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manufacturer: Cort date: 06/08/2011 category: Electric Guitars
Cort: X-2
Offers all the great sound of X-2 at a budget price. Prefect axe for anyone who is looking for super strong sound at very low price. It features powersound pickups and full-action bridge.
 Sound: 7.2
 Overall Impression: 8.1
 Reliability & Durability: 7.9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7.8
 Features: 7.9
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overall: 7.6
X-2 Reviewed by: robertreilly666, on december 19, 2005
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Price paid: $ 254.37

Purchased from: A Friend

Features: My Cort X2 was made in indonesia, not sure when though. Features are as follows: - Body: basswood - Neck: maple - Fingerboard: rosewood - Construction: bolt-on - Scale: 25 1/2" - Fret: 24 jumbo frets - Pickup: twin humbuckers - Color: cool avalible in red blue or black (mines blue with yellow tribal designs painted on it). This is an attractive guitar, its finish is perfect, it's polished 'till you can see your relection in it. It's roughly modeled on a Strat but it's attractivly carved and has a very uniquely contoured body with a tremelo bridge (through back). It's controlled by a simple 3-way Switch and two humbuckers, and it has diecast tuners and kidney pegs. // 7

Sound: I play everything that wont melt my fingers, and the Cort deals with all the abuse I've dished out on it. I use a valve amp my uncle gave me and its a bit diapidaded but it sounds great through it. It's very bright on the bridge pickup and nice and warm and grumbly on the neck. I think tis gutar is very capible of making whatever sound you want it to with a bit of coaxing. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: Action was good but as you go lower down the neck for solos the strings are a bit high but only a bit. Pickups where great, really couldnt have been betterand all the components where fine, the jack input came lose but that was easy to fix with some pointy nosed plyers and a screwdriver. // 9

Reliability & Durability: It would survive live playing, mine certinly does but it doesnt ike being bashed about too much! The hardwares all solid and I'm expectin to be playin this axe for 10 years or more, I would bring a back up to a gig tho just to be safe. And the finish is sound doesnt scratch too easly. And keeps its Shine really well too. // 8

Overall Impression: I play everythin from shred (well I try) to grunge and some metal and it seems to cope pretty well sounds fine to me at least. I've been playing for about a year and also have three acoustics my favis my Tanglewood tw15ns whisch is a beautiful guitar. I love it! If it where stolen I would probably buy an Epiphone SG or something along those lines purly cos I'm experimenting and want something different the only thing I wish where different is that it slips out of tune too fast a locking trem or mabye locking heads would have been nice. // 8

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overall: 5.4
X-2 Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 03, 2006
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Price paid: $ 304

Purchased from: Good Vibrations NZ

Features: This guitar is a 24 fret beast with a low level floyd rose system on it. It can produce a very wide range of sounds but it shines mainly as a metal guitar. The pickups on this thing are ridiculosly loud and can have some feedback issues. It's best feature is the 2 splitable humbuckers, which give you alot to play with. // 8

Sound: I play mainly chilis and in a contemporary band, this guitar sounds ok as a guitar for chilis but is horrible for a contemporary style guitar, as a metal guitar, this thing would be sweet. The pickups are very loud and theyhave given me feedback on low settings several times, but that is more likeley an acoustics problem of the place I play rather then the guitar itself. I plug this guitat into a relatively powerful cutsom made amp and a cheap practice amp, it definatley suits being up loud. Sadly this thing sounds a bit nasty on cheaper overdrives. // 4

Action, Fit & Finish: The action on this guitar is quite low, and scince the floyd rose will nail most light strings, the heavy guage strings you end up putting on this result in a fair bit of buzz on several strings. The pickups are quite nice, although almost too loud, as I bought this second hand, although only a few months old, it had been set up well. The main problem with this guitar is it's cheap floyd rose system, which broke 3 stinrgs in the first month I had it, because of this, I would not reccomend this guitar to anyone Who wants a reliable guitar and not a studio one. // 5

