Avalanche Model T Review

manufacturer: Dean date: 10/19/2016 category: Electric Guitars
Dean: Avalanche Model T
I'm into alt rock, blues and jazz, so a Tele fits for me.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 7.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8
 Features: 8.5
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overall: 8
Avalanche Model T Reviewed by: rob0101, on may 23, 2013
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Price paid: € 90

Purchased from: Troc N Roll, France

Features: Just starting to play again after 30+ years, so sorry about the novice-sounding comments. I've had the axe only a few hours, so I can edit later if I'm allowed to. Basically hoping others review their guitar because there is very little info about it on-line. Pre-2007 (according to what I've read, Dean discontinued them after 2006), 21-fret, maple standard neck with simple pearl inlays, Paulownia body, solid black gloss with white 3x laminated (WBW) pick guard, strung-thru bridge (barrel elements), 1 volume, 1 tone, 3-way selector, Grover tuners. // 8

Sound: I'm into alt rock, blues and jazz, so a Tele fits for me, I think. Not plugged in yet, since just moved and getting setup. Didn't take notice the amp at the music store, but there was no noticeable hum. So, as you might expect the neck pickup was more base tone/warmer, but frankly almost muddy at times, so I think I will be playing this axe with the tone maxed to treble. Then again, there's a lot to play with even with just tone and vol on the amp versus the guitar, so 10 minutes in the store was not really enough time to tell. The bridge pickup was brighter, of course, and frankly more my style for either rhythm or lead. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Found this guitar used at a store, it had not been worked on, and the strings were old, so it was hard for me to evaluate everything. But what grabbed me the was first the price (he picks up the guitar and starts to strum), and the action. There was no buzz and it felt comfortable in that the action was pretty low, esp. for a Fender-type versus Gibson (it's also a pretty light guitar). I see no flaws, just a couple of minor dings and scratches, which I couldn't care less about. The tune wasn't holding that well, but I knew it was due to the old strings. The issue I have is that I have some fret buzzing now that I have new strings on (Ernie Ball 9's). The guy at the shop did it along with a tune up, so I'm just going to bring it back in and ask if he can help. (Maybe I made a bad string choice, or he lowered the bridge? I'll see). // 8

Reliability & Durability: I think this axe could gig just fine, especially compared to the Squires I was looking at which just seemed more lightweight. This things is light, but solid and I'm impressed with the headstock. The cord plug is steel, so no plastic breakage problems there. I've heard the pickups are on the quiet side, but you should be able to amp it up, so NBD in my opinion. Plus, a pickup swap is always a viable option if everything else works out. I can't really say much more here, and I'm probably a year from gigging at this point. // 8

Overall Impression: I had a low budget, and wanted something to jam around with since my other axes are stateside. I'm pretty much of a Fender guy, so Squiers were the logical choice and there are a ton of them around, and cheap even new. At first I was all over the strats, and I really liked the fat one's, but I just questioned the long-term quality with so many moving parts, being that their so cheap, etc... And people talk about them as starter guitars which I was trying to avoid. I wanted to be happy with my axe, not like "well it's good for a while". So, getting the jangly sound of a Tele just made sense and they seem just about as versatile as a Strat (let's face it, you can't whammy with a stock tremolo). I might miss having a humbucker, but I don't think so with the overdrives in pedals, etc. This Dean appeared at 90 euro, and I start thinking "project guitar". We'll see how it goes. If it were stolen tomorrow, and I could find another for the same price, I would buy it again. I would just have preferred in white with a black pickguard, but beggars can't be choosers, right? I dig the whole style, action, sound, and having it stay in tune (which it does with the new strings). I'm hating the buzz, but I think we'll get that sorted (remember, I'm not even using an amp tonight!) // 8

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overall: 8.8
Avalanche Model T Reviewed by: Apogian, on october 19, 2016
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Price paid: € 145

Purchased from: Nakas

Features: This is my 1st Telecaster "genre" guitar. It's body is made from Paulownia wood, neck from Maple, 25 1/2 scale lenght and 21 frets, fretboard ratio is 14". Maple neck is looking beautiful, and the "Abalone Dot" inlays are gorgeous indeed and are not common at all.

