Yorktown-BV review by Cort

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.1 (15 votes)
Cort: Yorktown-BV

Price paid: € 420

Purchased from: Muzikos Faktorius

Sound — 9
I've set my musical camp around rock. Sometimes go harder, sometimes softer, but it is near some form of rock. And this guitar handles it nicely. It pushes me towards it's roots - blues-rock, because it sounds amazing clean. Sometimes even get myself flirting with jazz. Nevertheless it gets beautiful with some grit on. But beware: to much gain and it becomes wailing whale in Your hands (feedback it is). All hollow-body (especially full ones) are prone to this. But if You take attention to volume, gain and amp position it becomes interesting and nice to play with feedback and incorporate it to playing. Just takes time to tame feedback beast, but then You do that only glorious moments waits ahead. No other noises if you don't want it: humbuckers justify their name. Tonal variety goes from really muddy in neck pickup with tone down to sharp bell-like in bridge with tone all way up. And there is Bigsby if You want some wacky surf rock or rockabilly stuff. At first I wanted guitar without tremolo/vibrato in bridge, but with Bigsby I don't have to retune each string after tuning neighbor one and it gives me some additional weaponry. With this guitar You can go here and there. Can't go metal or heavy grunge. I don't, so this guitar fills the bill and keeps my ears happy. And here is my setup: Cort Yorktown-BV -> Marshall Jachammer (superb overdrive, not so distortion) -> Behringer Vintage Phaser (mostly stays idle) -> Boss Power Driver (fuzz/distortion) -> Marshall Echohead (cheap, but good delay unit) -> Orange Crush 20L (20w nice solid state practice amp). And You can her it unplugged - that's nice bonus folks.

Overall Impression — 9
For closet Rocker like me it is more than enough. It has looks, it has sound, it has attitude and Bigsby vibrato... I tested quite a few guitars before choosing this and I have no regrets picking this up. Sure it is not Gibson or Gretsch, but it is way cheaper and still inspires me to play. Been playing with guitar (acoustic, electric, bass) for almost 10 year. Still no Clapton or Hendrix, but I like making some music. And my Cort Yorktown-BV helps me to discover new melodies. P.S.: Sorry for my bad grammar and stuff (English not my native language). I just decided to post some info about this guitar, because when I searched there was none. Hopes this helps.

Reliability & Durability — 8
The preview guitar in shop had loose volume knob and it buzzed a lot - this may be warning. But mine is tight (fingers crossed). I have it for four months and happy with it. Bought plastic strap lockers to keep it firmly on my shoulders. Had few minor collisions with furniture and no dents - that's good. You know it's Cort: sh|t might happen, but so far it's good. Sh|t can happen and with other brands also... Would I play with it live? Yes, of course. I think it would do just fine. For my purposes it's reliable enough.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
Actually I was sold on its looks. Usually I hate golden elements on guitar, but this looks truly amazing (I saw photos with nickel, but golden looks so much better). And that vibrant Orange color makes me pick it up and play something cheerful. When I bought it, it was adjusted in store to have good action etc. And action feels good. Tuning pegs keeps tuning in place. The ends of frets are bit sharp, but I accepted that annoyance. Neck is fat and I like it. Others might not. This guitar is not for shredders. It's for chorders who strum and like to listen what they hear. If You playing a lot above 12th fret - forget it. In high register it is hard and uncomfortable. Possible (has cut in), but no fun in highs. Stay low, stay happy, play something - that's my philosophy.

Features — 9
Some copy-paste info: - CONSTRUCTION: Set-in - BODY: Spruce Top with Maple Back & Sides - NECK: Canadian Maple - BINDING: Red Ivory - FRETBOARD: Rosewood, 12" Radius(305mm) - FRETS: 20 / Large (2.7mm) - SCALE: 24 3/4" (629mm) - INLAY: Rectangular White Pearl - TUNERS: Vintage - BRIDGE: T.O.M Bridge & Bigsby Lic. B60 Vibrato - PICKUPS: ClassicRocker-II CR2NS-F & CR2NS-R (H-H) - ELECTRONICS: 2vol, 2tone, 3way toggle - HARDWARE: NI (Nickel) - STRINGS: D'Addario EXL110 (046-010) - COLORS: Yorktown-BV TO - Trans. Orange Not much to say, just full hollow-body electric guitar with 2 Cort pick-ups, 4 knob tone/volume control, Tune-O-Matic bridge with Bigsby Vibrato and helluva looks.

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    I still enjoy this guitar: this into germanium fuzz face into pro junior - heavenly garage rock tones
    I have a fixed-bridge Yorktown and it is a great jazz guitar. I would never use it for rock like this guy does, though, because of the feedback. As far as jazz goes, though, I have received lots of praise for my tone from other jazz students and professors alike. It has become a "favorite" at my school among the kids with $1500 Guilds and $2000 Gretschs.
    Pretty honest review I'd say. And just for the record, your English far supersedes some of the native speakers, trust me.
    COREYTAYLOR721 wrote: would like a fixed bridge, good anyway.
    At first I also thought the same, but Bigsby vibrato just offered a little bit more and no obvious drawbacks. I don't do extreme bomb diving, but sometimes its nice to add some vibe. And also keeps guitar in tune quite well, so why not.
    I also bought this one instead of a Gretsch, about a year ago. My main tought was to make rockabilly music with it. I tried it and it sounded great, but what struck me immediately was its very clean sound. Ideal to play some blues of jazz. You're also able to play some Hendrix songs, but only if you use your own influence. The thing that knocked me over was that I tried to get kinda the same sound as Alvin Lee's Gibson ES-335 (Ten Years After). Okay, its almost impossible to copy the exact sound, because he took his 3500,- guitar (in today's money) and build a Strat element between the 2 standard elements. Then he had a volume button and put it on the output of his guitar. But with the right combinations I was able to get almost the same sound that he had. This is really an amazing guitar
    I recently bought a blonde Cort Yorktown, made in Korea, 2006 I think. What a great guitar!! Very high quality. I took it to band rehearsal and plugged it into my Marshall s80 Valvestate. It totally blew my G&L tele out of the water. So much fatter and fuller than the tele, I haven't been able to go back to the tele since. This guitar does rock really well. Feedback, yes if you walk up to your amp while playing. But isn't that a good thing? Just wondering whether to change the strings it came with as having trouble bending the wound G string. My first archtop and love it.
    PS I would like to get a Bigsby tremolo on this guitar. Another thing about the guitar. The top strings are very strong, eg lead lines cut through very well.
    Yeah this thing sounds fat. In fact so fat, that most of combos start buzzing a bit I had hard time stopping rattle in my fender pro junior...
    I bought the Yorktown without the Bigsby because I had no money for that version and since then I'm playing it through Guitar Rig 5 (with Scarlett 2i2) and a couple of times through some Blackstar amp in the studio. Yes, there's feedback, but this guitar can rock. Hardware is kind of shabby, but nothing that can't be fixed. Its neck is one of the most comfortable I have played. Tip for the feedback: Cover the holes with plastic foil, it doesn't ruin the looks, but it stops the noise.