VX-4V review by Cort

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (44 votes)
Cort: VX-4V

Price paid: £ 440

Purchased from: Pro-technica

Sound — 10
Hmmmm my music style... I don't have a preference to be fair and this guitar manages to match all my desires, be it blues, jazz, groove and melodic death metal, basically anything. I'd prefer SD SH's to my guitar but these EMGs suit it fine... For now. Not the best option with this body for me but that's my personal opinion after all. I'm playing the guitar through a DigiTech RP350, DigiTech Bad Monkey, MXR 6-band EQ and with a bit of tweaking I can manage to obtain basically anything ranging from old rock tones to acid jazz tones, from LOG distortion to Machine Head-esque crunch. Everything. Really great options offered by the guitar and it'll handle everything you throw at it. As I said if only the humbuckers were SD's but meh, it still does wonders.

Overall Impression — 10
As a whole, this is one extremely versatile guitar with loads and loads of options, easy to operate hardware and easy to manipulate systems. Requires a setup from the person buying it but it might be my love for adjusting and tweaking calling. I'd give it a 9 but... The price, Jesus Christ, the price! It costs less than a mid-class guitar, yet plays like a high class guitar! What less can I give it than 10 in that case?! Heart doesn't allow me to do so. Best guitar in the price range.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar has withstood plenty of damage already and it lives up to tell the tale. Everything is made with pure love! I prefer playing with a backup guitar but I'd play with only this one if I have to. Finish's a bit thin on the edges of the HUGE MOFO WING but that's rarely a problem. Beautiful guitar made with lots of love.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
As I said before, factory set-up was pretty fine, the strings were a bit higher than most shred-specced guitars but it suits me fine owing to the fact that I'd rather have more control rather than speed, for some it may be a good thing (me included), for other - a bad factor but I liked it. The Floyd Rose was a problem at first but I quickly put a leash on it and now the guitar doesn't lose it's tuning even if I start going crazy with some dimebag squeals (which it can do more than well). All it needs is patience and time to turn it into the machine it really is. I checked out the routing and everything is perfect, those people at Cort know what they're doing with their guitars, everything was matched perfectly. As a whole nothing else is faulty except the beginning setup of the FR so I give it a 9 here.

Features — 8
So here we are with this beautiful Rhoads V style guitar! Made in Indonesia, this guitar offers more than most would see in it. The guitar features 24 frets, easy to handle and perfect for some melodic shred (could work for something faster maybe but I believe Ibanez's the way to go if you're into that). It even has a small cutout made at the top frets which is perfect to give more control and easier access there. The mahogany body offers perfect sustain and tone, if you put it through an overdrive pedal it can carry the sustain to up to 27 seconds (tested on mine with a DigiTech RP350 and a DigiTech Bad Monkey). Rosewood fretboard which remains my preference for guitars. Comes with EMG HZ-4 humbuckers on both bridge and neck position and a three-way selector + a volume and tone knob. I personally don't mess with the tone knob but I've noticed how these hums can get quite the nice smooth tone perfect for jazz even if you lower the tone a bit. Came with a hardcase which was perfect for me, best paid money to be fair. Oh and it also has a Floyd Rose II (meaning not an original FR but an Indonesian built one) which I believe is better than the original. Yes, it is harder to set it up, but the tone is better (I find the original FR tone to be too thin for my preference, whereas this Cort-built FR doesn't result in a loss or anything). Locking tuners - Check, Fine Tuners - Check, all that's necessary is that you set them up according to your preference. The only problem is that I couldn't adjust the spring tension properly at first but it loosened up properly after about an hour fiddling. As most know, FR isn't for people hitting puberty, so I'd recommend you are at least a bit acquainted with the idea behind this tremolo system before purchasing one as the factory setting often resulted in my playing in Eb tuning at the end of a E standard tuning song.

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    TripleN666 wrote: the first reviewer doesnt have a clue what the **** he's talking about. ...17.8Kohms of power... ...quietness throughout the 50-60 hertz frequency (less humming)... Made me laugh though
    Yeah, I think he's trying to sound like pro when he uses those "professional" words.
    pawan285 wrote: hEy thanx a lot guys for ur review on this guitar , The only thing what i wanted to ask now is which amplifier would be the best suited for this guitar, i was thinking of purchasing Line6 spider III 30, I currently have a Roland cube20x
    Why would you upgrade a 20 watt digital amp to 30 watt digital amp. Not much difference. And Roland Cube is better than Line 6 Spider IMO. You should check out some amps and try the guitar through them. We don't know what sound you like.