Dime-O-Flame review by Dean

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (163 votes)
Dean: Dime-O-Flame

Price paid: $ 899.99

Purchased from: Guitar Hangar

Sound — 10
I play heavy metal music, anything from agressive thrash to pure shred. I like a bright sound that I can solo with without worrying about a crappy dark sound. The Dimebucker allows a bring sound that you can make your solos sound clear and bright. This fits me perfectly because when I need a nice warm acoustic sound for ballads or somthing I can switch to my neck pickup that allows a perfect warm sound. The combination of the two pickups allow a perfect sound for anything. I have a Boss Metal Zone in which I like to put the high up all the way and middle frequecy up too to create a brighter sound, The pickups allow for the sound to be carried out perfectly. Its not noisy at all the notes come out as clear as day. The variety of sounds you can shoot of of this thing is crazy, it is a very diverse guitar.

Overall Impression — 10
This is a perfect match with what I play. It goes from agressive to warm acoustics to bright sounding solos and dark crunchy powerchords. The harmonics are crazy too. I've been playin for like 9 years and this is the best gutiar I've ever played. I compared it to other Dean MLs and the hardware is all the same so I was like "Okay flame paintjob, yea this one!" I think that if It was stolen I would beat the person who stole it so bad he would have to be addmitted into a mental hospital becasue everytime he sees a guitar he would pull his hair out and tear his flesh from his bones and gouge his eyes out becasue I beat him so bad. I love this guitar like a son. Of course floyd roses are always a bitch but who could say no do a chance to use one. Overall this guitar was clearly the best choice for me, its a less expensive (by maybe 100 or 200 bucks) Dimebag signature that can really shred and you will love it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Dimebag played this guitar live so yea it's built to last and shred as aggressive as possible. I'm an agressive player and so is anyone else I know that plays this guitar too. I never though about anything crapping out on this guitar, it's built way to well for it to just fall apart. I wouldn't bring a back up with this guitar it has everything I need and it won't break. I love it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
This guitar was set up to last and take damage. You know how Dimebag plays this guitar is made for agressive music and in your face stuff. The pickups are adjusted to perfection and have a great sound. Everything was routed fine, I bought it through a small owned guitar shop so the guy makes sure everything is cleaned up and fixed eprfectly so of course it was all cool. The guitar was put together like God himself put it together.

Features — 10
Not sure what year it was made but it was crafted in Korea. Looking at the price I thought it would be made in the US. Dispite the place it was made it's built real tough and can shred like no other. It's got 22 frets with a rosewood fretboard and dot perloid inlays. It's also got a thru neck. I hate dot inlays but these ones look pretty sick. It's got a pretty thin neck so you can speed up and down it really fast. The paintjob it has is ridiculous, one of the best paintjobs ever. If you look near the knobs there is a skull set In Flames. It's got an ML design which was Dimebag's signature style, if your a Dimebag fan this guitar is a must have. It's got a wicked nice floyd rose trem. It stays in tune quite well even when my friend dives as ahrd as he possibly can. It has a Humbucker at the neck, whih is a more warm sounding one for nice acoustics, and a Dimebucker at the bridge for a bright amazing sound to it for real shredding. It's got two volume knobs that have the Dime traction things on them and one tone knob. It]s got a 3-way selector also. I bought this guitar and it came with the case, which costs about 100 bucks anyways.