Reliability & Durability: I have played this live(ish) once and it went out of tune very fast, for this reason it isn't suited to live playing, unless you have several lined up in tune, which nobody does. The hardware will last a long time, although the input was a tad loose. The strap buttons weren't los and never dropped this heave guitar. I would never depend on this guitar or as a backup live as it is too hard to tune and won't hol it properly. I had this guitar in red mettalic and the finish look like it could last some serious abuse, even biting this thing would have little impact. // 5

Overall Impression: Compared to what I play this guitar doesn't match well at all, and really is built for metal. I've been playing for 5 years and own 2 acoustic guitars (one electric, one regular) and one elctric, I have a cheap practice amp but play with a much bigger amp when I play properly. If this was stolen I would feel sorry for whoever had to tune this and would probably save up and buy something more stratty as the middle pickup gave me a taste of the Strat sound. I love the range of this guitar, but the floyd rose kills the playablility of this guitar. It is also fairly heavy, so I found lugging it around a pain. Overall this guitar would only be good for playing around with the whammy bar in the studio, and it's rango of sounds mean you can have some fun with the system, although you may find yourself retuning every few minutes with this system. // 5

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overall: 9.2
X-2 Reviewed by: PsykoKeNT, on april 10, 2006
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Price paid: $ 275

Purchased from: Swee Lee Music Company (SG)

Features: I'm not quite sure when it's made. But it's gotta be pretty recent as I got the display set but it looks like a brand new one. It's made in Indonesia though. This guitar has a pair of very sturdy strap buttons. The only drawback is that they are slightly too large for standard straps and may take quite a while to fit them in. But once you get the strap in, it's gonna be real hard to fall out. // 10

Sound: I've been playing the guitar for about 3 months when I got it. I usually play metal (Judas Priest/Iron Maiden) and Rock (Def Leppard/Motley Crue) and they all sound very good to me on this guitar. I'm using a Peavey Rage 158 amp with it. No pedals at the moment. It does hum a bit when I turn up the Gain on the amp. It makes a pretty heavy sound on the Rage when you turn up the volume knob on both of them and the Bass and Treble knobs on the Peavey. The bridge pickup is bright and the neck pickup is pretty warm. It's great for all style of music I would say. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was pretty high for Children Of Bodom songs but after fiddling with the bridge, I managed to lower the action till the minimum before it would buzz. My pickups came with plastic sheets on them so, yeah, they were in mint condition when I removed the sheets. Other than the strap buttons (read above), the only flaw was the output jack which became shaky when I played it for the second week. Fixed that in a jiffy. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Well. Yeah this guitar would survive me playing metal while doing all that head banging and guitar stunts. But one thing is that my pick caused some scratches on the finish but it ain't visible unless you Shine a really bright light at an angle. The hardware are pretty sturdy except for the cover on the pickup selector. It came off once or twice and I had to search under the furniture for it. I got sick of it and added a litle glue and stuck it back. Now it's there for good. Strap buttons so solid you could try prying it off with the back of a hammer and all you'll get is a broken hammer. It is that sturdy. // 8

Overall Impression: As I said, I've been playing metal since I've picked up guitaring, my experiences with this guitar shows that this guitar is made for rock and metal. Now, I've been playing for about 5 months and occasionally use a Boss OS-2 pedal (Overdrive/Distortion) with my Rage and it sounds really good. If this guitar were stolen, I'll hunt that guy down, stick a shovel up his crack and get it back. I doubt it'll get lost 'cause it's so big and beside me all the time when I take it out of the house. But honestly, I would buy this guitar again should anything happen to it and even if I were the richest man in the world. I am currently considering another Cort X-Series guitar, X-6 and it looks like I will never ditch this guitar for that. I will most likely play between the two. This guitar can compare to Ibanezes and actually win it at 1/2 to 3/4 the price. This is a must buy for all Cort fanatics and a recommendation by me. // 10

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overall: 8.4
X-2 Reviewed by: Th3Killer, on june 08, 2011
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Features: My guitar was made in Indonesia, a blue guitar with a Maple Neck and Rosewood Fretboard, with 24 frets and Die Cast tuners. - Body: basswood - Construction: bolt-on - Scale: 25 1/2" - Pickup: twin humbuckers Good looking guitar but a very simple design, and it wont leave you speechless. // 7

