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manufacturer: Dean date: 01/14/2010 category: Electric Guitars
Dean: Baby ML
Small enough that they won't see it coming (but a big enough sound to leave them gasping) Deans Baby ML packs a lot of punch and power into a 3/4 size basswood body with dual humbucking pickups and a contoured top.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9.5
 Features: 9
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overall: 9.4
Baby ML Reviewed by: ironmaidenrulez, on june 06, 2007
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Features: Made in Japan. 22 frets as usual with Dean guitars. Laminated top. Sliver. Mahogany neck. It has the Standard ML shape, just the body is smaller. String-thur-body without Trem. I just wish it had a Floyd rose, then it would b complete. It is a real nice guitar to look at. It looks Sexy and sleek. it's really nice actually. It has nice fetures. It has a glittery silver paint job and is not scratched althoguh I have bashed it so many times. // 9

Sound: It has a lovely rich Natural sound, and when put through an amp and Distortiopn pedal, (I use a Fender Bass, rumble 15 amp, which I no is odd, but o well, it has a nice sound, and I use a DigiTech multi-efects pedal) it has a lovely Crunky sound. it sounds so natural and Fresh. she strings always sound clean on it (I use Ernie ball 10-52 or Dunlop 10-50) I use Dunlop jazz 3 picks, and they give it a solid sound, yet when I use my Dunlop Trivium pick, it sounds a bit floppy, so I always use my Jazz IIIs. I like them over the Trivium picks anyway. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: It seems in very good shape, I can't see any flaws with it, and the amount of times I have bashed the headstock or Tails on stuff, it still aint scrached it or dented it. It seems a very sturdy guitar. When I bought it there seemed to b no flaws. All the pickups are very nice. Not sure what they are, because it's at home, and I'm in the school libary doing this. It's a really nice guitar, especially for 200. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The guitar is only as good as the person playing it. It would b fine as long as you don't go mad with it and smash it up. All the hardware seems it will last for about 8 years. The strap button on the North wing, my straps keep falling off of that one, and I have tryed about 7 straps, and all fail. I'm gonna have to get Dunlop Strap locks. // 9

Overall Impression: I love the guitar, even over my japanise Strat Tokai copy. I love it to pieces. It's my fav guitar. I like it over a Gibson Les Paul (my uncles Gibson, I don't have one of them). The only guitar I like over that it is a Razorback. I love rzorbacks, and I love my Baby ML. I hope if you buy one or you're thinking about buying one, I hope it serves you as good as it has me. // 10

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overall: 9
Baby ML Reviewed by: Cantplay4penuts, on january 14, 2010
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Price paid: A$ 450

Purchased from: Guitar Factory

Features: Not sure what year my ML was made but it was made in china. It has 22 frets. I don't know alllll the details on the guitar, I saw it in the shop, looked at it, played it and had to have it. The finish of my baby ML has blue with black (faded with each other) and a large lightning bold starting from above the bridge pickup to the corners of the guitar. IT LOOKS SO AWESOME! Its a dime version of it I guess, its on the headstock... It has a string thru body wish passive Dean pickups. There is a volume knob, that goes down a little, then alot all of a sudden, which I don't mind. Also the tone knob ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING, also it changes that sound really well, and sounds sweeet. Both pickups are humbucking. Non locking tuners. This came with a bag (soft), no strap. // 9

Sound: I like metal. Any type, thrash to death metal, I like it. I do attempt to play it (Amon Amarth is fun to play:P). I use a Line6 Spider 3 15watt amp and can get an ok sound from it. A better amp and it sounds great, hooked it up to my mates dads friends amp (he is a guitar tech - 120w amp) and it f--king ripped. Was amazing! The Bridge pickup has lots of treble, the neck a nice melow bass, but on the clean channel they both have to much gain, but the tone knob can fix that. The guitar tech dude said it was f--king perfect, and 4 450 bucks, well worth it. And I can't agree more. The action was set up very well, so no fret buz. Still would pref. Getting better pickups if you want to play live. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: As I said, action is perfect. The neck is reallly nice and feels good. The neck pickup wasn't in straight. That was from the shop though, I think. No loose controls, its all in nice and tight. No scratches at all, and it seems to be able to last well, but then again, I'm very carefull not to scratch it, or I'll get pretty pissed. So I tippy toe around with it lol. Being 3/4 size its also VERY light, which I LOVE. // 10

Reliability & Durability: So far I've had it about a month, at first the strings went out of tune, which is expected, being new strings, after that first 3 days, I've had to tune it about 2-3 times. The strap buttons feel solid, haven't used them yet though, one strap button is on the neck, and so I'm not sure if I can put strap locks in it? I would invest in them if you could though, I have a pair waiting... Might google it. I would play with it live, without a backup (well, you could have one, but my only other guitar is a Bullet Fender tuned drop C with horrible action and single coil p/u's lmao). // 9

Overall Impression: f--king Beutiful guitar. I just wish it came with a strap and some better quality pickups. If it where stolen I'd go on a rampage till I got it back. It just looks awesome, its my fav feature on it. I mean f--k, look it up on google images! I bought it over a ESP LTD F-50. I love it. // 9

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