Michael Schenker Standard Review

manufacturer: Dean date: 04/08/2008 category: Electric Guitars
Dean: Michael Schenker Standard
The Dean Michael Schenker Standard electric guitar is an affordable Michael Schenker signature model with the classic black and white finish. It features the Series II classic V headstock, a basswood body, bolt-on maple neck, dual humbucking pickups, Grover tuners, and tons o' 'tude.
 Sound: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
 Reliability & Durability: 6.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 6
 Features: 7.5
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overall: 8.2
Michael Schenker Standard Reviewed by: SuperGuitarSam, on april 08, 2008
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Price paid: $ 365.982

Purchased from: imuso.co.uk

Features: My Michael Schenker Standard was made in China, don't know what year. 22 jumbo frets, Basswood body, V shape with a string-thru body bridge. It originally came with Standard Dean passive pickups however I changed these to active EMGs (81 in the bridge and 85 in the neck). It has 2 volume controls, 1 tone and a 3 way selector Switch. Grover tuners, and it came with a guitar cable, allen keys and a pick. // 8

Sound: I play metal and some rock, and this guitar suits me down to the ground. After I changed the pickups this guitar really sounds amazing. I had previously owned a Squier 51 which was more suited to funk, and so I use that for funk and the Dean for everything else. I'm using it with a Peavey Bandit 112 and the cleans are incredible. Also the neck pickup is so good for solos like the four horsemen etc and I think the EMGs/Basswood body work together really nicely. It can do most any style as I have dabbled in Indie etc and it does them well, however it is an out and out metal guitar. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: After I received it it had a bizarre wiring problem where the tone control would sound like it was fading out but nobody was turning the knob. However when I changed the pickups I replaced the entire wiring set up on the guitar so it got rid of that. There were a few tiny cosmetic flaws i.e. one of the inlays is cracked and the logo doesn't quite match on either side of the black/white but they are unnoticable unless poitned out. The pickups were adjusted fine for me when I got them and the action was fine as well, I haven't adjusted it since. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I have used it Live and it was really great and I would definitely use it without a backup. It's a solid guitar and the hardware is very tough and durable. The strap buttons keep the strap on well enough for most people however if you are going to try Yngwie-style 360 degree guitar orbits over the shoulder then you should probably look for some straplocks. The finish seems a little flaky, I have had some dings in the finish but nothign serious and it's not really noticeable, and for this price it is good. // 8

Overall Impression: I really like this guitar and it suits my music perfectly. I've been playing seriously for about 4 years and have had a Squier. I wish I had asked about what playing with a painted neck would be like as I wasn't sure whether it would be harder/easier than the Squiers bare wood but as it turns out I find it more comfortable once I was used to it. If the guitar was stolen I'd track the guy down and beat him to death with it and then go and use it on stage no problem. It has very easy high fret access which I like and the scale length suits me. I compared it to a few other entry levels such as Epiphone Les Pauls etc but this won out as I think the paint job makes it stand out from the crowd. If I was going to buy this I would seriously consider upgrading the pickups as I go for Zakk Wylde style pinches and only EMGs can do them well. // 9

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overall: 6.2
Michael Schenker Standard Reviewed by: Johansensan, on april 07, 2008
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Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: I recieved this guitar as a gift from my parents for Christmas 2 years ago. It's got 22 frets, basswood body, maple neck, bolt-on construction, and dual open-coil humbuckers. 2 vol, 1 tone, 3-way select. Since I got it for christmas, I don't know if it came with a case or not. I assume no because it was in a Coffin Case. It's a Flying V shape with Dean Series II Classic "V" headstock. It's a little lopsided in terms of weight, but that's not a problem. // 7

Sound: I play metal and this guitar is pretty good for it. The high frets are very easy to reach, the body doesn't interfere with the frets so it's pretty nice. The sound is pretty dang good. I love the way it is and I prefer its sound over my ESP Explorer for certain things. It sounds really nice but I had a wireing problem about 6 months ago where the sound would drop out at random moments. But it was an easy fix. No problem. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The action is pretty good. for some reason it feels a little high to me, but it's easier to play than my other guitars. I may just be crazy because the action is the same as on my others which is perfect. No buzzing. I had a wireing problem where the sound kept quiting on me so I got that fixed and the controls are a little loose which makes me mad. Other than that it's pretty good. Guitar is really like for such a size. // 5

Reliability & Durability: I'd say if you're careful with it, it could survive Live. I've never used it Live, I've kept it with me for moral support, but never played it live. I'm super careful with mine because of the problems I've had but when I play ones at stores they seem fine. I think I got the 1-in-1,000,000 guitar that has the faults. The finish has lasted 2 years with the only things wrong are the small scratches from picking, which happen with every guitar. // 5

Overall Impression: I love the Flying V shape and I love the Michael Schenker Custom paint (half classic black, half white). The sound is amazing, it can go anywhere (I run it through a Marshall MGHDFX100 head with MG412 cab or a Peavey with Metal Muff pedal) and it's beautiful. The wireing problems and loose controls are obnoxious but, again, I think it's just mine. If you're interested in metal or hard rock, or really anything, I recomend this. At guitar center they run $300 normal price, so it's a good deal. // 7

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