This guitar is made in China. For a guitar that costed me 145 euros, it is of extraordinary value. It is equipped with Grover tuners. Now, if you go buy Grover tuners to upgrade a guitar, those will cost you from 35 to 70 euros on eBay. The quqality of the guitar pleased me so much that I really was NOT ahopping for a guitar at that time. In fact, I was at the Marousi's Mall to have a good time, watch some movie etc, and one hour before the shop close, I went in then saw the Dean, and tried it. The result was me buying thid guitar, and I am VERY impressed of it's quality especially considering its cost. Grover tuning keys here alone cost like 50 euros, and the price was 145.

on the negative side, Paulwonia wood is not one of my favorite's but I don't know much about tonewoods to critisize this. It has maple neck that does make a difference when playing (treble frequencies). // 9

Sound: I have many guitars, and I really wasn't there to get another. However cause none of my electric guitars is Tele, I did tried this. After some days with the Avalanche T, I am in love with this guitar for playing ballads, country, pop. I took the time to compare this guitar with some available Fender Telecasters. The 1st Fender Tele was about 1200 euros, It was some made in USA model, the second one was a Fender made in Mexico. I played these and Dean using a Fender Vintage '57 Custom Champ (what a great amp this is...). The Fenders have more volume in the midrange, but their treble sounded muted compared to Dean. I have to state this here, my girlfriend did liked the Fenders better.

The neck's playability on Dean is simply GREAT, so is the action. Quite honestly, regardless of higher Fender's guitars prices, I didn't felt jealous, I mean I didn't missed something that Fenders had and Dean didn't. In fact, Dean's much better treble detailed impressed me very much. I didn't noticed any noise in the shop. I use Zoom's G1onX to practice. Beautifull sound, noiselless.

This guitar can play any Telecaster sounds easily. The neck as I said is amazing, and electronics can obviously be ugraded if a more "vintage" -if a muted mid sound is being called that" is requested with pickups. I do understand and respect all the players that want the classic Tele sound. But I like this guitar's treble and neck playability. Also this guitars neck sounds pleasing to me unplugged. It does have some kind of "life" of it's own. I didn't felt that with Fenders. Might was a bit impressed by Dean and in love. Highly recommended. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Maple neck is the strong point of this guitar. Beautifull looking, the Abalone Dot inlays are gorgeous and looking expensive, very fast to play, sound nicely and detailed. I think the pickups hight it was normal. Didn't adjusted them until now. Action is great, really low and nicely setup. In fact, action and playability was the reasons for me to buy this. Finish is of good quality, Black color, very nicely looking neck. Maple neck is very well looking, and playng even better. Finish is very good, especially considering the price. This guitar does not look like a cheap guitar. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I haven't played this guitar live, but it is well built so my guess would be it withstand live situations ok. Hardware like Grover tuners make me feel like they stand the test of time. Finish is looking very attractive to me. The buit quality is quite nice. The 3 position switch felt really good when I used it, very high quality there. I would never use a guitar live without a backup, but this is the case for ANY guitar I would had taken. I only have this for a few weeks now, but I find it hard to imagine this guitar not to last. // 7

Overall Impression: I didn't had a Telecaster guitar, then again I didn't felt I need one until recently. Until now I was using my Fender Strat for clean sounds. I play rock, fusion and sometimes metal stuff. For these I own 9 electric guitars, that cover these stuff nicely. Now, for playing ballads, blues, some country stuff, stuff that is being played with Tele's, this guitar does this so nice. And it does it also more comfortably, relaxed, and fast because of it's neck. The neck was no go for me when considered Fender Tele's, I thought they have fatter necks, which I don't like. So, for me this guitar is ideal really. A fast neck on a tele style guitar. I might consider upgrading the pickups later, if I found I miss something from their sound, but, until now, I miss nothing. // 10

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