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    les paul's aren't "better", but they have a very familiar tone because rock is so currently gibson dominated, so they sound "better" because they sound like what you hear on the radio. As far as their playability goes (i presume by playability you refer to speed), it depends on what style neck you get; 50s necks are much fatter (hate em) and 60s necks are really thin and playable (love em).
    a real DEAD one
    Why does everyone say les pauls are better, there too bluky and dont have a good playability. Ive played an ESP les paul knockoff that was only good cuz of they thinned it out and thinned the neck out and threw in better pickups.
    i think they should respect dimebags name a bit more. i mean cummon Dime-O-Flame, what is he some retro brand name that Dean can abuse for ever to sell their overrated guitars?
    ok, now its my turn to comment on this "shredder." No disrespect to Dimebag, but shredding is highly over-rated...and I'd say about 90% of you so called "shredders" out there are no more than a copy of Yngwie Malmsteen going up and down the scales. So when you say that Dean is the best...then you have much to learn.
    any guitar can do anyhting, its a matter of how well.
    ArcherTheVMan wrote: Deans kick ass no question. Theres nothing that a Dean can't do.
    les pauls are better
    But Eddie Van Halen, I mean, Eddie, the one and only man who can make a guitar succumb to his swift, light hands, placed his guitar in Dimebag's coffin! It was the one from the Van Halen II cover was what his brother said in an interview. Obviously Dimebag MUST have done something to deserve such an honor. Honestly, how many of you have dreamt of Jimi Hendrix (though dead), Eddie Van Halen, or Eric Clapton, somebody unique to the guitar, any way, how many have dreamt of being honored by their presence? Even after death?
    Les Pauls are not overrated. I love les paul's. I have a '80 les paul custom and it's great for how i play blues based rock. but..... It is not very comfortable to play things like pantera and suicidal tendencies. I want this guitar becAause it's a shredder's dream. I want both. In my opinion, all of these guitars are kick ass but, I think you have to match the guitar with the style. Les Pauls are bulky and heavy and get great tone because of it. Dean's kick ass too. There's always pros and cons.420
    les pauls, gibsons, epiphones, and the mother of em all strats all are extremely overrated in my book i hate the way they play and theyre bulky, suck with distortion, have a way too conservative sound, and cost shitloads, it could be that im just a metalhead but i think that ibanez, shecter and dean all make guitars that are more affordable, sound better, play better, and look way sexier than those brands i listed earlier that most f you guys covet over
    Vrstone87 wrote: ok, now its my turn to comment on this "shredder." No disrespect to Dimebag, but shredding is highly over-rated...and I'd say about 90% of you so called "shredders" out there are no more than a copy of Yngwie Malmsteen going up and down the scales. So when you say that Dean is the best...then you have much to learn.
    Yngwie Malmsteen is an arrogant prick who loves himself more than all his fans combined, and at least dime's sound was origanal, when malmsteen sounds like every other lightning fast guitarist. and malmsteen is over rated anyway, just cause he plays fast doesn't mean that he's good
    why do they make them in korea though makes everyone feel as though they are not as reliable :p
    by playability i believe he means access to all frets. gibsons are one of the worst for upper fret access, we all can agree on that. however, people like me love the 50's style fat neck because i have large hands. thin necks make my hands cramp up... also, jumbo frets are on almost every guitar out there now except for gibson. gibson uses a fretwire that has a more transitional feel (less bumpy when shifting notes) which allows for better sliding. i own a schecter it has jumbo fretwire on it and i'd love to change the fretwire to the gibson style wire if i could.
    the dimebucker makes it easy enough to do blood-curdling squeals o' doom while sleeping or filing taxes
    (rockSUCKS)Rap is pretty much a whole bunch of poor people who yelled at each other about who's poorer and retards like you liked it. I own this guitar and I can say, yes re-stringing is a pain in the Ass, but once you get over that, the reward is far beyond any guitar I've played.
    Rainmaker27 has a point. And (Rocksucks) just so you know, rap is what happens when rock n roll takes a shit. But anyways.... I don't own a Dime-O-Flame, but I do own a Dime-O-Flage. And even though it doesnt have a Floydie, it still rocks like any other guitar I've seen in my life.
    Whats wrong with you man? Why do you have an account on Ultimate Guitar if you dont even like rock**? Geez, get some sense
    Whats wrong with you man? Why do you have an account on Ultimate Guitar if you dont even like rap? Geez, get some sense
    metallifan1 wrote: This guitar sucks!!!!! Get the USA built DEan from HELLLLL!!!!!
    yo have yopu ever played it? I did and I have to say it feels sounds and looks better than alot of guitars I've played, like american strat, some jackson dinkys, gibson l.p.s and some charvels. Why don't you like it?
    yo have yopu ever played it? thats soppuse to say:yo have you ever played it?
    Spit it out
    "ERICMAN93 YOU S(_)CK MY BIG FAT HAIRY BLACK N(_)TS!!!! ALL OF YOU DO CAUSE YOU ARE ALL ROCKERS AND I HATE ROCKERS!!!!! ROCK S(_)CKS AND RAP IS GOD!!!! RAP IS WHERE ITS AT!!! NOT R-TARD ROCK" Ive not seen someone make an arse out of themselves like that in a looong time. Also im thinking baout getting this guitar, though i would prefer the razorback two tone but damn its expensive. Though this is only 150 cheaper so yeah...
