G250 review by Cort

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (78 votes)
Cort: G250

Purchased from: Local Music Store

Sound — 8
His guitar suits any musical need. I play from powermetal through to pop and rock and this guitar covers the all very well. I run it through a fendersuper Bullet and a mini-Marshall micro stack and occasional through a Marshall JVM 50 watt half valve amp, I also use a Zoom G2 multi-effects unit and it sunds ver good especially if you put a bit higher treble on it.

Overall Impression — 10
I bought this guitar over 2 years ago and it was in my local dealer and the said that they hadnt sold enough of them so they were gooing half price and I though wow I love that guitar as I looked a the royal blue finish and the aluminium hardware on it and I had to have it. A year and a half later I was bought a Strat so that my sister could have my Cort G250 but after 3 months she gave up and it came back to meand personally I am glad, for my personl use would much rather play it than my stratfor it's looks, tone and all round playability the neck it's faster the sound is richer but ca be adjusted to anything you want. As I said before I play it mainly through a Fender Bullet 150 and a mini Marshall and itsounds sweeet through it. If it were stolen, broke o just got lost I would immediatly go out and replace it. I love everything about this guitar and hate nothing of it my favourite features are the brushed aluminim hardware the royal blue finish and it's really fast neck. I I'd comare it to other products when buying it, a Vintage SG lookalike and a Squier Strat but overall I preffered the playability and aesthetics of tis guitar by far. I do wish it had a locking vibrato as some times it does come out of tune very easily. Overall it is a perfect starter guitar but can be used even for more advanced players due to it's rock solid tone and construction. A worthwhile buy for al and my ultimate guitar.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar does stand up to Live playing I have tried I and it stays in tune reasonabley well in the different conditions it has been subjected to. The hardware is rock solid and hasn't worn down at all after my two years of playing it, the strap buttons are completely solid and I have made sure of it by putting them through rigorous testing before using it in a Live show. Personally I can trust this guitar with anything it is rock solid and I don't take any sort of backup with me so it's fine.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The guitar as set up to perfection as a starter guitar although I did have to tighten up the bridge on it because it did come a bit loose. As a word of warning, althouh it might justhave been mine the part where you thread the string through the Machine Head was a bit sharp on one edge and did break one or two of my strings but I just filed that down a little and it was fine after that. The tremolo does also come lose quite easily but apart from that I have had no problems with this guitar.

Features — 7
I'm not sure of what year this particular model was made, japan made guitar with 22 frets on a quite thin and fast neck with a roseood fretboard and an alder body. Th finish is a transparant royalblue in a Strat-style (not identically shaped, I must add). It has 1 tone and 1 volume control knob an a 5-way selector toggle. It has a non-locking tuner. With mine I didn't get any accessories with it but I did a deal with my local retailer and they gave me, a strap gig bag, cable and a basic care kit, also made by Cort

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    the price compared to the quality of this guitar is really nice, I bought it for 170. on stage it is equally to a fender strat. i have been playing (intensively) the beauty for more than 2 years and have got no problems at all
    I own cort g250 made in 2008 and fender MIM strat classic 70's made abt 1999. I must say that I play this cort more often then a fender one. pros: incredible playabilty, action, precision of the production, wilkinson floating bridge (it requires attention when you change string gauge - just like any other non-fixed bridge on earth), hss combination for more versatility, push-pull for single coil tap,satin finish back of the neck, maple bird eye neck... cons: non lacquered maple fretboard (i did it myself in DIY manner), tuning instability whith heavier use of tremolo arm (but still better then MIM Fender), and I must say that I will have to change pickups as a matter of personal preferences in sound. Concerning the price there is lot to be happy for. Don't buy much pricier guitar because of their name tag, you may be sorry like I am.
    Being playing the guitar now for a long time, and when i purchased the Cort G520, i was amazed of the sound quality,the Fender Strat sound , and also the dirty rock sound as well. This Cort G520 can stand up against your $1000 guitars with quality, hardware and sound, the best buy for around $400.00
    love this guitar, it was the second E-guitar I bought, didn't know much about them at that point, owed an Epiphone LP special 2, but this was a completely different specimen. It really plays silky-smooth, the versatillity provided by the H-S-S configuration is stunning in comination with this 5=way pickup switch. The hardware not only looks good, but is quantiety-wise to be called outstanding too. Only the Wilkinson tremmelo bridge used costs you about $150 and I bought this guitar for only €175. It has a grey/greenish colour finish as backgroundcolour with black/brown and purple zebra like stripes, specially when the sun hits her she looks amazing!! A friend of mine who plays guitar for a living told me what I got and I was very pleased when he took mine out for a gig!
    Bought the lefthanded version about six or seven years ago. It basically looks like the ubiquitous Yamaha Pacifica but with maybe better hardware. The action is low and fast out of the box and is a good quality starter guitar capable of pretty much any sound with the coil taps and humbucker design, especially if you play it through a modelling amp. The one thing I would change however is the floating bridge as if you want to change the string gauge you have to do some serious balancing with the springs holding it flat. Also, if you do happen to play with the whammy bar then it also kills light strings in no time flat. Overall, good, but think hard about what you want before you buy if this is your first electric.