59-DC review by Danelectro

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (36 votes)
Danelectro: 59-DC

Price paid: £ 160

Purchased from: a shop in denmark street

Sound — 9
The sound is brilliant. it's not at all noisy considering it has single coil pick ups, and the range of tone is surprising, it goes from very bright (think the byrds or early beatles bright) to much mellower (think moody prog band)it suits a wide range of styles, but if you want to turn it into hyperoverdrive then your better off with a les paul. it has a very unique sound, nothing else quite sounds like a Danelectro, I'm playing it through a Roland Cube 30X and Boss me 50, and when I got this thing I was surprised how different it sounded even through a stack of digital effects, it sounded more 'real' then my epi lp somehow. it suits my music perfectly because I'm stuck in the sixties, despite never being there. the only flaw I can find with the sound is that it has very litttle sustain, this may be because I'm used to a les paul but as great as the pick ups are, there nto the most powerfull.

Overall Impression — 10
I love this gutiar, so do my friends. I play lots of differenet rock from syd barrett (who also played this guitar) to the Who and it suits most of it very well, like I said if you want power then your better off with something else but this gutiar has a very versatile sound and feel, it has a brightness you can't get from many guitars. I werent even considering getting a differenet guitar, it was either this or a 500 Strat, and I can't afford that. so it was always going to be this, I wanted someting with bright pickups to get a softer tone than my les paul can achieve, and this is a nice contrast. if it was lost I'd buy another, if it was stolen I'd forgive them because it's almost pornographic, then I'd steal it back and hope it's not sticky.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Thsi gutiar will withstand Live playing, though I would always have a backu up jsut to be sure, the hardware all seems like it will last and the strap buttons are actually too good. the neck button is in an awkward position making putting a strap on it, or takign it off wutie difficult, the other button is fine too. Teh one problem is that I've not had it long ( about a week and a half) and it's already got a coupel of small chips in thh black finish. whilst I don't mind my gutiars having little battlescars (it adds character so it's YOUR guitar) the neater gutiarist may find this annoying.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
This guitar was set up very well, pretty low action, but no fret buzz (a seemingly rare occurence in cheap guitars)and I checked it all over there wer no flaws at all, straight neck, hardware in good nick, all electronics worked. the only problem was deciding what finish to have it in, I went for black. I discoverd something I liked very much about the hardware, the scratchplate (and tape binding thingy that goes round the edge) can be drawn on (in pencil) and rubbed out again, so you can personalise it, and you can always change it. This has provided me with much amuzement at my friends shock to watching me draw on it.

Features — 9
dunno where or when it was made, 21 frets that feel pretty good. I actualyl can't work out what it is made of ( I think it's a mixture of wood and something else) but it does feel very good. I sound very ignorent about my own guitar here but I'm gonna tell yo uwhat it does have. it has a semi hollow body giving it a more rounded tone, you get 2 Danelectro lipstick pickups, you get a volume control and a tone control, and a pick up Switch (that actually works! )you geta comfortable neck to play on and much to my amazement a metal nut. it has good tuning heads (not branded but very good nonetheless) overall the reason you get a Danelectro is for the semi-hollow body and pick ups, and since they replaced the old crappy tuning heads and bridge the features on this are pretty good.

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    i only bought this one, because jimmy played it. it is a really great one. just a lot of fun with that 60s/70s sound. and a nice price!