VX-4V review by Cort

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  • Features: 8
  • Sound: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (44 votes)
Cort: VX-4V

Purchased from: www.tuneinn.co.uk

Features — 8
I had the choice between a Cort X6 and the VX-4V, but decided that the X6 was too versatile for my one dimensional playing :)

The VX-4V comes with a fair few features:

- Awesome metal looking offset V shape with a massive stabbing bit... for crushing your enemies on stage
- Mahogany body with set neck construction
- Dual EMG-HZ passive humbuckers
- Double locking Floyd-Rose tremolo with fine tuners
- 24 beefy frets
- Lovely looks (pearlescent white finish and carbon coloured pick-guard)
- Stylised fret inlays
- Came with hard case + tools for the trem/tuners etc.

Sound — 9
The EMGs and set neck just add a whole lot of punchyness to the sound from this guitar. With passive pickups you can get a good range of sounds and I can go clean/bluesy with a fat bottom end if I want to. Obviously the better your kit is the better the guitar sounds, but even with dead strings it sounds good :)

There's no noticeable hum due to the pickups so it's pretty quiet. The only thing I'd say is that the volume control could have a bit more range to it - it rolls off too quickly near the quiet end meaning half of the range on the knob is sort of wasted (past about 30% it's already at full volume). Tone control is good too and you can roll off some of the highs - works better than the volume (to be honest though I don't touch the volume much!). This may just be an issue with the pot used in my volume knob though so have a mess around with one before you buy it. I can't really fault the sound on this one - it's pretty versatile, though I mostly play thrashy metal stuff so I might not be testing it as much in some areas. If you are looking at getting one, obviously try a range of different.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The action/finish etc. was pretty damn good, I tweaked the action a little to see how low I could get it when I first got the guitar but I started to get a little buzz when I dropped it (and it was fretting out on the 22nd fret on the G string) - I don't think I really need the action any lower though, I just wanted to see how low it could go.

I'd imagine with a compound radius fingerboard I'd have got lower, but I can't really fault what you can get out of it. It's low enough to get some fast leadwork up the top of the neck done. So the factory setup was pretty spot on. The only thing I changed was to put some heavier strings on as I think it came with quite light strings at time of purchase. Everything else with the finish was pretty flawless and I can't fault it - it really has a top quality finish and there is nowhere on my particular model where it looks like Cort have cut any corners.

Reliability & Durability — 8
All the hardware on this guitar is a nice black finish and is absolutely solid. Even with a couple of knocks the hardware hasn't suffered at all. The body however isn't that amazing when it comes to getting bashed for a couple of reasons. I managed to take a little bit of finish off the long end of the V by bashing it not too hard. Mahogany is quite dense (which is great for sound) but the bashing means that the paint can chip off because the wood won't give (ok if you are bashing it that hard maybe you need to calm down!) Additionally, the sheer size of the long part of the V means that you have to be careful. Aside from those facts, I think it's pretty solid - just look after the body and be careful you don't kill any fans!

Overall Impression — 8
I got it cheap (I'm a family member of the shop owner), and I can highly recommend this guitar - I've got another Cort (X2) and I usually have that in C tuning with chunky strings and that's also great (for a budget guitar). This has become one of my most played guitars since it looks and sounds great. I also use this for recording rhythm more often than anything else since it has a punchy driven sound with clarity that a couple of my other guitars don't have. It really punches you in the face in the low end, which is exactly what I want

Aside from this in itself, I can highly recommend Cort guitars so far - I haven't really played a guitar that I didn't like that Cort have made, and they seem to produce all sorts of guitars for all sorts of styles. The X6 I played was also excellent (more like an upgraded X2 with a coil tap and better hardware), but I felt like I wanted a more metal guitar and the X6 was more expensive. Overall I'm very happy with it and would recommend at least checking it out when looking for a solid addition to your collection

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    Although all of these reviews are awful, i have this guitar and it's a beaut. had it for well over 2 years and it's great. i have an emg 81 in my backup guitar, but these passives are better, that's a promise, so don't listen to the 81 fanboys. one thing to note, however. the tremolo is pretty damn iffy, so unless you wanna replace the baseplate and pins, you're gonna have to block it off once it wears down and no longer returns perfectly to tune.