F9880 review by Davison

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.6 (13 votes)
Davison: F9880

Price paid: $ 140

Purchased from: Musicians Discount Warehouse

Sound — 9
Its definitely a rock guitar, no doubt about it. But its clean sound is also really nice. I play on an inexpensive TranZamp amplifier and I don't use any additional effects except for distortion. Each setting, treble, bridge, and rhythm all sound good and distinctive. Sounds awesome for such an inexpensive guitar.

Overall Impression — 9
Couldn't be happier. This guitar is so cheap, and it plays like an expensive guitar. I was a little skeptical on the price, but the company offers a 14-day money back guarantee. But I'm not sending this back, its a keeper. I'll probably switch out the pickups in like 6 months or so, I don't have a problem with them. I would buy it again if something happened. Great guitar.

Reliability & Durability — 10
It feels really solid, its got some weight to it. I just got the guitar today, but I will definitely play a show with it. Strap buttons seem good so far!

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The guitar finish is amazing. It will really catch your eye. Everything on the guitar came pretty solid. There is a very slight fret buzz, but that can be fixed easily, I'm not even concerned about that because its not a big deal. Everyone complains about the pickups on this guitar but they are not bad at all. The only flaw on the guitar is that one of the fret markers on the 21st fret is out of line with the other marks. Its not that big of a deal, because its not the fret inlay, its the mark on the side of the neck.

Features — 9
This guitar is a 22 fretted Davison Les Paul (vintage brown sunburst). The neck is a bolt-on. The finish on this guitar is just awesome. It has a 3-way pickup selector (treble, bridge and rhythm). There are 4 knobs, (2 volume and 2 tone), I like the knobs alot. They look expensive and feel good. The neck and is maple, The body is alder, and a rosewood finger board. The pickups are humbuckers, there are diecast tuners and the bridge is a stop tailpiece.

