Dime-O-Flame review by Dean

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (163 votes)
Dean: Dime-O-Flame

Price paid: $ 700

Purchased from: guitar center

Sound — 10
This guitar obviousley is a heavy metal guitar considering the shape, finish, and the single fact that its a dimebag darell guitar. its sounds great with any metal. I myself play a lot of prieast and Megadeth and sabbath but i also play a lot of creednce and other classic rock and blues and it still sound beatiful. But don't get me wrong, playing elvis on a dimebag guitar is gonna look kinda wierd.

Overall Impression — 10
This is a perfect match for any form of metal. I've been playing for roughly a year and 7 or 8 months. I play this guitar with a Crate gx-40 amp( which is also a wonderful amp I got used for $50) and a Boss metal zone mt2 pedal(great pedal by the way) and ocasionally I use the DigiTech RP150(which I also made a review for). If this thing was stolen for sure I would by another. I love everything about it the Floyd Rose, the shape, the pick ups, the sound quality, and everything else. Nothing a bout this guitar is hateable but it is heavier than most guitars. Compared to my old Silvertone piece of shit, this thing would be like the globetrotters verse the last place 5 year old teamn in russia. This guitar deservas an A+++. Good work Dean. Two wings up.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I can't tell you anything a bout this because I've only had this guitar for about 3 days but so far so good. I'm sure it will last.you always need a backup at a gig but you most likely wouldn't use it. The finish is on their pretty thick. I think it has like some glaze or something over it so it shouldn't be coming off.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
No flaws what so ever. Everything is on the right way however the pickuos are a little shAKEY BUT aren't they all. Aldo at the ends of the pickups are these black stickers... don't remove them. I made that mistake. it's not gonna Hurt to much if you do but I think they are ther to protect the dust from going into rhe edge of the pickup otherwise alls good in the hood.

Features — 10
I'd give this a 1000 if I could but I cant. Not sure exactly were it was made. It says us in one spot and korea in another. 22 fret if I'm correct. It has this insane graphic of fire. It's a solid body guitar. Rosewood fretboard I think? It's an ml body(the one that looks like a big X. Now heres where it gets gnarly. Floyd Rose bridge with a locking tremelo. Grover tuners. Seymore duncan pickups. It's got a volume knob, two ton knobs, and a 3 way selector. This guitar came with a hard cased bag two sets of strings, and a 12 pack of tortex picks.

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    Disturbed42 wrote: Vrstone87 wrote: ok, now its my turn to comment on this "shredder." No disrespect to Dimebag, but shredding is highly over-rated...and I'd say about 90% of you so called "shredders" out there are no more than a copy of Yngwie Malmsteen going up and down the scales. So when you say that Dean is the best...then you have much to learn. Yngwie Malmsteen is an arrogant prick who loves himself more than all his fans combined, and at least dime's sound was origanal, when malmsteen sounds like every other lightning fast guitarist. and malmsteen is over rated anyway, just cause he plays fast doesn't mean that he's good
    i agree
    this is a serious comment, from somebody whos played in a half dozen bands, with guitars of every major and many smaller/ foreign/ custom brands... this guitar is a decent deal if you can get it for
    ** under 900 dollars. i own it, and a razorback, and a RC7X, and that is my dean collection. i also own about a half dozen ibanez guitars, as they are of great value especially for metal, a gibson gothic LP, a charvel, a parker, and a PRS. about your little squabble over whos the best player, whats the best guitar?? ive been a guitar tech for about 10 years, as well as having played in a bunch of bands, playing everything from classic rock, to metal, to harder metal, to black metal, to experimental shit, just about the whole of the metal spectrum, playing as a lead, rhythem and bass guitar player since i started taking lessons in '93, as a wee 6 year old, with a half sized johnson acoustic. all i can say is play it before you buy it... guitar handling can change at the drop of a dime, no pun intended, even on a single guitar. i promise you, i could blindfold probably a third of these posters on this thread, perform set ups on a 67 strat, a 70s LP and any dean, and in the right settings, based on playability, fool you into not knowing which was which. just with string wear, and spring use, you can watch the action on a floyd rose go from a couple mm at the 22nd fret, to like 5 or 6 in a matter of months just by not treating it right, wrong strings, etc. not to mention, you could probably play 2 of the same or similar model guitars, in the same store and they can feel different depending on how they were set up, potential wear, etc. my best advice is to find one, play it on an amp setup similar to your own, and ASK QUESTIONS!!! what kind of warrantee do you offer, do you have any similar products i could try, do you have any similar products you could make a deal on, do you have a demo piece of this model you could make a deal on, do you have one that's not a demo piece?? all of these questions can potentially score you a sweet deal, and have saved me money, and headaches on numerous occasions. i just saved 250 dollars on a brand new rusty cooley RC7X, because i bought the demo piece at the store. same warrantee, same PERFECT condition, and get this: it had the best action out of the 3 at the store, and came with a free hard case. then i asked for a free strap and some picks and, of course got them. and if you walk in there with cash, omg, they'll probably suck your dick right there.. just dont tell them you're planning on buying until you know you want it, and have scored a strap or picks or whatever. salesmen are sneaky and smart, and ALWAYS have a good amount of mark up to play with, like a free/ cheap case if it wasn't included, or whatever. that's the beauty of buying in person, not only can you make sure it's THE guitar you want, but you can negotiate. remember, your axe is your best friend, a partner in a beautiful relationship, and you dont want to half ass something like that. you can always find little deals if you look hard, and it can easily be the piece you were looking for, not just some bright colors waved in your face... hopefully this will help at least one person make a somewhat informed decision when they buy their next piece, or at least put a level of understanding into this arguement of what guitar is the best... PS yngwie is a dick because he's an amazing player and knows he can get away with it, because every neo classical/ metal player wants his nuts. as for shredding supposedly being random note as fast as you can???? that's probably only your opinion because if you played metal that's what it would sound like. i could call acoustic/ clean playing a bunch of open chords and repetitive hooks, but that would be just as ignorant, as just not as fluent with, or moved by that style of playing...
    ** sorry for triple post. ** as IM just not as fluent with, or moved by that style of playing...
    in my personal opinion this is my dream guitar i love it every time i pick it up it never gets old, even my less-paul fan boy buddys say this is a great guitar and would trade a less paul for it. i mean i dig less-pauls and all just this is more my style and more affordable i mean i play the thing in jazz band and sounds just as good as my friend dan's (who also plays) Epi. fire bird