CBV 1122 review by Dean

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.2 (40 votes)
Dean: CBV 1122

Price paid: $ 510

Purchased from: Neals Music

Sound — 10
This guitar suits my music style pretty well as I play mostly metal. I run this guitar through my Peavey 6505 with my pedalboard which contains a MXR Smartgate,MXR GT OD, MXR EVH Phase 90 and a Original Crybaby Wah and it sounds beautiful. This guitars pickups are really high output for passive pickups. The Nostalgia pickup in the neck is so smooth and sounds amazing on solos. The Ascension pickup in the bridge is also really awesome it is very similar to SD Blackouts but with a little less output because of not being active but you tweak the gain and boom it is perfect. Harmonics sound good and so does everything else with these pickups. It only has one volume knob which is perfect for me because I just turn everything up and play I do not mess with the volume knob and do all that fancy stuff so that is plus to me. So if you want a true metal tone these pickups will do it for you.

Overall Impression — 10
I like to play different styles of music but the one that will stick with me forever is metal. I play mostly stuff like Trivium, Lamb Of God and other metal bands. I have been playing guitar for 4 years now. I have played alot of guitar brands and Dean takes the top but the other guitar I use Live is a Dean Razorback V with Seymour Duncan Blackouts and it doesn't compare to this guitar. My gear I stated above besides using Planet Wave cables and Dunlop straps. This guitar is just overall better and you access the lower frets way easier. If it was stolen or lost and I could get it at this price i defiantly would. There is really nothing I hate about this guitar. I just plain out love it. Even thought Trivium left Dean they still made some amazing guitars and should be proud. There is not a guitar I have played that I can compare with it in playability this thing just takes the cake. So everyone thanks for reading and if you want a flashy looking guitar with easy playability, out of the box low action and great sound this is it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I think this guitar will stand Live playing it is a beast. Looks good and sounds awesome. As for the hardware so good so far no complaints the OFR stays in tune so whammy away. The strap buttons were solid but I put Dunlop Straplocks on it to make sure it would stay that way as I do on all my guitars. I think you could depend on this guitar easily its very light for mahogony and will and can take a beating. The finish on this guitar i think will last for a long time I mean its not water paint so you sweat will not make it wash off. But the paint looks amazing.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The action on this guitar was pretty much perfect for me its low. I just had to tweak the tuning once I got it. The pickups are set pretty much perfect if you don't like something then you could adjust them I just left them because they sounded good and I didn't want to mess it up. Everything in this guitar was clean routed I did not see any uneven or marks on it that made me want to send this guitar back and being a very picky person it matched up to expectations. No flaws on this guitar and the action is perfect and really low as low you can get it on a floyd without it bottoming out and not being able to use it. If it was any lower the strings would be dragging on the fretboard so it is perfect.

Features — 10
I recently purchased this guitar and all I can say is wow it is amazing. The body is a unique and awesome shape to me nothing I have seen before. It is all mahogany body and neck with rosewood fretboard and it plays amazingly. Also it has a C style neck similar to Jackson King V. It has Grover tuners and a official Floyd Rose. It has Standard Dot inlays on all the fretboard except the 11, 12, and 13 fret which have the Trivium "T" Logo. The paint is unreal on this thing and the pinstripe is perfect no complaints on that and it has the Trivium circle logo between the pickups. It has 2 Dean USA pickups. A Dean Nostalgia pickup in the neck and the Corey Beaulieu Ascension pickup in the bridge.It also comes with a hardshell case to keep it safe.