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    For starters, reviews by unregistered users should be forbidden. Until UG aims for a higher standard in accepting reviews, it'll continue to get flooded by worthless reviews like this one on a daily basis. And that has a poor reflection on the overall credibility of UG's review collection.
    Oh and;
    I just got the guitar today
    Uhhh, I'd normally give it a month or so before writing a review. First impressions count and everything, but it's hard to judge something's reliability in a day. Definitely not worth a 10.
    It's hard to tell if you mean it's a 9.2 for it's price range, or 9.2 over all. I don't doubt it might be good for the price, but it's the way you word the review:
    it plays like an expensive guitar
    I dunno' mate, I think I'll be sticking with my Gibson Les Paul Studio.
    What is ridiculous is the comments from people that consider themselves guitar players.....granted this review was obviously written by a new player, and there's nothing wrong with that....any review can be helpful, and serve a purpose, but these comments from some of you guys....some who even say they play for a living, and are professionals are just plain pathetic, and juvenile.....I have been playing literally for a living supporting a wife, and a kid for the better part of 20 years, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that just about any guitar can be made into a serious player. There's rubbish, and jems in all models. Your higher priced, big named guitars will come usually with somewhat of a basic setup, but not always. Cheaper guitars need a little TLC, and sometimes a lot of TLC, but there's only so much that any manufacturer can do with wood, metal, and strings.....don't expect any guitar to play like a dream straight out of the box, or right from the store...they all are going to require a certain amount of setup, and just because a guitar is expensive, or has Gibson, or Fender on the head stock doesn't mean it was sprinkled with magic fairy dust at the factory. They're all just wood, and metal. Grow up, and learn a little about the instruments you profess to know so much about...you sound like douche bags.
    Thank you. I have also recently started playing. I was concidering getting this guitar more for a project piece but also to play with. and your right aalot of people who are "experienced" guitar players seem to sound douchy. maybe you guys should take a chill pill and remember that even you were newbs once. and im sure it dident all come to you in a night. so instead of being dicks, you should be supportive of up and coming musicians.
    Thank you my friend, i couldn't have said that better myself. It sounds to me like a lot of these so called professionals just want to get on here and brag about their high dollar, name brand guitars, and bash those who are satisfied with one that plays well for them. So thank you again for saying what many of us true guitarists have to say. Rock on brother!
    Finally an adult response. The childish guitar snobs are the very reason why so many people, kids, don't bother to pick up any instrument they can afford and learn. They think they have to have $3000 guitar to know how to play. Its absurd. And for all you guitar snob bullies, you all probably suck ass and couldnt play your way out of a paper bag. Have a bit of humility and understand not everyone can afford 28 guitars or even one. Be helpful not off putting. Offer advice on what really matters, like technique and practice. Not who has the most expensive brand name. Just like ****in high school kids!
    I'm sure it's okay. Myself I wouldn't piss on a Gibson if the mofo was on fire and I needed the wood to burn in my fireplace during a cold weather power outage. Gibson can get on their knees and swallow my projectile diarrhea stream. Glad to hear it worked out for you bro. Myself I got the Davison 12-string Strat copy from MusciansDiscountWarehouse and it was a bugger to get the neck straightened because it had been shipped from friggin' China with the truss rod really loose and the thing tuned only 1/2 tone flat and with damn .012 - .054 strings on the mofo. Had to let it set for 4 months and settle in, then I got .009 - .049 strings on it and sanded the nut and I'm in Heaven now man. But it was only $199.95 no tax or shipping, and now that I've got it setup I feel like I got away with murder man. Les Paul be damned baby.
    I've had the major brand names and the low cost no names, but not been stuck on a name brand and never thought that other brands were not worth my time. If the Axe is in your price range,and it sounds and feels good to you..who cares what brand it it,or what it costs! Their are plenty of imports..IE..Tokai/Aria/Greco/Dillion and others that for the price..kick the big guys ass!
    a review on a cheap guitar by an inexperienced guitarist.. *face palm* everything about this review shows how inexperienced he is with guitars.. un-named humbuckers that everyone else complains about, but he doesn't seem to notice? and claims that it feels like more expensive guitar? yea, this is a newbie that just got his hands on his second guitar.. I'm sorry, but no $140 Les Paul rip-off will match a nice high end guitar. *owner of 29 guitars, including three Gibson Les Paul Customs*
    I don't believe that to be an accurate statement having seen many a no name guitar just plain out perform many other big name on the same stage by pro players. Own 26 of which half are other name.actually have a Jay Turser that just plain stands up to my Les Paul in all areas and all I did was change strings and pups(wilkinsons calling myself not investing to much on pups)
