Baby ML review by Dean

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (32 votes)
Dean: Baby ML

Sound — 10
It has a lovely rich Natural sound, and when put through an amp and Distortiopn pedal, (I use a Fender Bass, rumble 15 amp, which I no is odd, but o well, it has a nice sound, and I use a DigiTech multi-efects pedal) it has a lovely Crunky sound. it sounds so natural and Fresh. she strings always sound clean on it (I use Ernie ball 10-52 or Dunlop 10-50) I use Dunlop jazz 3 picks, and they give it a solid sound, yet when I use my Dunlop Trivium pick, it sounds a bit floppy, so I always use my Jazz IIIs. I like them over the Trivium picks anyway.

Overall Impression — 10
I love the guitar, even over my japanise Strat Tokai copy. I love it to pieces. It's my fav guitar. I like it over a Gibson Les Paul (my uncles Gibson, I don't have one of them). The only guitar I like over that it is a Razorback. I love rzorbacks, and I love my Baby ML. I hope if you buy one or you're thinking about buying one, I hope it serves you as good as it has me.

Reliability & Durability — 9
The guitar is only as good as the person playing it. It would b fine as long as you don't go mad with it and smash it up. All the hardware seems it will last for about 8 years. The strap button on the North wing, my straps keep falling off of that one, and I have tryed about 7 straps, and all fail. I'm gonna have to get Dunlop Strap locks.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
It seems in very good shape, I can't see any flaws with it, and the amount of times I have bashed the headstock or Tails on stuff, it still aint scrached it or dented it. It seems a very sturdy guitar. When I bought it there seemed to b no flaws. All the pickups are very nice. Not sure what they are, because it's at home, and I'm in the school libary doing this. It's a really nice guitar, especially for 200.

Features — 9
Made in Japan. 22 frets as usual with Dean guitars. Laminated top. Sliver. Mahogany neck. It has the Standard ML shape, just the body is smaller. String-thur-body without Trem. I just wish it had a Floyd rose, then it would b complete. It is a real nice guitar to look at. It looks Sexy and sleek. it's really nice actually. It has nice fetures. It has a glittery silver paint job and is not scratched althoguh I have bashed it so many times.