Sound: My style varies but its mostly metal and heavy rock, and this guitar is amazing for the style, its not a smooth tone, that is build for blues. Great sound on my cheap amp, I used lame overdrive but recently I got Rocktron Metal Planet distortion pedal, and it fits into any metal song I know, song from bands like Metallica, Megadeth, and Iron Maiden are to be played with this guitar. Overall its a great guitar to start with. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Several times while I was playing The jack input came lose but it wasn't something I can't fix easily. The day I got the guitar I got a free setup for it, and its almost perfect, without an amplifier the guitar gets some weird fuzzy sounds, but its an electric guitar so it does not matter anyway. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Have this guitar for almost 3 years not and it has not let me down yet, remains tuned for at least 3 hours of playing for me at least, and still serves me well. The finish remains clean, except from minor scratches that does not even go through the paint and are only noticeable in specific lightning. Looks pretty awesome even though I bashed a few times in the walls by accident. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall its great for metal and hard rock, I use a cheap Peavey Backstage amplifier from the TransTube series, gives me great tone, I use a Rocktron Metal Planet distortion pedal, a Rocktron Deep Blue Chorus pedal, and an Echo/Delay Ibanez pedal. I can't really compare it to my Epiphone Les Paul guitar, which is designed more for blues/rock style. // 8

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overall: 6.8
X-2 Reviewed by: chickenfire315, on june 09, 2006
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Price paid: $ 200

Purchased from: local music store

Features: Made in 2003, in Indonesia. 24 fat or jumbo (rosewood) frets, I think, they are bigger than my Epi Les Paul's frets. It's a laminated maple top. The finish is a dark red, and has held up pretty well considering what it has been through. It's got a shape similar to a Strat, with volume, one tone, and a 3-way switch for the 2 humbuckers. The tuners are not locking and definitely nothing special. I may have been given a cable at the store but nothing actually came with the guitar. There is a hole for the whammy bar but they didn't give me the whammy bar. // 7

Sound: I play about everything from country to blues to classic rock to hard rock but not metal or classical. I think this guitar would probably be best for someone a little more on the metal side, although it is amazingly versatile, I thought, for the price. I usually just plug straight thru a Kustom 65 watt amp or Crate 120, no effects. The bad thing about the guitar is its noise. If you just let it sit there is a considerable amount of fuzz unless you put your hand over the strings or turn it down. I can't really nail down whether this thing is bright or rich because it really depends on what setting it is on. Like I said, it is very versatile and can go from a Tele to a LP with basically just flipping the switch. I would say it leans toward the bright side because it can get really muddy with the bridge pickup on and the tone down. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Action I would say is low, I am not a guitar tech by any means but the pickups were good, I have never adjusted them or tried to. Some sharp spots on the fretboard, and one dead spot. When I got it there was something wrong with the cable jack so I had to get that fixed, and getting it intonized is always a challenge. // 6

Reliability & Durability: This guitar wont stand much live playing, although I did a little with it and it held up OK. The knobs have had a tendency to fall off, the Switch bent, the screws that hold the bridge springs in on the back came out, the intonation went out so I had a tech fix it, and the last straw was the jack broke again so I fixed it and bought a LP. The Cort is now my backup, and I trust it, but it is definitely not my first choice. The finish has held up well, I just got to the point where I didn't care and so there are now some scratches but not bad. // 6

Overall Impression: I think this isnt a bad match for me and my playing but it is also a cheap guitar, and when I was starting out it was perfect. Now I have gotten better and have moved on to better guitars but I would reccomend it to someone starting out. I don't think it would be stolen by anyone who knows guitars but if I lost it I would probably just buy a Fat Strat. I love its versatility and I hate the intonation. I also like guitars with humbuckers, if you havent noticed. I wish I had the whammy bar for it, then I might like it a little more. // 7

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overall: 8.8
X-2 Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 15, 2008
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Price paid: $ 180

