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manufacturer: Cort date: 11/10/2014 category: Electric Guitars
Cort: Source
This guitar has such a full sound I don't have to do much eq or effects filling. I am now a believer in the power of maple wood guitars.
 Features: 8.5
 Sound: 9.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 7.8
Source Reviewed by: Sir_Taffey, on august 13, 2014
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Purchased from: Paul Bothner

Features: - Made: 2005 in Indonesia
- Frets: 22 large
- Top: Solid maple
- Body: Hollowbody, maple top, sides and back
- Neck: Set-in Canadian maple with rosewood fretboard
- Finish: Transparent Cherry Red
- Bridge: T.O.M bridge & stop tailpiece
- Electronics: Passive ClassicRocker-II (H-H)
- Controls: 2 tone, 2 volume, 3 way toggle
- Tuners: Non-locking Vintage

This guitar is a little awkward to play for those used to strat-shaped guitars and the stop tail bridge also feels a little clumsy because of that. it has a nifty scratch plate that I use to anchor on. Controls a good space apart. // 7

Sound: "How does it suit your music style" - Some of you are about to hate me for this. I play a load of improv and sort of melodic what I feel music. I tend to do a lot of jazz chord voicings and blues tricks and feelings and this guitar is great for all of it. But I took it to my metal bands practice session and they love it's sound compared to my Ibanez with my Seymour Duncans. I know I drop C'd a hollowbody but it was for 2 hours. But for what I want this fits the bill. I use a Roland ME-80 preamp and all that into a Roxy MG120 head to make it louder through my 4x12 cab. 

This guitar has such a full sound I don't have to do much eq or effects filling. I would be fine with putting it straight into a PA system and playing like that. It just has something about it on any setting or pick-up. Super warm on the neck with just this super smooth sound. Nice and bright on the bridge with just enough snap in it from the plectrum. A little thin but just as clear and cutting in a mix. No noise that I have noticed playing in my room, at chapel or even at death metal band practice (sorry bout that again). Only some temperamental feedback facing the amp but also a very quiet guitar. I am now a believer in the power of maple wood guitars.

What kind of sounds can this guitar make? Barring my effects emulator it does the whole package of jazz and blues sounds with some rock-ability up its sleeve. I mostly play Jazz chords and inversions (drop-2 voicings and all that) with simple pentatonic flavouring. Then it can get some grit in it when you turn on your over drive and then is a different thing for metal altogether. I can't even describe it. You just have to try and see. But that aside this is comparable to any other hollow body in my opinion. The sound you get is how you play it. It puts the tone in your court. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Set up out the factory. Perfect intonation, awesome low/medium action to play on for this kind of guitar. I put a set of 11's on it because I like being able to feel my strings when I play. Pickups were well adjusted. Has all sorts of compensation angles on them. The neck is super low, which is good because it is already so full. You don't want it getting boomy. The bridge also is lower on the higher strings so that it doesn't kill you when you play on them. Also parallel with the strings despite the curve of the body which was impressive to see. Could do some fine work with the screws but that's a minor issue.

Something that kills it for me is the toggle. This one is really bad and feels like it's going to break in my fingers. And it sometimes drops my neck pickup and I need to toggle it up and down a bit to get it back. Input jack is doing that annoying loose nut thing (am I the only one this happens to?). Other than that I am all happy. A couple of probably masking tape errors in painting but unless you were looking for it (like me just now) you won't ever see it. // 7

Reliability & Durability: This will play live. just so long as you keep it mildly tame. I may be over protective of my baby but it doesn't have the sense of a guitar that will last without a hard case. The toggle is a serious concern I have but the rest of the hardware seems solid after 3 months. Tuners are stable, bridge rocks. Tone controls control tone and volume reliable volumes.

Strap buttons? Check. Solid? double check. Strap-locks? Only if I can pry my strap off of these to fit them. Can I depend on it? Heck yeah! Unless I fail a power slide like JB in Tenacious D. But I don't do that. I don't spank my strings or strangle them with bends so it should last pretty well for any gig. No backup needed, they would pale in comparison. Finish will only take damage if you don't look after it. The gloss and red are all over the body and neck, just wipe it down with your guitar polish cloth when you are done and it will treat you just right. // 8

Overall Impression: I play a hearty amount of acoustic, rock, a fair shot at jazz and blues. But I never expected this guitar to put up with the metal I played on it. But seriously, play a II-V7-I and tell me you're not impressed. Been playing for 5 years this year. I also own a Cort X-2L and an Ibanez RG370DXZL. I wish I could have asked the shop if they could throw in a hard case. They are attuned to not giving the best deals but what's done is done. This could have come with more. If it were stolen I would sell one of my guitars to raise funds to buy this again. I plan to keep it as long as I can.