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    Murderface x3
    honestly a good guitar for the price. super light weight, good stock pickups. good for a first guitar.
    I got the Baby ML, strapped some DR HI-Voltage strings (10-46), plug it to my Crate GX 40C 200 watt combo amp with a Korg AX1000G multieffect pedal (preferably set it on Seattle w/modern cabinet or metal dist w/black panel 1x12) and it sounds f*cking sweet, you can really thrash to some awesome songs, I preferably enjoy playing Metallica's list or Coheed and Cambria's Welcome Home, unless you drop tune to dropped D, playing R.A.T.M., Lamb of God, or even Korn sounds f*cking wicked on it. XD So you can say it's a childs guitar, but I still play it for some of my gigs, and it ****ing shreds.
    DeathForAll wrote: Why would you be playing a kid's guitar? o_o
    It's not a kid's guitar, it's exactly like the full sized ML series other than the fact it's smaller and lighter to carry. I got a Baby ML too, you can see it in my pictures
    u Guy's Are A Bunch Of Douch Bags!!! This Is Not A Kids Guitar!!!It's Made Small For Constant Travelling!!! And Plus It Still Has The Sound Of His Big Brother Dean From Hell!!!
    DeathForAll wrote: Why would you be playing a kid's guitar? o_o
    not a kids guitar just smaller bodied
    i used to like this guitar but i dont particularly like the awkwardness of sitting down like strats are relaxing in everywhere haha rock on
    Hey my cousine bought this guitar but it was the baby dean from hell...we were jamming in my garage and he let me play it and i strugglingly let him play my dean dime shadow ml. i was surprised by this lil monster. while it is super light it has a decent tone. not to crazy bout the string throu i prefer a floyd overall a decent guitar and perfect for beginners.. R.i.p DIME
    i'm thinking of buying this guitar as the fret access on this is better than the mlx though i've played on an mlx and the finish is to die for:S lol can't decide but this guitar does look fantastic
    it is a really good guitar, small low frets so u can have the action quite low without letting fret buzz let rip... also, its just got a really nice neck, and a very very smooth body...yes it may look a lil glam rock (LOL!) but i dont really mind, its the play that matters... Im still saving up for the goddamn razerback!! GRRR!! lol
    i dont have a great deal of money to spend but i realy like the dime ml's cant decide between the dimeblade (full size) or the baby with the dime from hell paintjob, i think it may have to be the blade as im 6'1" and 16stone, as cool as the dime from hell paint is i may look a twat as its so small!
    Shikari Hybryd wrote: Bought this off a mate for 20. [roughly $35 for you american folk ]
    $35? Wow, I got mine for $209.
    I love this guitar, I slapped some EMG 81-85s in them and it sounds killer. Since I'm small, a full sized Dean would look ridiculous.
    **** do i care if its a baby model it still ****ing rocks is no big deal what type of ml is,im planning to buy the baby ml or the baby v and then put em some emg pickups now how the **** is that,huh?! Dean Owns.
    jazz III yer!!!!! this is a nice guitar. everyone that said bout the peado and that its too small ect SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
    E V H 5150
    This over a Gibson Les Paul? I don't know if I can really trust this review, now. I'm not saying Les Pauls are the best, because I'd be lying to myself. I'm more of a Stratocaster fan, anyway. I know of a few higher-end guitars that use basswood. So maybe it's not that bad, but the pickups are probrably not that great (it's a child's guitar, most of them don't even know the difference between treble and bass). The pickups are probrably called "hum-cancelling" or "dual-wound" or "humbuckers" or any other generic name for a stock pickup.
    lol yeh really nice i love dean guitars if i had know this was around id have bought it instead of my ibanez
    well ...02-27-1993 (lol same birthday as me) but 5 years younger which makes him 14....uhm...seems indeed little bit old for a kids guitar , but hell who cares
    meh give a month of playing the input jack will go on it } then the tuners etc happen to me
    what do you guys thing about the baby ML but with the dimebolt on it childs guitar or not? i dont plan to have that, but its a question, just to know if you would buy it
    i only bought it cuz im a poor little ****er and i dont have the money for anything else that good. im saving up for a Razorback now. yer, Jazz III picks rock my ****ing socks. im 14, yes. i like these over Gibons, beacuse i think, perosnally, that these are easier to Shread and sweep on. i use quite a low action, and i use 10-52s on this, and i find it really easy to play faster stuff on this than a gibson, like triviums Unrepentant or Tread the floods and The crusade. but, its completly up to u all really.
    I love dimebag to death. but Dean is just going overboard in making so many models of his guitars. I just find it annoying now.
    E V H 5150 wrote: This over a Gibson Les Paul? I don't know if I can really trust this review, now. I'm not saying Les Pauls are the best, because I'd be lying to myself. I'm more of a Stratocaster fan, anyway.
    agreed, ive played several les pauls both gibson and epiphone and my stratocaster just plays better... *shrug*
    if this guy likes razorbacks more and he obviously seems to not be able to afford a better cheap ML he should get the Razorback DB. I want one too trem trems suck....well imo anyway.
    wait wait wait.... 200euros for that.....thats 400USD right....? WTF WERE YOU THINKING!!!!
    It may look like a kids guitar, but holy crap it sounds amazing. I just got home from trying one. Picked it over an ESP LTD F-50. Its being set up at the shop and im getting it next week!!! Its amazing! Looks are decieving. It has a great sound! + it was 150 AUD cheaper then the ESP LTD F-50. It looks cooler and sexier (im getting the one with the lightning bolts on it) I will post a review!