Purchased from: South Hills Music

Features: My X-2 was made in Indonesia, I'm not sure when, but porobaly between 2002 and Christmas 2004. It's got the full 24 frets, which is nice, because I actually use them all. The finish is a gloss black. It's a Strat-based body, but thicker, more contoured, and without an annoying pickgaurd. The bridge is a non-locking trem. It has a volume and a tone knob, and a 3-way Fender style switch. It's a dual-humbucker axe, both pickups are stock. Stock tuners. Bolt-on neck. Mine came with a gig bag, strap, and cable. // 9

Sound: This guitar fits my style very well. I play metal like Miaden, Priest, Gamma Ray, and other stuff like Floyd and Rush. Unfortunately, it takes a while to tune it to alternate tunings because of the bridge. I use a Boss ME-33, which is decent, though kind of digital-sounding. This goes into whatever I can use to get the ME-33 loud enough cleanly. It's probably the ME's fault, but it sounds weak without reverb and short delay. I want to replace the pickup eventually and get a Marshall, but the guitar sounds fantastic unplugged. Great harmonics. The guitar seems to be sensitive to the environment and strings, some days good, some days not. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: I'm not sure if I have the factory setup or not, because I got it 2 weeks used. I can't remember how the pickups were adjusted. I learned to play on the crappiest acoustic I've ever seen, so I have trouble playing on guitars with low action. This guitar has perfect action until the higher frets, when the action rises (This can be adjusted, I just can't find the right size allan key). I really like the feel of the bridge, it's comfortable for all levels of palm-muting. As I've said before, this guitar is environment-sensitive. Sometimes it stays in tune for weeks, sometime only an hour or two.Sometimes a string buzzes, usually not. The pickups never seem to pick the buzz up though. The volume knob is a bit loose, and the output jack needs a twist every few months, but these aren't even annoying problems. I want to get locking strap buttons too. The bridge is the only real flaw in the hardware. When you try to change tunings to, say, Drop-D, losening the E-string puts more tension on the other five strings. You have to go through all six strings three or four times to get it re-tuned. After that, it'll hold it just fine. The bridge also limits you to either Nine or Ten gauge strings. Don't bother trying to use the whammy bar, because it immdeiately knocks the guitar out of tune, though sometimes I just grab the bridge with my hand for a little vibrato. The finish is fine, it's held up with only a couple of tiny nics and scratches for 4 years. I would want to change the pickups eventually, to get a hotter bridge and a less bassy neck. No truss rod cover, but I don't mind. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will definetly withstand Live playing. I don't know what kind of wood it is, but it's really light. You might need some minor tuning, it depends on the strings and environment. The hardware is all pretty sturdy. I wouldn't trust the stock strap buttons for any extreme on-stage antics, but it's fine if you just stand or walk around. Strap locks aren't that expensive, anyway. I would trust this guitar through a gig without a backup, but you could face problems if you play songs with different tunings. I wouldn't play a gig without a backup guitar, regardless of what my main was, because I'm paranoid. The finish seems like it will last, with the only visible scratches being from when my crapp stand has failed. // 10

Overall Impression: Great for metal and progressive. Good clean with both pickups, good distortion on the bridge. I normally only use the neck pickup for double-tracking, because the warmth doesn't suite most of my music. I've been playing for 4 years, and I own a Boss ME-33, Johnson 15 watt amp, and I run the signal through my computer in as many ways as possible to as many speakers as possible, mostly because I get bored or need more volume. If it were stolen or lost, I would want another, but I would get a guitar with either a full Floyd Rose or a fixed bridge. The bridge is the only real problem, and I love the feel. The neck is the perfect shape fro my preference. For giging, I use this with my step-dad's high-end Jackson for alternate tunings. The Jackson has much better electronics, lower action and a thinner neck, but I prefer this guitar's feel (and price). I wish it had better pickups, but those aren't too difficult to replace. // 9

