Black Gold ML review by Dean

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  • Sound: 4
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 6.6 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.2 (38 votes)
Dean: Black Gold ML

Price paid: $ 863.1

Purchased from: thomann

Sound — 4
It doesn't suit my music at all with the Dean stock pickups. I mean when you see this guitar you think; hard rock/metal. But it's not that at all, the pickups are very hard to get distortion from, I have to use full distortion on the amp and my distortion pedal. I'm using a DigiTech Distortion Factory, nothing more. It's very noisy becuse I must use all the distortion I can. It has a really rich and full sound thought, very good for solo's when get a good distortion. But if you play blues or something like that this is the sound for you, if you play metal you have to get some EMG's or Seymour Duncan on this baby fast!

Overall Impression — 6
I most of all metal, and this guitar is a good match to play fast on becuse of the thin and fast neck. But the pickup's are a really bad match, doesnt't fit my style at all. I've been playing for almost 5 years now and I own a Line 6 Spider 2 65w amp, and I didn't use any distortion pedal before but I had to use my old DigiTech Distortion Factory becuse these pickups couldnt get any distortion. I wished I had asked about the pickup's and if they could handle much distortion, that was a big disepointment to me. If it were stolen I would save the money for the guitar and save a little more to buy some new pickup's. I love the thin and fast neck on this guitar it's awesome. I have had a lot of guitars; Jackson RR3, LTD Alexi, Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Explorer, Jackson DKMG, Ibanez RG, Ibanez VBT700 and Epiphone SG, and of all these guitars this neck has been the best soo that's why I am buying another Dean. I hate the pickups just simply, and I've said enough about them. I compared it to a LTD EX-400, I never tested any of them becuse I Live in sweden and I bought it from Germany but I made the right choice I think becuse this neck is the greatest. I like I said, I wished it had EMG pickup's that's the only fault on this guitar if you play metal.

Reliability & Durability — 8
It wil probably withstand Live playing, but like I said if you play metal change the pickups or otherwise you will get a lot of noise from this guitar becuse you got to use so much distortion. The hardware seems pretty good, no compains about that. The strapbutton seems pretty solid, little small though. I can depend on it when I've changed the pickups, it has a really thin and fast neck soo it will be perfect then. I would use it on a gig without backup becuse I don't have a backup, but this guitars neck was soo nice so I'm probably going to buy another Dean ML or Razorback, soo then I will use a backup. I think the finish are going to last pretty long on the front, but the black finish on the back of the guitar I'm pretty unsure about.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
The guitar was pretty well set-up when it came, the pickup's was exactly the hight I wanted them to be soo it was good. It had one flaw when it came, it had a big scratch at the lower wing but nothing you can see soo well but that was a little disepointment.

Features — 8
Made 2006 in Korea. It has 22 frets and a thin nice neck. Flame maple top and mahogany body/neck. It has a nice transparent black kinda finish. It's a ML body, not a dime sign though but he uses the ML's. It's Tuno-Matic bridge and passive electronics, 3-way selector amd 3 volume knobs. The pickup's are Dean stock gold pickup and the tuners are Grover. No incleded accessories.

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    why cant they make a real good ML with a string trough body bridge black hardware some cool dimarzio pickups (X2N, super 3, d-activator) you know what i mean. with a ebony fretboard between 1000-1400 euros?? but no if you want something like that you will have to buy a dean for 3000 euros??? WHY??
    Kid Fisto wrote: ya dudez i would definitely trade my Mockingbird for this! but i think i'll wait for the Z.
    HellYeah i've got the Z and its amazing!