Explosion Razorback review by Dean

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (216 votes)
Dean: Explosion Razorback

Purchased from: www.gearhounds.com

Sound — 10
The guitar sounds as evil and badass as everyone says it does, the dimebucker can handle crushing gain tones and killer metal sounds, almost any sound can be achieved with this great guitar if you have a half decent amp. It definetly suits my style, metal. I play songs from the likes of Iron Maiden, Trivium, Metallica and Slayer and it scares me just how close I can get to sounding like them. I play it through a Line 6 Spider 3 75 watt amp and I get killer tones everytime. I don't get any feedback at all, even at high volumes unless I'm stood holding the pickups on the amps speaker. I was suprised at the clean sounds I get too, seen as the razorback is primarily a metal guitar, the clean channels are warm and bright, and it plays cleanly and clearly. Top marks again.

Overall Impression — 10
Like mentioned before, I play metal (sometimes classic/hard rock too) and this is renowned as the ultimate metal guitar, designed by the god of metal himself, Dimebag Darrel. So the guitar is a perfect match for my style. I have been playing around 2 and a half years now and it is by far the best guitar I have played. It delivers everything from the most evil, dark metal high gain sounds to the warmest, vibrant clean tones. If this guitar was stolen or lost, I would cry a hell of alot, as it looks amazing and plays, sounds and feels like a beauty. I wanted this guitar for about 12 months before I bought it, so I expected a lot, but it gives me everything I want and it was even better than I thought. The only thing I want now to complete my metal setup is a Krank Distortus Maximus pedal then I will be content!

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar is built like a tank, the shape is awesome but a flaw many people find with it is that it has a tendency to bang off things when you least expect it, I myself have done this a few times, some pretty bad bangs, but the guitar doesnt't even appear scratched. the hardware is great, I can't fault that as it seems it will last forever with appropriate care. I would definetly use this at a gig without backup, I trust my razorback completely as it has never once failed on me. the finish will most certainly last as it hasn't even faded yet.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
I was slightly dissapointed at the factory set up at first as the action was slightly too high for my liking and the tremolo was badly off balanced, the guitar was badly out of tune and it took awhile for me to set it up to my satisfaction. I lowered the action and balanced the tremolo without much fuss however, and after doing this the guitar plays perfectly fine. Also I had to tighten the bottom strap lock as it was wobbling about like a madman. Other than that it was very good. The killer explosion finish couldnt be any better, I think there are about 5 slightly different designs on the Explosion Razorback, as some are darker and the fire is less clear and it has a lot of black gaps towards the edge of the guitar. Personally I prefer the finish I got as it is the most bright and firey version with hardly any black outlines. So after the initial setup I had to perform, this guitar plays like a dream.

Features — 10
The features on this guitar are all a metalhead like myself could ask for. The guitar was made in China, which could pose as a deterrent as for it's price you would expect a USA model, but it plays like a true USA guitar as far as I'm concerned, removing all doubt that it wouldn't handle like a proper USA model. Also the licensed Floyd Rose tremolo could pose as a bit of a problem, as one would expect an original for the price, but it performs just as good as the original, it took about 20 minutes to put in tune upon first recieving it but after that I did tons of squeals, divebombs and other whammy bar stunts and it never de-tuned. It has 22 frets on a rosewood fingerboard, the set neck gives it great sustain and the fully bound mahogony body make this a dream guitar for Dimebag fans. It comes with the legendary dimebucker neck pickup which delivers great bite and tone. My number one fault with this guitar is the neck pickup is really bad, it can deliver nice warm sounding tones at times depending on the amp setup, but if you are going to buy this guitar I would highly recommend replacing it with somehting better. It has a 3 way selector Switch and comes with locking grover machineheads. Usually this guitar comes with a case so if your buying it and not getting a case your being ripped off. The case is a Dean hard shell case and is very durable with inside padding and a compartment for other accessories. Overall, I epected a hell of a lot from this dream guitar, and it definetly exeeded these expectations by a long shot.

