Zenox Z42 review by Cort

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.1 (121 votes)
Cort: Zenox Z42

Purchased from: Custom Music

Sound — 10
This guitar is perfect for my style I asked for a value for money guitar that has exelent sounding dist and a nice and bright when its not distorted and they gave me this! I use a small 10 watt amp with a multi-effects prossesor and this guitar really makes my amp sound like its worth a million. I have tried all my effects (around 30) and have not found it noisy at all and it gives a really rich sound when set to it and bright if you like it like that, if you want it deep and dark it will be deep and dark. I play a lot of heavy metal and this guitar is the bees knees.

Overall Impression — 10
I play heavy metal and this guitar is a great match for it. I've been playing for a good 2 years now and iv only ever owned another cheap Aria STG-003 and this guitar beats that to honkong and back with ease. I own a Zoom GFX1 and about 6 leads and a 10 watt amp. If there was somthing I could have asked before buying this product it would be does it come in flat black. But it obviously doesnt so I don't care. If this was stolen I'd hire my own private detectives to go out and get it cuz if they didn't they would have to pay for a new one exactly the same. I just love the sustain on this beast you can hit any string on any fret and you could still hear it atleast minute later. What do I hate? I hate the fact that I cant protect it enough! I have been looking at this guitar for a long time and I only compaired with with an OLP John Petrucci valued at 600 AUD and this was only 475 AUD and in my mind was better! The only thing I wish it had was Semour Duncan pickups. For any potential buyers I'd say dont wait for someone else to get it just get it then and there!

Reliability & Durability — 10
I would trust my life with this guitar standing up to any live gig, the hardware is hard and will not wear, the strap buttons are so solid that I think that they could be run over with a bus load of school children and will still be intact. The only thing il be worried about in a live gig would be the strings so il keep a pair of strings in the back. Even tho I trust this guitar so deeply id still have a backup because I'm always abit paranoid when it comes to that. This finish is so great I dont expect it to wear off ever! It's reliable, it's durable, it's my kind of guitar!

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I don't know how the guitar was set at the factory because the store sets it to how they think will best suit it. The action was great when I first bought it and I didn't have to change anything about that. The pickups where also adjusted beautifully so the only thing I needed to do was tune it down! The fret wire was spot on and did not go over the end of the neck at all, everything is perfect about this guitar, the only flaw about it is the jack gets loose but that happens to the best of all guitars.

Features — 10
Made in 2004 it is the earlier version of the Z-44. It was made in Indonesia and has 22 medium size frets on a medium thin rosewood neck. It comes in a laminated half see-tru top and comes in red or black (I got black). I'm not sure what wood the body is but I'm sure the neck is maple. The transparent finish really gives it a great look because from a head on veiw you only see the colour but from an angle you can see the wood grain. It has wild curves all over and a single cutaway like a les paul but it doesnt really fall into the les paul catagory, it's more like a shape of its own. Very original, very cool. It is equiped with a string through body design with Top of the line locking tuners. It gives you 2 volume controls, one tone and a 3-way pickup selector. I was suprised with the 2 volume controls and it took me alittle while to figure out how to use them, But then I found that one volume for one humbucker adn te second is for the remaining humbucker so u can do some wicked set ups with that. It comes with stock Cort open humbuckers Which are actually very good quality, They give splendid distortion whilst still giving that clean, great sound when its not distorted. It comes in a box with no case and a small lead with some alen keys but still great.

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    I think this guitar sounds like its awsome.After reading the article it makes me want to get one.Where can you find these things(guitars) at?
    .arkness:. wrote: Also the Truss rod seems to go out every 6 months or so. Thats because seasons change and with them change air moisture, pressure and everything else that can affect wood. Thats why the neck bends and you have to adjust the truss rod
    It has Mahogany body so its sound should be great for metal music.I will buy this soon!
    CONSTRUCTION Bolt-on BODY Mahogany NECK Maple, Modern ''C'' Shape NECK WIDTH 1F : 43mm / 22F : 56mm NECK THICKNESS 1F : 19.5mm / 12F : 21.5mm FINGERBOARD Rosewood, 12'' Radius(305mm) FRET 22 / Large (2.7mm) INLAY White Dot TUNER Die cast SCALE 24 3/4'' (629mm) NUT Graphite BRIDGE Tone-o-matic bridge (LP2) w /string thru body PICKUP EG4LP (H-H) CONTROL 2vol, 1tone (w/ push pull), 3way toggle PICKUP SWITCHING Coil Tap Push Down Position1 : Neck Position2 : Neck & Bridge Position3 : Bridge Coil Tap Pull Up Position1 : Front Coil of Neck Position2 : Front Coil of Neck & Rear Coil of Bridge Position3 : Rear Coil of Bridge HARDWARE CR (Chrome) UNIQUE FEATURE Arm Rest STRING D'addario EXL110(046-010) COLOR 3TS (3 Tone Sunburst), WR (Wine Red), LEFTY N/A CASE Optional From official cort site
    this guitar is great. plays like a dream, feels good in the hand. I may post a review, so that there is more than just 1 up here lol.
    ninjacrow : there cort, look at the rubbish dump
    Okay who uses the word "rubish" like come on. and this guitar blows everything i have played out of the water.
    ninjacrow wrote: there cort, look at the rubbish dump
    Uhh... Cort are brilliant guitars, even their low end models are awesome, if they were better known, they could easily be well ranked guitars.
    i got this guitar got it for $160 Canadian. its an amazing guitar in my opinion.
    i want to buy this guitar next week...is it worth it? i read only good things about her...i am interested mostly in heavy metal...did anyone try it with a Vox valvetronix AD15VT amplifier?
    I got it and I am planning to put in an Ibanez Pup at the neck and a SD at the Bridge it is worth the 325 I paid.
    yeah i got one. it is awesome... do you want me to add sample?
    waht are you a tard? cort are fantastically built, and sound great... want to argue with me? look at www.cort-guitars.co.uk find the model you want, and listen to the samples. also, the fact that most have EMGs as standard... you cant argue with that buddy
    When i bought mine it cost $475 but i got it for $400 because the store is nice lol. After two odd year with this guitar it has been great. Only problem is with the coil tap knob, its alot more loose than the other knobs. Also the Truss rod seems to go out every 6 months or so. Only ever so slightly but it does require a re-adgustment. for the price this is one of the best guitars out!
    I got one the other day... sweet as and cheap (only $350AUS brand new!)
    i have owned this guitar now for a few months and consider it my main rythm guitar.I also own an ESP MH103QM and this one sounds better then the ESP.I paid $250 Canadian for this guitar and the only thing I have changed on it is the volume and tone knobs.Didn't like the factory knobs mainly on the push pull coil tap knob.In the future I might install some bigger frets as I got use to them from playing ESP guitars.All and all very good guitar would not sell this one or my ESP