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overall: 9.4
X-2 Reviewed by: Nuclearbomb8900, on december 03, 2008
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Features: My X-2 was made in Indonesia and has a high gloss black finish. It has two double-coil humbuckers, and a floating, string-through body, tremolo bridge. It's got 24 frets, a tone and volume knob, and three pickup options on the same Switch. It's a fair-weighted guitar, well balanced, too. It's "Strat" style, but has some serious champhering everywhere but the base. I got a gig-bag, stand, and a U.K. pattern strap separate, at an expense ~$50 and a shitload of picks. // 8

Sound: I play some grunge, but mainly stoner rock and death metal (eg. Fu Manchu, Acid Bath). I have a $50 Kustom amp, and for the most part use full overdrive, voice, and volume, and it's noisy, even when palm-muted. Mainly I use the low-tone favouring pick ups; I'm not sure if it's back or front, It has a nice crunch, but playing clean amp chords is too noisy and foggy, I like the tone, though. It does what I need it for. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The black finish on this guitar shines like a mirror, and it was set up very well from where I bought it. If you run overdrive, the pickup selector makes an echo-y high pitched clunk, but not any matter, really. The fret-wire was very nice and smooth, and all the electronics perfect. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar seems like it will take a trashing, and it has very sturdy strap buttons. I would gladly play this guitar without a backup, because this guitar won't f--k around with you. This thing will bend to your will and hold the load of playing Reign in Blood 500 times over and over. // 10

Overall Impression: When I first saw this thing, it really caught my eye. If this thing were stolen, I'd probably buy an X-11, as it's the next step up in quality. I'm only a novice player, playing for about a year and a half now. It's the thrid guitar I've had in my hands for a while. the other was a First Act ME506 which I got in horrifying condition for $0, and a hnad-me-down Castilla acoustic, which is fairly good. I only wish that this thing had more pickup options, because there's not much difference between the three settings. I think I'll keep this around for my first serious recording, which could be three years from now. I will never stop loving this thing though. // 10

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overall: 8
X-2 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 05, 2009
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Price paid: C$ 230

Purchased from: Sound Advice

Features: Had this guitar for around 7 months, and it's my first owned guitar. Bolt-on neck, 24 frets, two humbucker pickups on a 3-way blade Switch, with a tone dial and a master volume dial. Nothing included aside from a few miscellaneous tools and a whammy arm. One bridge pickup, and one neck pickup. The only thing lacking as far as I'm concerned is a single coil pickup, but a coil tap can be installed to correct that issue. // 8

Sound: I've been playing mostly metal on the guitar, but a little classic rock as well (Boston, Scorpions and the like). The bridge pickup with the tone set completely to rich gives a very, VERY mean sound from this guitar. Playing on the neck pickup (or both at once) with a clean setting gives a nice, warm sound. I have noticed some buzzing from the pickups when playing on high gain, but not a huge amount. You might want to take time to familiarize with your amp if you want to play lighter music on it, since it tends to give a fairly high gain sound on most volume settings. Key point: slightly difficult to manipulate to clean sounds, great for metal and hard rock. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: Not sure if mine was adjusted by a tech before I played it, but the action was great, although a little high on the higher frets. No initial string buzzing on frets, and the bridge sat perfectly when the whammy wasn't in use. The main reason I chose this guitar was for the feel of the frets... where most others I played felt like they had high frets (hard to slide on), these felt beautifully smooth and slightly lower. Neck is smooth and not too thick. If you plan on buying higher gauge strings, you'll have to buy springs to hold the bridge, and may wish to have a tech do it. While I had no trouble for months, I'm beginning to notice slight string buzz after changing gauge. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The guitar stays in tune for a surprisingly long time... I play hours a day, and go for days without having to tune it. Unfortunately, the whammy system tends to de-tune it fairly quickly. I'd consider playing with it live, unless something required you to use the tremolo arm, in which case it'd be out of the question. Input jack comes loose fairly frequently, but can be fixed with a pair of pliers and screwdriver. Plastic cover for the 3-way blade fell off after 7 months of use, and can be repaired with glue... but still an annoying thing to have happen. Been bumped against numerous surfaces repeatedly, and only has one or two small chips in the finish to show for it. // 7