    I REALLY WANT 2 GET ONE OF THESE!!! I'm PRETTY young, 13...but i still play songs lyk "Eruption" and "Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing". iv just purschesed a Epiphone 1967 Flying V...GREAT BY THE WAY...but this guitar would be SOOOO COOL!!! LOOKS GREAT, SOUNDS GREAT and to top it off has a KILLER name!!! IM GUNA THE SHOPS NOW!!!!
    rap has no musicians. its all singers. so, following this logic; one may feel tempted to become a member of a website dedicated to guitar - one of the main instruments in a rock band - to find out all the latest news and updates on the rap scene, get tabs for all the instruments that are obviously used in rap, by talented musicians who have studied music exhaustively and whose musical prowess goes unmatched, in both technicality and speed over any other genre. rap is a genre of music in which guitarists are needed, and skill is as vital as the air we breathe
    one thing no one has seemed to mention which i do find oh so slightly ridiculous so far is that the les paul lacks a floyd rose. I mean sure its not a vital thing to have on your guitar but they are great to have for experimental purposes none the less this dean does kick ass but my Jackson KV2 walks all over it deans are probobly my 2nd fav brand, esp 3rd and ibanez 4th play nice
    im thinkin bout gettin this one or the dean from hell which one is better coz they both look amazin
    any guitar can do anyhting, its a matter of how well.ArcherTheVMan wrote: Deans kick ass no question. Theres nothing that a Dean can't do. les pauls are better
    Then why does this have a higher rating then a gibson les paul, the supposedly best les paul? Ok, different guitars suit different styles, but for the style this would be used for dean guitars are the best. That would be why Dimebag used them lol
    What a bunch of idiotic comments....this guitar, this guitarist. Guys.....come on now. Which is better bolt on neck/set neck/neck through? Ingwie/Satch/Rhoads? Its all bullshit....if you like it and it works for you that is all that matters. LP's are great...ALOT of metal guys play them, Rhoads/Wilde/etc...Jacksons, Schecters, Ibanez, bla bla bla all make shredder guitars that rock. All make 200$ kiddie toys and all make great guitars that the little 14 year olds only dream about. To me its not how you play it...but what you make it say....There are fast guys...but who gives a shit if it sounds like 2500 other guys who are that fast. Can you make it scream/sing/whine/give me goose bumps. Its been said that Yngwie is fast but Clampton says more with 3 notes than he can with 200 notes... Dimebag could make it tell stories...dark foreboding stories...that what makes him special! Same with Rhoads and others....he made his guitar make you feel things....speed does not do that by itself! Nice guitar.....God bless
    Woot! I got this guitar 5 days ago and I'm insanely happy with it. It's very versatile and solid. I don't know if it's heavy cos I'm a big guy and for me it's light as a feather lol in the country I live in this guitar is worth 1200 and I got it from a cool retailer from 700 so overall I think I made a great deal but even if I had payed more I would be happy the same! Dime4ever!
    mr kipling
    Problem with this guitar is that it weighs a ton, its ot that easy to play and the pickups just sound weak for some reason. The bridge however, is a lot better than the one on the razorback.
    woo hoo! ordering mine 2mro! =D =D =D =D so ****ing excited! should be here tuesday!!! eeeee!!!!
    dean guitars are wayyyy better than any lespaul out there .... most of the les paul users are the guy who want to eat, sleep, drink, and shit like slash....
    like Dime said in one of his last interviews "nice guitars are nice guitars, vintage are vintage, thats what they are, the highs and lows of rock n roll, but if you want to destroy something, strap on a f-kin dean"
    i have yet to find this one or the FBD ML around town, but if it's anything like the Dean From Hell it's ****in great!
    guitar135 wrote: any guitar can do anyhting, its a matter of how well.ArcherTheVMan wrote: Deans kick ass no question. Theres nothing that a Dean can't do. les pauls are better
    you cant really compare the two a les paul is built alot different than a dean ml..and it depends on what type of music your playing....but for metal deans are better...les pauls are alot harder to shred on because of the way the body is made its uncomfortable to go down the neck
    i just got a dime -o-flame , and the bridge was too low in the body so i went to loosen the springs , and wa--la the screws that hold the springs were almost all the way screwed in, why ? well because they were put in at a angle insted of straight , and if you loosen them ya cant get the back plate on , how nice now the whammy wont work right , DEAN SUX , they put a kick ass pick-up in an ok guitar and had it put together in a land far far away where they dont give a f%#k, this is BS
    You guys are funny ive played for 8 yrs now and i still read these s*** review comments that relate mostly to nothing about the related item but actually on how one feels another item is so much better in stead of a yes i like it because.... or a no i dont because... With that said Played this guitar the other day though cheap in price it stands out on performance i played it through a marshall JCM900 Sounded great with Blues, Rock, and Metal riffs if you cant get a great sound out of this dont blame it on this guitar blame it on yourself or what your playing on. For those looking for a serious comment relating this guitar GREAT allaround guitar for an affordabal price only fault I found was I preffer Floydd Rose Not licensed but still Great Guitar.
    but on the lighter side of things, i'd LOVE a dime dean, i'm starting to be able to play pantera, but i've probably got to save up till i'm 17! does the trem artm unscrew like on a fender? because i've always been annoyed by the trem because it gets in the way.