G110 Review

manufacturer: Cort date: 02/06/2012 category: Electric Guitars

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Cort: G110
This is a very versatile guitar. You can play any kind of music with it; from blues to heavy metal. But if you are a pro then you probably may not like it.
 Sound: 5.5
 Overall Impression: 5.5
 Reliability & Durability: 6
 Action, Fit & Finish: 4.5
 Features: 6
 Overall rating:
 Reviewer rating:
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overall: 7
G110 Reviewed by: Ali-n, on august 03, 2011
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Price paid: $ 190

Features: I bought this guitar as my first electric guitar in 2010 from iran. I'm not sure when this guitar was built but it was made in indonesia. It has 22 medium frets, rosewood fingerboard and maple neck. The body is made from agathis which is light but not as good as other kinds of woods like basswood and mahogany. It has a EG7BV 6-screw Vintage Tremolo. It is a modified Strat-style body with a larger top horn and an oblong sort of curve. Has a H/S/S pickup configuration and the pickups are passive powersound pickups. Mine had 3 knobs;one volume knob and two tone knobs. This guitar also has a 5-way selector Switch and non locking tuners. // 8

Sound: I mainly play rock and metal and this guitar could handle them fairly well.My equipments include a Roland Cube 20X amp and a Zoom G1M michael amott signature multi effect. This guitar is not a noisy guitar at all and the sound of it is not bad. I mostly play with the humbucker pickup and it has a bright sound and I loved playing palm mutes with it. The single coil pickups sound moderate. I think the pickups are medium output and compared to my new Ibanez RG350MZ the clean sound is better but when I change the channel to distortion the powersound pickups fall way behind. The tone knobs were useless and when you use the pickup selector the guitar would make an unwanted sound. In one word the pickups are not good compared to other pickups and it's only good for beginners but with a price less than 200$ for this guitar they are not bad. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: This guitar was set-up really bad from the factory. The action was way high and the frets had rough edges and some frets made a buzzing noise but the pickup height wasn't bad for me. I lowered the action until the point that any lower, the strings would buzz but it still wasn't low enough. The nut was poorly cut and the tremolo Bridge Sucks!the Bridge is horrible. One slight push and the guitar completely goes out of tune. I never used the tremolo bar ever. On the other side the neck of this guitar is beyond expectation. The back of the neck is perfect. A really fast and slim neck that can only be seen in expensive guitars and is perfect for shredders. The fingerboard is great. It feels a little dry but still very good and comfortable. So if someone changes the pickups and the Bridge then this guitar could really be something. // 6

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is durable I think it can withstand live playing very well but I wouldn't recommend it. The strap buttons are solid and the finish seems rather durable. I played this guitar for about 9 months and not even a scratch.So I would say it is a durable guitar despite it's low price. // 8

Overall Impression: This is a very versatile guitar. You can play any kind of music with it; from blues to heavy metal. But if you are a pro then you probably may not like it. I loved the fast and sleek neck but I hated the useless tremolo bridge. I don't see any reason why should this guitar have a tremolo Bridge because this is a beginners guitar and beginners don't need a tremolo bridge. A simple fixed Bridge would do the trick. In conclusion the Cort G110 is a very good beginners guitar but if you don't like tuning your guitar every once in a while then you better get a fixed Bridge guitar. // 7

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overall: 4
G110 Reviewed by: kindadumb, on february 06, 2012
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Price paid: $ 150

Purchased from: Rockland Music, Rocklin, CA

Features: As you can see, the Cort G210 has a Strat-style build. My G210 was made in Indonesia, though I'm not sure of the date; for the record, I bought it new in 2011. The neck comes with 22 frets, and has a smooth, subtly rounded shape to facilitate chords. Tuners are die-cast, non-locking, and the whammy bar is likewise non-locking. The pickups come in an S/S/H configuration (Powersound PSEG5P-5F & PSEG5P-5M & PSEG4P-2R, respectively) with 5-way pickup switching, 1 volume knob, and 1 tone knob; as I will go into later, the humbucker's pretty decent, but the single coils were a disappointment. Overall, it's your basic Strat knockoff. Thanks to the neck design, this is a very easily playable instrument. However, the tuners don't do a good job keeping the instrument in tune. I eventually wound up having to remove the whammy bar just because any use of it immediately threw the entire instrument out of tune. // 4

Sound: My style is sort of like Neil Young-meets-Joy Division, with a lot of distorted minor-key chords. I plug my guitar into an Ibanez TS 9 (for overdrive), Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain (for reverb and fuzz), Boss GE-7 (equalizer), and an Electro-Harmonix Micro POG (octave pedal, to fatten up the low end); this all feeds into a Fender Starcaster practice amp. Needless to say, this setup gets noisy, so I'm inclined to give the guitar a pass on that. (Besides, my equalizer cuts a lot of that out anyway). The humbucker packs a decent punch, perfect for a hard rock sound; just don't ever consider droning anything on this pickup, and you'll be okay. The single-coils, on the other hand, come out sounding kind of dull, so I generally ignore them. There's absolutely no resonance when you play this guitar clean - you *have* to play the G210 in a hard rock style with some heavy effects, or you'll be disappointed. // 5

Action, Fit & Finish: There were no obvious errors in the way the hardware was assembled; my only beef here is with the bridge. Use the lightest gauge strings possible, or else you can expect the bridge to lift up. Because of the way it lifts up, this instrument is basically impossible to tune with high- or medium-gauge strings: you tune a string up, the bridge lifts up, and all the other strings get looser. I've broken a couple strings over-compensating for this issue before realizing I had to use a lighter gauge. // 3

Reliability & Durability: After owning this guitar for 7 months, the pickups and pickup selector are heavily rusted - and this was purchased new last year. Do not leave this guitar lying out; keep it in a case or a bag whenever you are not playing it. Also, the screws in the panel holding the springs are very, very soft, rendered useless after some gentle screwdriver work. Knobs, body etc. Seem pretty durable, though, and have given me no issue. // 4

Overall Impression: Due to the deficiency of the single-coil pickups, this is a fairly limited instrument. I'm lucky that I like a loud, gnarled, overdrive sound, because that's about all you're going to get out of the G210. Pros: Cheap Player-friendly neck design Powerful humbucker Cons: Lousy, dull single-coil pickups Loose bridge, prone to lifting and loosening/detuning strings when you're trying to tune them Whammy bar throws all strings out of tune immediately Metal hardware rusts/deteriorates with surprising speed Overall, if this were stolen, I'd just go ahead and buy a different model from a different brand. I prefer my Epiphone Les Paul hands down, and honestly the Squier Fender doesn't look too bad in comparison to my G210. The G210 is good for one thing, though. If you can get it used as a beginner instrument, buy it; you'll mess it up, but in the process you'll learn how to care for a proper electric guitar, and you'll be ready to move on up by the time you have the cash to do so. // 4

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