Love? I love it's tone and playability. The scale is so much nicer for me to play on. Hate? The contours feel a bit awkward and this is not a good guitar to sit down with, it's a little bulky. Favourite feature would be the neck being set firmly into a solid block of maple running through the guitar. The tone the construction gives is unbelievable.

I compared this to a number of guitars. Ranging from a Cort M-600 to a $2000 telecaster (no competition but at that price there wouldn't be) and this guitar just was the most well rounded of them all. I play a bit of this and a bit of that and I am always experimenting with playing styles and tones. The hollow-body warmth just hooked me and I don't regret this one at all. // 8

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overall: 10
Source Reviewed by: impalax327, on november 10, 2014
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Price paid: A$ 399

Purchased from: ebay online

Features: The Source is Cort's take on a 335/semi. Made in Indonesia, 2013 purchased new July 2014. Maple ply body, Canadian Maple Neck, twin humbuckers... Quite standard layout for this style of semi. If you are thinking about the Source as a "335 copy," DON'T. Searching for info on this guitar will bring up references comparing it with things like the Epiphone Dot and others. STOP RIGHT THERE! The Cort Source is way above those kinds of comparisons. If you want a real comparison for the Source test it against the top line Tokai's or even a Gibson itself. The Source is THAT good. Read below why. // 10

Sound: The Source has a traditional twin humbucker / 4 pot layout. The pickups are nothing short of superb. Look at them in detail. The pressing of the covers alone will tell you these are quality pickups that someone has put a lot of time into designing. The covers are crisply pressed with very small radiused edges, far superior to anything by Epiphone etc. The pole pieces have large screws (like Gibson) and the covers are finished in a slightly yellowish, burnished "slightly aged" style. They look like something a boutique maker would charge hundred's for. They sound fantastic and are responsive at all settings. Quality details like the pickup ring and adjustment screws being finished in black are indicators to the quality and thought put into this guitar. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Cort are one of the worlds biggest guitar makers. They can easily make the highest quality instruments when they decide to. If Cort builds a "cheap" guitar it's because someone has contracted them to, not that they can't build high quality. The Source is a classic example where Cort have sat down and decided to build a Gibson quality instrument at a fraction of the cost. Probably just to show they can. The fit and finish of the Source is superb. The neck tag shows the many stages it was signed off of and it shows. What many people will not realise is the detail that has gone into the Source. A genuine small post ARB-1 bridge (rarely found on a copy), QUALITY woods (the thickness of the top alone will show you this is far above a "copy" 335). It has things like a Graphtec Nut as standard. The machine heads feel like the quality of Schallers or Klusons. Take a look at small things like the pickguard support post, copies will only have a bent metal bracket, the Source has a Gibson style cast support... Another sign that Cort thought hard in designing this guitar to be TOP quality. Other small things like all the wiring is tucked neatly behind the f-holes and cannot be seen... the list goes on. // 10

Reliability & Durability: The Source is as reliable and durable as a Gibson except the neck of the Cort wont snap off like a Gibson because of it's scarf joint. The Source is like having a Gibson that was designed properly. These guitars are THAT good. The Source is quite heavy and just picking it up you can feel how solidly it's been built. The woods are heavy and dense, the fit is tight and when you hold it it feels whole and as one. Far higher quality that any other 335 clone by any maker including Tokai. The only true comparison is a Gibson and in many ways the Cort feels superior. // 10

Overall Impression: If your serious about a Cort Source and have got this far here is the deal. What you will be owning is a Gibson quality instrument at a fraction of the price. Without doubt in years to come these guitars will be sought after in the same way as many Japanese '70s/'80s makers have become cults like Gekki, Matsumoto etc. What Cort did in designing the Source was to showcase that they can build world class instruments at a fraction of the cost. Without doubt there was a meeting at Cort where someone said "let's show Gibson" and they have. They took traditional American quality and threw it back in their faces. The list of small details screams thought and quality. From the ABR-1 bridge to pickguard bracket to the feel, fit and finish Cort built a classic. The Source is a Gibson eater without being a 100% direct copy. It's slightly different in shape and it's not trying to be a copy. It's much more than that. // 10

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