought one of these a few days ago. it seems pretty awesome. on my brother's ke3 kelly it doesnt have a tone knob either but its still insane. so not that much of a big deal if you ask me.
    okay, come on now guys. first off, how often do you even use your tone nob? i always have it set to max, its pointless. second, 24 frets is not a necessity, there are tons of guitars out there that dont have 24 frets, the les paul and stratocaster are the most widely used guitars out there and they dont even have 24 frets. oh and another thing, the review is based on the reviewers opinion, if the guitar is perfect to him/her, they can give it all 10s. and ive played this guitar at sam ash, and it kicks some major ass.
    olpaj wrote: meh, another 10.0 review... please be objective people. u havent played it and u dunno how it performs live and still u give a 10. come on. it doesnt even have 24 frets or a tone knob
    It's modeled after '80s shred guitars, which would make the lack of a tone knob make sense, since it blunts the tone a bit. 24 frets WOULD make sense, however...
    obviously it's gonna be great when you've just owned a GAX30. My first guitar was a $200 piece of crap, and I directly bought a S5470, which was about $1400. Hell yeah it's awesome, but when you buy a guitar like that you live in a dream world.
    Tyler Durden
    I dont even bother reading these reviews with all 10's....with the cliche "if someone stole it I would hunt them down and they would be lucky to be alive".....ZERO credibility