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manufacturer: Crafter date: 01/15/2010 category: Electric Guitars
Crafter: SA-QMMS
This is a very nice looking guitar with many great features... It has 21 frets with great action and an indian rosewood fret board.
 Sound: 8
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Action, Fit & Finish: 10
 Features: 9
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overall: 9.4
SA-QMMS Reviewed by: Ryan Da 4 Eyez, on january 15, 2010
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Features: This is a very nice looking guitar with many great features... It has 21 frets with great action and an indian rosewood fret board. The body is hollow but made with solid wood and the neck is made of mahogany. It has a gloss finish, a slim arch top body design and an indian rose wood bridge just like the fretboard. It has an LR-F Lipstick/Acoustic hybrid preamp, which is very easy to control, on it you have a volume knob (which I might add is not accessable while playing, but still good anyway), high, mid and low equalisers, a mute and phase button (both very handy) and a slide to blend between pickups. It has a Kent Armstrong Lipstick pickup to give it an electric guitar sound which I would describe as somewhere imbetween a single coil and humbucker style sound, and a L.R. Baggs Element pick up, which gives it a very unique and tinny acoustic sound. I would say it has great features but what lets it down for me is the fact you can't change the controls while playing cos they're too hard to get too. For that I'll rate it a 9. // 9

Sound: I'm not sure what music style it was made for nor sounds like, but I have played many on it and most sounds nice. Obviously it is not intended to be used for metal but you can get a way with a level of distortion, I play with an Indie band and always struggled to get a distortion on it without it squealing, but I'm not sure how but I eventually got a setting to get it to work with. Also, you can get a nice crunchy overdrive by raising all the eq on the guitar to sorta send to much output, but it sounds very nice. I would say you can a hell of alot of sounds on this but because it is very difficult to I'm going to rate it an 8, but if you're looking to use it with much overdrive I would consider it a 7. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The action, fit & finish on this guitar, I could only describe as perfect! It is flawless to look at and plays the same too. It came with the nicest strings I have played in my life (and have still got on now after a year!) but I don't if the shop owner put them on. As you get higher on the fret board it still remains nice and easy to play, it will obviously be slightly harder to play fast stuff on these than on gauge 9's or something but nevertheless I can still tap and play led zeppelin and jimi hendrix on it so it doesn't limit you much. One word: Perfection. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I use this guitar at nearly every gig and have never had a problem with it until I use it with distortion. I know it's not built for that but that is the only problem I've ever had with it and there are ways around that. The hardware seems great, the straplocks won't even turn and I never even take a back up, I have complete Faith in this guitar! The finish has not worn off but it is easily damaged. I've dropped it a few times and the paint has just come straight off and can easily get scratched but apart from that I can see no problems with it. // 10

Overall Impression: This is an almost Perfect guitar with very few limitations that are difficult but not impossible to get around. I play mostly Indie with it can instantly change from an Oasis style acoustic-y warmth and straight to an Arctic Monkeys style treble crunch. I don't own many great guitars but I have played some of the best Gibsons and Fenders and would say that this guitar could compete. If there were one thing I could have asked before getting it, it would be how to get away from noises I get using distortion. If I lost this I probably wouldn't buy it again because I bought it brand new at an incredible price because the store was closing down, but if I had to buy it at 500, I would rather get a Fender, but that is probably just because of the style I play. I looked around and played most guitars when looking for a semi-acoustic but I chose this one because of the huge quality for the small price. No more to say apart from just get it, it feels just like a 1000 guitar. // 10

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