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    A okey review, though it wouldn't hurt with a little more critic on the guitar. It's after all a 500$ guitar, and it's hard to believe that it would get an all-out-of 10 rate. Not that prize always matters, but it usually gives you an idea of what to expect
    apparently UG are meant to be strict on all 10 reviews! im not seeing this being put into practise. bloody 10 reviews. bloody noobs. iTs AmAzInG bEcAuSe It SaYs TrIvIuM oN iT!!1111one!1!
    deth medal761
    this guitar is worth it. it was originally $1200 but since trivium left dean the price went way down. so it can get get a 10/10
    The kid is just a Corey Beaulieu wannabe look, he has the same amp, same effects, same guitar (both signature and the razorback he used before). Grow an original bone in your body before you start reviewing gear kid if we wanted to know what Corey Beaulieu likes we'd read what he has to say about it.
    I love Trivium but this V is horrible looking. His proto signature was MUCH better looking!
    i really like this guitar. my store is sellign this cheap too but i picked up a full price dean 7 instead haha The reason it's light is because Corey runs around on stage heaps, and its easier for him. you gotta remember these guitars are made for the artist, not the public.
    To me this guitar is perfect I mean I have played alot of guitars and it just takes the cake. I have not played a PRS but I live in Idaho so I dont get to mess with guitars like that. Sorry about the all 10 review I know it pisses some of you off but this is my review and thats what I feel it should be rated comapared to other guitars. I love low action so it is perfect for me almost like a string thru body. Also this was $1099 but since Trivium left Dean I got it cheaper. If you like V shaped guitars you should check this out it probably will suprise you. Don't go on looks and description on this guitar try it for yourself first before saying its crap.
    Pingis_Or_Death wrote: Users rating: 2.8? Whoa, isn't that a bit harsh? Has anyone of you actually even played the guitar before rating it?
    The user's rating is as unreliable as the reviewer's rating..
    I own this guitar too, it isn't bad but defiantly not deserving of a 10. i would say 8.9 or 9. its defiantly good, but it isn't perfect. the finish is actually kind of cheap and the action is deffinatly way to low. it does have its upsides though. it looks amazing for sure but isnt worth a 10. the price is definatly a deal on this guitar
    Metallicachris, sir my ESP LTD JH-200 was $530 and it is amazing. ive never played a guitar that is more comfortable. it has a Floyd Rose and EMG's and the tone is excellent all around. dont be so quick to judge just by the price. and besides it doesnt matter about the guitar its the guitar player, a good guitarist can make a piece of shit sound good.
    i'm really surprised that a $500 dollar guitar has an original floyd rose, even if it is discontinued
    astonhemmings wrote: The fact that the first line of the sound review is;This guitar suits my music style pretty well as I play mostly metal proves that the guitar doesnt deserve a 10. Just because it plays metal 'pretty well' on its own means that its clearly not deserving of a 10, a ten sould be a truly amazing guitar that can span serveral genres well.
    Not saying that any guitar lightly deserves a straight A -review, but when reviewing, one should always keep in mind the target consumers and what the product is made for. It's a signature guitar of a metal player, so I wouldn't necessarily rate it down for not being the most versatile axe on the market. Still, I have to agree, all-10 -reviews suck ass - there are very few (if any) guitars out there that could score that.
    People always do that dude... they buy something new and for the first month its awesome (and that's usually when they review it) ask they to review it again in 6 months and i bet the story will be very different. I played on the Matt Heafy Dean and it was ok but a very 1 trick pony with only 1 volume knob and not much versatility.
    For some reason i dont believe that a Razorback V with blackouts cant compare to this guitar.....
    The fact that the first line of the sound review is;
    This guitar suits my music style pretty well as I play mostly metal
    proves that the guitar doesnt deserve a 10. Just because it plays metal 'pretty well' on its own means that its clearly not deserving of a 10, a ten sould be a truly amazing guitar that can span serveral genres well.
    TJ the Gnome
    lol all ten review. it is a nice guitar, but not an all ten. as a matter a fact the only guitar i could give anything close to an all ten review is Steve Vai's Ibanez Jem
    $500, and all 10's? Grow the **** up, please. Just because you bought it doesnt make it the best guitar ever.
    i have this guitar and its a mix of good and bad. first off the sound is awesome if u are into metal. the pickups really are geared to metal so if thats all u play then there great. i play anything from led zepplin to lamb of god and with that in mind i can say its not a good choice for a classic rock/blues tone, but not the worsed. the action is very low though, almost to low, it came way to low, all the strings buzzed on open string.i had to **** with it 4 many hours before it was to my liking. overall though, it is a desent guitar. my main complaint is that it is very light, feels like a toy, and its made in korea. if anyone has a question about it post it and i will respond.
    He used the word perfect 7 times and said that after playing many different brands, that Dean is unmatched. I can see a PRS private stock to get all 10s because they're handmade, but this seems excessive. I do like the guitar, but I am so wary of Dean. I have picked up and played many different models and the quality just isn't there for me to bother.
    Users rating: 2.8? Whoa, isn't that a bit harsh? Has anyone of you actually even played the guitar before rating it?
    i only read the all 10's part.It is enough for me to conclude that it is only another of "those" reviews
    i think the main reason its 500 dollars is that dean dealers are wanting rid of it seeing as its discontinued, they're normally the same price as the other razrobacks.
    i really feel reviews have to be super critical, every flaw or fault needs to be discussed. no guitar is perfect, especially at 500 dollars, so there should be no all 10 reviews. these reviews seem more like bragging about getting one recently than providing a well-informed criticism of the guitar.
    Argh. I hate this guitar! I hate dean as well. You should've heard corey and matt's live tone when they were using deans. It was absolutley horrific. Glad that Corey's back with Jackson and Matt's back with Gibson. I tried one out the other day and terrible isnt bad enough the describe it's sound... Dean's just not my cup of tea.