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    Looks really good, im sure it sounds good too - im looking into buying one, but you'd think that for the price they could have at least of put an original floyd rose on it?
    TrivGtr187 wrote: Deathcore Dude wrote: give me 24 frets and a floyd rose original and id buy it... yep thats why i think ill stick with ibanez =D
    I love Ibanez's too man but this guitar would be worth sacrificing two frets.
    is there any difference between this one and the green bumblebee one as where i live the bumblebee is 500 bucks cheaper than the explosion
    I dont play alot of Metal music but this guitar is amazing sound and neck wise. It shouldn't be stereotypically only for metal guitarists.
    I played one of these the other day, but I got an SG instead, because it suits my preferred style (classic Hard Rock, Hevy Metal) better, but maybe as my next guitar.....:p
    I like The dean guitars like any dean the ml,Cadillac etc because the ibanez guitars are so fcking ugly. like ive never seen a brand of guitar that so ugly.
    another one too, the dimarzio in the neck wasnt wired up properley so it kept cutting off and working when it felt like it. it sounds alright, but hasnt got much clarity. rather muddy.
    and, good as the guitar is, the dimebucker is cheaply made and you can buy it ever so cheaply on ebay. it sounds alright, but not amazing. the infinity 'buckers on my 400 ibanez sound the same, if not better.
    you can get a 24 fret razorback. i have one. theyre the 255 series (255 meaning 25.5" scale, meaning you can get 24 frets). its immense. and the floyd is perfect. no need for an original, it works fine.
    PoP N FresH
    ali Bear wrote: this guitar is shocking. You may want if it image obsessed but for any thing else, like the important thing of how it plays, is shite, no diabolical. I wouldnt give it the time of day on how it plays. Plus its akward and not worth the time learning how to hold the ****ing thing.
    what are you retarded? you cant hold a fuking guitar.....dude tahst a fair indication of your ability....i cant hold a razorback....i hope to god no one lets u drive, god knows the steering wheel is too difficult to hold as well. tosser. also...>DIMEBUCKER.....sounds ****ing amazing.
    instant serial
    ive got one arriving any day now from guitar asylum. i recently played a bunch of them on a trip to nyc. this is the first import [besides my jem floral]ive bought. i was shocked how nice it playes and sounds.if anyones played a usa give a shout im very curious as i couldnt find one anywhere. i know theyre $2500 or so more. i may change my bridge to a orig floyd and a super distortion at the neck as per his majesty dimes request. that rust tribute is calling me!mine is a korean explosion i know they also come out of china. is there a difference? peace & carrots
    uuum....ive never played 1 but by the sounds of the reviews im gnnna have 2 start savin!!!!im only 13 so actually: mum will have 2 staart savin 4 me lol. were actually not 2 rich so my first guitar is a washburn WV16 so yea...add me!!!!
    As cool as it looks, I've got to say all your really buying is the look...i've got a mexican fender strat with a dimbucker in the bridge and a dimazario fast track 2 in the neck, and it rips just as good as any import razorback.
    *I want to site an example of import restrictions. Plenty of guitars that people buy have Brazilian rosewood necks. You can only import that in the US as a FINISHED product. So even if you buy American, the fretboard was made somewhere else
    PLOP wrote: I got one. Totally worth it. You beat me to reviewing it! This guitar is awesome for metal, but if you change to the neck you can get an awesome blues tone, and both pickups sound excellent clean. On top of that, roll of the distortion and you have a standard rock tone. It owns. Try one
    I'm sure you can still review this model, doesn't mean UG will post your review. You might earn some points though. P.S. I have played many asian (and/or foreign) counter-parts to USA made instruments, and all I can say is that, unless it's made by an individual, original,educated person, imports are just as well made. Observe also, that many of the fine woods that are used on imported guitars, aren't allowed for import in the US. The craftmanship maybe slightly better, the raw materials are inferior due to tree hugging envos.
    dean guitars are so badass. but my style of playing is very jimmy pagish. i dont think a $4000 guitar with flames on it fits my style. its sweet as hell and id love to try it though
    Shredder Guitar
    yeah, Dime used a Bill Lawrence, but im sure he had to use some prototype of the dimebucker at some point, ive seen live vids of him playing a prototype razorback.
    looks pretty cool. im thinking that evn tho Dime didnt use Duncans or DiMarzios, it should give u an awesome sound. id rather not have a guitar like this, b/c with one wrong move it looks like u could kill some1 with the horns. or jab urslf with the top left horn. and Dime never used a razorback, or even one with a flame graphic like this. Or Dimebuckers. Id rather have a CFH ML with a Bill Lawrence 500XL. thats just me tho.
    Love, KoRn
    i have played this guitar, and i was very disappointed, the paint job on it looks matted and pixelated up close and it was a terrible let down
    TrivGtr187 wrote: Deathcore Dude wrote: give me 24 frets and a floyd rose original and id buy it... yep thats why i think ill stick with ibanez =D
    How many Ibanez guitars have you seen with an OFR? lol. I think I've only ever seen one, and I think it was a custom. The majority have Edge pros (II, and III on cheaper models). Anyway, it's a guitar I want to try out. I probably wouldn't buy one though. Checked.
    id love this guitar but in the uk its just sooooo expensive and i wouldnt get it as id want 24 frets
    Deathcore Dude wrote: give me 24 frets and a floyd rose original and id buy it...
    You can get those with 24 frets, but those have active pickups I think. Just check the Dean site, they also have a different finish.
    The guitar is amazing, it plays great, it feels great but you will need a noisegate because it's a pretty noisy guitar and the paintjob just sucks. The paint chips like a mother*****. I have the two tone and if you hardly hit anything the paint is already damaged =_= For that amount of money it should never happen! I also have an Ibanez and the paintjob is much much much better
    the razorback is like an ibanez....in the shape of a razorback, lol. I played an explosion at Sam Ash and that neck felt so thin and fast, i could chug away chords, or shred solos on it easily either way. its only downside is its lack of the 23rd and 24th frets. sidenote: im surprised nobody had to make the usual comment when razorbacks are talked about that says "funny, because dimebag never even played a razorback" its a nice change for once.
    I got mine like a year and half ago and its model number is within the first 100 made and its awesome. Everything about it is perfect for a metal head. Mine came with locking tuners aswell as the floyd tremolo and the 12 up frets are scalloped and its a all one piece not set or bolt i can get sustain for days and the pickups are amazing.