Explosion Razorback review by Dean

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.7 (216 votes)
Dean: Explosion Razorback

Sound — 10
It is amazing I mostly do metal, but I also do a lot of neo-classical and classic rock, some jazz. So for everything I use it for I find it does it all those pickups are perfect the L500 has amazing clarity and great tone. The Dimebucker is stands alone as one of the greatest passive pickups, it gives such clarity that I can hear every string when I hit big chords; even when I got tons of distortion a compressor and a equalizer set to destroy. The harmonics I can get out of it makes me feel like Dime, which is all one can ask for.

Overall Impression — 10
My style is all metal usually and it is as Dean say "The Greatest Metal Guitar Ever". I have been playing for 5 years, I got 3 other guitars Marshall amp and Boss GT-6 effects processor. No questions needed, I would die without it; it might be my life mate, needless to say I would buy it again and if I had the money I would buy another couple. I love that I can think of something and be happy with knowing I got a guitar that already does it, or hearing something on the radio and being able to play it the first time because of the guitar. Nothing I hate about it besides it not having a love hole. Favorite feature is the Dimebucker. I compared it to Kerry King V and a Gibson Explorer. I chose it because it is last word in Metal Guitar.

Reliability & Durability — 10
It plays real well on stage if not better than at home practice as if it makes you better. Small problem is I got to let it sit out when I move it from my house to a gig or where ever but that's because of the Floyd Rose getting used to the temp and humidity. Strap buttons are perfect I got strop lock for it so there no problem. I used it everyday for over 2 months for a show and it never went out of tune, even now I have not had it tuned and it's still pitch perfect. As far as the finish goes I have bumped it pretty hard a couple of time and I can't even see the dent and it really makes a impression when you see it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
To start off the is so perfect I could have my picking arm cut off and still play like I had it. I could never do sweeps before I got this guitar. I could not have asked for better pickup position. No flaws, the only thing was that I was not used to the large body and bumped it a little but I quickly learned. I have seen three others since I bought mine they didn't have the scalloped pickups, the locking tuners and the Bill Lawrence pickup or a one piece body and neck. So I might be more lucky than usual.

Features — 10
I got mine in 2007, it was made in the U.S. serial number is 444. it's got 22 frets 12-22 are scalloped. Solid Body. It's all Mahogany I think, all one piece except the fretboard. Explosion. Razorback. Floyd Rose double locking tremolo. Passive Electronics. Two volume, one tone, and a three way selector Switch that can also be a kill Switch. It's got L500 Bill Lawrence in the neck and a Dimebucker bridge. Sprezel Locking tuners. I got a case to fit the guitar with it along with dime Dl=L strings on it.

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    Could anyone please confirm if the ones made now have a single-locking trem? I saw a review on youtube of one and he said the floating bridge was the only drawback as it went horridly out of tune after minimal use. The images of them are too small to see if it's single locking or double-locking. And in the specifications they simply say "Floyd Rose bridge"
    bigREDgrin wrote: I got mine like a year and half ago and its model number is within the first 100 made and its awesome. Everything about it is perfect for a metal head. Mine came with locking tuners aswell as the floyd tremolo and the 12 up frets are scalloped and its a all one piece not set or bolt i can get sustain for days and the pickups are amazing.
    Well all razorbacks are set neck, they just cut away at it so you can't see the neck joint. Also, frets 12-22 scalloped doesnt sound like a bad idea, although you would lose the inlays on those frets
    xJohnxAnarchyx wrote: TrivGtr187 wrote: Deathcore Dude wrote: give me 24 frets and a floyd rose original and id buy it... yep thats why i think ill stick with ibanez =D I love Ibanez's too man but this guitar would be worth sacrificing two frets.
    you can get the razorback 255 i think and that has emgs and 24 frets =)
    Damn i want this GUitar So badly.... Dean Dimebag being one of my heroes and all.. It isn't that expensive like 900 to 999 euro's. tho im only 14 atm im gona work my ass for 2 to 3 years saving every little fu cking penny i can so i can buy this with a decent amp
    Greenday #1 wrote: Man cud someone tell me how much in AUSTRALIAN dollars? it wud be madly appreciated.
    I've seen them online for around $1200 AUD
    IbenezIceman wrote: is there any difference between this one and the green bumblebee one as where i live the bumblebee is 500 bucks cheaper than the explosion
    The finish is the only difference, I'd go ahead and get the Slime Bumblebee one.
    mr kipling wrote: This guitar isn't worth the money, the only good thing is the neck.
    What about the Dimebucker?
    i was going to buy this gut the didn't have it and then i found out it didn't have 24frets (what a waste) and saw real pics of it and saw that it was more orange than i thought it'd be. so i bought the Razorback 255 black and silver two tone
    I loved the look of the Razorback, from the first moment I layed eyes on it. Needless to say I'm a few minutes away from purchasing one My first guitar is going to be awesome!
    This guitar is awesome but theyre way too expensive ive seen them for $2100 (Australian)
    BRB Devil
    My Razorback Explosion is a lefty made in Korea 09, it took a while to get the Floyd Rose set to my liking and tuning is a long process but i now love my explosion, it sounds great and looks fantastic. I enjoy playing it and it is well worth NZ$1800. I rate it 8/10
    JimiAwesome wrote: This guitar is awesome but theyre way too expensive ive seen them for $2100 (Australian)
    try importing one from america. Its so much cheaper also Im kinda glad that one of Deans better guitars is made in lefty, im sick of seeing companies with their left haded models either really cheap or rediculouslly expensive...Horay for Dean and mid range price
    Winter Skyes
    I own A LOT of 24 Frets perferably about 9, And Floyd Originals Built Into them coming from Ibanez and Jackson MOST commonly, And I have to say the sound of this guitar... Blows every guitar i've owned away, It sounds more real on the bridge pick up, I was gonna get a Dave Signature pick up or Bareknuckle on the bridge permanently, but they didn't sound all that realistic, they sounded good though and daves pick up was too much treble for me, I Personally HATE EMG'S crunch sound as I perfer smooth leads with headroom, But this guitar can pull it off on how the hardware was made for this, I don't really use much 23rd or 24th fret for my other guitars, who seriously does constantly? It can be nice to have, But The Pick Ups are really good, and I own a lot of high end stuff, this thing has blown it all away, don't listen to the negative comments, The Rating on this guitar; is real as it gets.