Overall Impression: Since I play metal, and the easiest sound to get from the guitar is fairly thick, this is a perfect match. I've been playing for a little over a year now, and play on a Vox Valvetronix amplifier (not sure the exact model, but it's big). If I lost it, I probably wouldn't buy another. It's been a great first guitar, but it'd be time to move onwards and upwards. When buying, I did compare to other products and was drawn to the shape of the body (like a Stratocaster, but with slightly different top end shape), the feel of the fretboard, and the pickups (no other guitar in my price range had them). I wish it had come with a single coil pickup between the two humbuckers, or a factory set coil tap for the neck pickup. // 9

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overall: 6.4
X-2 Reviewed by: Drop the Leash, on august 13, 2009
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Price paid: A$ 420

Purchased from: Go West Music

Features: This guitar is a very good guitar for dedicated beginners or those who are at an intermediate level. I have a plain black, rosewood-neck version with chrome hardware. It has two sets of humbuckers and a traditional tremolo arm. It also features a volume and a tone knob with a three way pickup Switch, (which I found dissapointing). This guitar looks pretty brutal in terms of cheaper-ranged guitars and definitley has a presence. It would be bette suited with a 5-way selector. // 7

Sound: I'm the kind of guy who will play anything from Grunge to Speed Metal and Acoustic Ballads. This guitar will get you sorted for heavy things (not only in sound but also in looks), even though the sound could be a lot heavier. Clean-wise, this guitar is rather lacking. It's sound range really isn't that versitile. I have used a few different amps with this guitar, but have had most use with a Vox. After some getting comfortable and sorting out, I was able to establish a solid, reliable heavy sound. As stated previously, the clean side of things really did not Live up, but as an intermediate or beginner player you will certainly find a lot of joy in this guitar before growing out of it. It's sustainability became an increasing annoyance for me. Bends and long holds seem to fade out too quickly with this guitar, and it's sound quality only peaks at the middle frets. Aside from that, there is no prominent nags with this guitar, however, it is fairly easy to outgrow. // 5

Action, Fit & Finish: Over all, this is pretty good. Though I have had a few action problems. This guitar does have a tremolo and my version doesn't have a FloydRose. In about a month of having this guitar, the bridge had been raised excessively. I thought that this was only due to my whammy bar (even though I used it less-than-frequently) so I took the whammy out. I opened the back of my guitar to notice that one of the springs had dislocated and the screws and bolting weren't entirely secure. This process has happened several times. The bridge screws have also been known to come undone and fall out completely. Fixable but annoying none-the-less. Also the pickup selector head has come off on stage while alternating pickups. // 6

Reliability & Durability: I've had my one for about over two years and in that time, it has taken a lot, but has also had its fair share of problems. The first thing I noticed is that the paint job is considerably weak. Within about two weeks of having it, there were wood-exposing chips on the back and sides. The hardware does not look like it would stand up to anything over 5-years of solid playing (as explained above) and has frequent jack problems. The strap buttons are the most firm and reliable that I had on a guitar for a very long time. I would take this guitar gigging and would suggest it be a very good Live guitar for those Who are getting their first licks of Live performances. After a while however, I felt that I would not play a show entirely on this one guitar as it has limits and seems to get more limiting in time. I personally would not use it without a backup, but more, as a backup if one of my other guitars failed for whatever reason. // 7

Overall Impression: This guitar matches heavy music that isn't shaking the walls, but more laying down a tasty riff. I would further not use it reliably for clean material. I have been a guitarist for 3 years and have gone through countless guitars, of which this was one of my first. I play solidly throughout a day, whether it be practising or gigging and this guitar has been through alot. It is not all doom and gloom by any stretch as I still have this guitar and will have it until it is in a million pieces. I use it in almost all of my gigs and is one of my practise guitars of choice. If it were misplaced, I doubt I would get another of it's kind because I have far outgrown its quality and performance, but you can have this thing for years and be satisfied and for what it is, it looks pretty badass too! // 7

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