    This is incredible.You just got it today,but you would play a show with it because the strap buttons seem ok.I'm a noobie,I joined a week ago.I've been playing for a living my whole life.I signed on to this cause I had a couple questions about a bass amp for recording.But I started reading this crap and can't stop.You'd take this piece of crap to a "show"?And your buddy who would'nt piss on a gibson bought the twelve string strat with the .056,s and a loose truss rod.What do you do.dress up like robin hood.You don't need a tremolo,just grab her by the strap buttons and pull the neck up and down?I think you guys make baloon animals between sets for money to buy this garbage.I've got a 64 es-330-tdc I got new.I would'nt trade the handle off my case for ten of these turds.I've played cheapies over the years,Harmony,s,Silvertones.They were inexpensive but honest,decent stuff.I think you oughta go back to reviewing projectile diarreah,you just bought a couple hundred bucks worth.Unbelievable.
    i just bought the davison gothic {pink} it plays like a dream but i have one question, the body is pink but the headstock is black now is this a goofup cause all pictures show the guitar entirely pink... don't get me wrong i am NOT complaining just want to know if it's a rareity or are they all that way...cause it would be nice to have a one of a kind guitar.., and thank you davison for making a good guitar for a really nice price... i will never pay $1,000 or $2,000 for an axe even if i was a rich rockstar... i really hope that they put everyone on notice about asking to much $ for a guitar...
    Some truly goofy squanks reviewing this guitar. Please, allow me to add! I purchased a black 3 pickup model with gold hardware at a pawnshop for $80.00 USD. I buy a lot of cheap axes and add USA pots,switches,pickups,etc., and re-sell on eBay or such. The set neck was perfect,every fret was nicely finished and no string buzz after I set it as low as possible. Tuners were 7/10,pickups 5/10,finish was dang good with aged binding. I added CTS pots,vintage wiring,USA jack and a set of used Gibson pickups off of eBay. I also added a roller bridge. All for $120. Also, this guitar is as heavy as my Les Paul, and after adding the improvements...It sounded just as good in a recording session. It blows away a $500 new Epiphone, or an ESP or a...get the picture? So for $200 bucks total, I have an excellent backup guitar. Is it comporable to a $1,500 dollar Gibson? No,but then again that Gibson ain't worth the 1500 bones either.I can honestly say it would be easily worth the new $200 price,although the stock pickups are true crap and need replaced. Which is FUN, live a little! Practice modifications(like CTS 500k pots,vintage wire,etc) on a cheap Davison and life will be okay! Seriously, this guitar is worth the cashola, and you guitar snobs are some weak a$$ reviewers...considering you didn't even play the darn thing. Davison guitar=cool for the $$. Average reviewer=total dorks.
    I did the exact same thing. I replaced the tuners with gibson, new bridge, and 490t and 490r pickups. New electronics in the body, and it is great. Paid $80 for the guitar and case, and about $150 for everything else off of c/l. Great guitar. Sounds awesome.
    I have a real Gibson LP special. No it doesn't play like those necks but it intonates and the neck is straight. The action is on the high side of good and is a great deal for the money like the Ibanez deluxe 59er I used to have. any guitar with two humbuckers should be $500 but This was $165 delivered so how can I not be happy. A set neck.
    Have you even played a nice guitar? And good pickups cost as much as that guitar ,i doubt its what you say.
    You "just got the guitar today" and yet you give it a 10 for "reliability and durability"? How's that work exactly? Unless you have a time machine and traveled 2 or more years into the future, how could you possibly know how durable or reliable it is, much less give it a perfect score? This is just one of the reasons why reviewers should wait at least a month before offering their review. It's still hard to judge durability after only a month, but at least you have some idea of how it will hold up over time.
    Buying a guitar based on a review is like going on a blind date based on your best friend's description of the girl. Sure, it's good information, but until you check her out for yourself, you won't really know if what you're getting is right for you.
    Back in the 1970's, Gibson gear snobs would criticize Ibanez, Greco, Tokai, Edwards guitars and other for making better copies .... the gear snobs are never going to vanish .... so let them drink their Hater aide !!!!
    If the review dose not say what people want to here then it is wrong fake or what ever. Name and price means nothing. It is the quality of the guitar. Tone comes from the pickups and your hands. If it is great quality and people say they are heavy. Then it is a fine guitar. To them anyways.
    I'm back , and i gotta say some of you guys are nitpickers but that's another story' i own gibsons, sg & a lp and they play very nice and i actully got them at a time when gibson was not nutz about the price. but now it's out of control. 2,000 for a les p is crazy i'm afraid to take it on the road for fear of some one (roadies) dropping it or god forbid someone ripping it off... im a lefty and it's hard to find something that feels right and plays good. you have no idea what it's like to walk into say guitarcenter and see about 200 guitars and ask where the leftys are and the point to 5 pieces of shit, and then they ask for alot of my ****ing money that i sweat my balls off for...so gibson and fender and prs can kiss my left nut. ive been playing to long now not to enjoy my axe... wok n woll everybody...p.s i also have two squires i've switched to lefty like hendrix did and i get them to wail on stage, life to short not to have fun people, ok now im ranting to many starsbucks... good luck evryone...