Cruiser ST100 review by Crafter

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.2 Good
  • Users' score: 6.7 (49 votes)
Crafter: Cruiser ST100

Purchased from: A shop on Ebay

Sound — 6
Well, when I 1st bought this guitar, I was sort of a punk rock fan, so it was ideal, then my music genre got heavier, as it usually does. I started listening to Metallica, and Iron Maiden. And they both use these shape guitars. So it was awesome, but later I started listening to stuff like Atreyu, Trivium, more metal sort of music, which lead me to buy my Epiphone Les Paul Special 2. With double humbuckers so I could really play some heavy shit. The noise it made was pretty weak though, it didn't compare to my newer one obviously, it had a twinney sound, which was good for writing songs and just jamming. But not in a band or when your actually playing in a concert.

Overall Impression — 8
5 years ago, for christmas I recieved this guitar with a small rocket 10 amp. I was so pleased with it, it was my first electric guitar! I thought it was excellent, I knew it was cheap, but it was only a starting guitar, and I also knew that if I progressed, maybe got in a band, or half decent. Then I could consider getting a new one. For 4 years, I played this guitar, I learnt everything I know today thanks to it. This guitar means the world to me, if someone broke into my house and tried to steal it, 100% I would kill them with no mercy. I hold this guitar sacred to me as I have had a pretty hard time these last 3/4 years, and it's always been there to play. Whenever I'm down or pissed off, I can just go and play it for hours, sometimes until my fingers bleed! I would recommend this guitar to anyone who is interested in buying a first guitar for their son/daughter, or themselves even. But if you already have a guitar, buying this would only be going backwards. I stuck loads of stickers on it, like Billie joe armstrong from Green Day's one, because I was a fan when I recieved this. I also carved my name into the back and painted "aces high" on the back with my warhammer paints lol. I love my guitar, I don't care if people tell me how crap it is, or that I should get something better, this guitar has served me so well over the 6 amazing years I've owned it!

Reliability & Durability — 5
Well, I had two major problems with this guitar, other than them, it was perfect! It came with a whammy, which was so cool! It bent the tune so well, but for some reason one day, I was possessed, hell knows what by, but I think it was the Dragonforce video for "Though fire and flames", where he lifts up his guitar vertically via the whammy, I did this, and off snapped the whammy. It was unfixable and I just gave up trying to get half the whammy bar out of the inside of my guitar, it's still in there. Also, you might know, with some guitars, the lead comes out at an angle and well, remember the strap I got with it? well it broke, and the guitar fell to the ground and smashed all the insides of my guitar input. that's why you should always buy a strap lock. Anyways, the earth wire was broken, another wire had been ripped, and something had been crushed! haha, so I fixed it with my neighbour's trusty soldering iron, which would apparently "do the trick", but guess what? It didn't. All it did was distort the sound and leave a constant really loud buzzing sound, over powering the actually sound I was playing. So now I just play with it unplugged. What can I expect, it was only 80. Also, the strap holder eventually got pulled out, from where I was putting so much pressure onto it, but I managed to glue and screw it back.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
All I had to do was plug it in and it was really to rock! My street's Christmas day was dominated by noise pollution from my guitar. It was probably the best present I'd ever got! There was nothing wrong with it, but over the years, things got broken, etc. But nothing I wasn't expecting, it wasn't as if I'd spent my life savings on it

Features — 7
I think the guitar was made in Japan, it has 22 frets. Plywood, I didn't know much about guitars when I got it, nor still do I now, but I know it doesnt't have any locking system, it's just a plain, easy, cheap, first guitar. It came with a bag case which sucks because it's no protection at all. But it came with a really cool strap which I pinned 100s of band badges to. It's got 3 knobs: volume, tone and another tone, the last tone doesn't do anything.

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    I had one of these as my first electric. I guess I lucked out. It was a lovely instrument with no problems with buzz or set up. The action was great and it was a nice gentle intro into the world of electric guitar playing. But I'd been playing a battered spanish acoustic guitar from the 1960s for two years before I bought it, so anything was better than that. It is, as people have already pointed out, very much luck of the draw. I play a US strat now, and I wouldn't trade that for anything.
    bought mine second hand on ebay £15. was unplayable, i think it had been used as a cricket bat. then left in the shed for years. but i stripped it completely and re built it, it now stands with my 1991 corona strat. an excellent guitar and everything works as it should. if they can be re built to be this good, you should have no probs with one that has been looked after.
    Got a good one too. Very good playability when set up, compared to other cheap guitars (Squiers etc). Tremolo works in both directions (no divebombs). Stays not always in tune. The clean sound is bad (its ok if u dont compare it to others), with gain it sounds quite nice. A good beginners guitar, I can't understand the bad comments (maybe I'm the 1 lucky of 100 buyers ). Just saw i've got the Cruzer ST-220, that's Crafters best Strat, maybe better built than the ST-100.
    thrash minded
    goood for beginners. my 1st guitar. i deal if u dont care what sound u get out of it U'VE GOT A GUITAR! but now im over the thril of getting my 1st eva guitar, cant help but realise the how crp it can be. hopeing to trade mine in for the RG600 v cheap round mine, only 60 l8erz \m/
    my mate has a crafter bass, and tbh it aint bad, for the money anyway, but yeh, stay away from the guitar, it is a pile of shite, i had it for about a year and respected it because it was my first guitar, but now i have a dean, and my crafter just sits gathering dust, making my room look ugly, i swear if i wanted to shag my girl in my room, she'd see the crafter, and instantly leave the room.
    first guitar i ever got a got it right handed even though im left handed!!in sunburst .it was sitting collecting dust as i couldnt play it but then my band was playing a gig and we were playing foxy lady (hendrix)so decided to restring it upside down and play it for that song just for a bit of fun anyway its not a bad little guitar for a beginer
    got mine when i was 15. i'm now 22. it can stand years of abuse. loosened the bridge, tuned using an app (couldn't tune with the pitch pipe for toffee), lowered the pickups, select switch is set to top and bottom. truss rod is hard to adjust but for the amp. don't bother with the [over]drive as there's too much unwanted feedback (consider a pedal). good for playing blues, rock, punk and metal. it's a good guitar for beginners. not just for playing but learning to custom as well. whatever guitar you go with it'll only ever be as good as your skill. [just to point out i'm not an expert but i'm self taught.] yes it is a cheap guitar but for me it's sentimental value is much more.