Razorback DB review by Dean

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.8 (45 votes)
Dean: Razorback DB

Price paid: $ 499

Purchased from: GuitarCenter

Sound — 9
Straight up metal guitar, from thrash to groove, from classic to death metal. I play Thrash, as in megadeth, anthrax, slayer. Metallica sold out, so they blow now, but I play pre sellout Metallica. This guitar can do anything. The ONLY thing it doesn't do is blues. Great warm sound. I use it with a Peavey Renown Solo Series 450w amp. I was playing a Gibson marauder, and it sucked. I traded it for the Peavey and this axe. I love the choice I made.

Overall Impression — 10
Perfect match for thrash metal. Inane guitar. I own an Ibanez, and this kills it. I wish I had bought 2. If it were lost or stolen, I would kill the bastard who stole it with the guitar. I love the spikes on it, but I hate the one on the top that stabs my stomach when I sit down with it. If you like dime, buy this guitar. If you like metal, buy this guitar. Love the floyd, I can play it for a week without having to tune it. I compared this to every Gibson out there and it kills 'em all. My only wish is that it played itself. Best 499 I've ever spent.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I have personally played this live, so I know it doesn't need a backup. I'm a clumsy-ass though, so I use one anyway. Straps are solid, everything good. Finish is great, I've beat the hell out of it, not a scratch. I broke my old B.C. Rich in 2 months. This guitar has lasted 3, and without a scratch on it, besides the dime sized chip on the back. Insanely reiable.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The guitar was set up okay, I had to raise the pickups it was in drop c. Drop tunings suck. If you're not heavy enough in regular, then you suck too. Flawless guitar except the bastard at guitar center chipped it on the back when he took it down. Should have stabbed the idiot. No routing problems.

Features — 10
Dean's Greatest guitar, only cheaper. I have had mine for 3 months. Mine is a Killswitch with a floyd on it. I love the floyd, you can do squeals and divebombs just like dime did. The killswitch gives a nice strobe when you want it to, but I just use mine between songs to keep feedback off. Not a buzzy guitar at all. I switched the bridge pickup to a dave mustaine livewire. Satin black finish makes me want to f*** it. Love this bitch! 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 killswitch. Tuners are great, grovers. Made in china, but a great quality guitar. Bolt-on neck give best tone. Good access to 21st fret means EPIC solos.

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    I love how people bandwagon. I always thought Dean's (including Razorbacks) were good guitars. I've never had an issue playing on them, seem pretty solid to me.
    Whether it's a good guitar or not is subject to the buyers opinion, but the reality of it is you're paying $400+/- for a guitar that's made in CHINA. The reason for such a high price on such a lower quality instrument? The name and style, that's how they can get you to pay that price, despite it's actually not worth what's on the tag. But big company names have to sell cheaper models because that's how they get word out so that customers will pay for their true quality in higher end models. But all in all, China by far has the least amount of quality for any guitar's that I've played, and that's my OPINION. I will not pay more than $200 for a guitar made in China, and once you catch on to quality/craftsmanship/attention to details, you'll realize how much sense it makes.
    Well I guess Ill throw my 2 cents in. I bought this second-hand from a pawn store yesterday for £250 (approx $300) and have only played it for about an hour. First impressions. Requires a lot of space even when sat down, however is extremely comfortable to play sat down if you play in the classical posture like me (guitar resting on left leg, rather than under your right armpit). Looks badass, and is not OTT like the explosion series which I was going to buy for a lot more money. I got no feedback even on high gain settings, I am used to active pickups so having this with passives is new to me, and I was scared, however, after playing my favourite pinched and natural harmonics they are surprisingly rich. Alot of access to the high frets which I have never had before on previous les paul and explorer guitars, and due to the scale, bending is very easy on 10-48's compared to my other 24 fret guitars. It did require a bridge adjustment to lower the action from the 10th fret onwards, however the truss rod needed no adjusting as the neck was "perfect" (as in just a tiny tiny bit of back bow to allow for good sustain). I sold a charvel DS2 ST last week (regrettably) and this was my replacement. Not that I hate the razorback, but if the guy approached me and asked me to swap my razorback for my old charvel, I would say yes in the drop of a hat. Although the tone fits good for all styles on this guitar despite looking like you could only get away with playing metal, it doesn't feel like a guitar I could settle for in life, and want to upgrade to better version in the future.
    If you're looking for flashy looking guitar and have good spare pickups to replace the stock ones, this isn't a bad buy. The necks on these are decent considering they are just cheap dean bolt ons, ideal for clumsy mother****ers considering real solidbody razorbacks have one glaring drawback, they are rather fragile around the nut. If you're looking to test out a razorback, please for the love of god don't use this cheap knockoff to judge em. It's like judging all les pauls off of a $400 dollar cheapski special versions. Try out one of the ones sitting around 1 grand, that's where the magic starts. I'd recommend hunting around for good condition used real razorbacks, as there are a lot of kids that get them from their parents and sell them back once they realize they don't want to play guitar. Got myself an explosion that had a few small scratches on the back for $600 off facevalue, and trust me, the body shape is the only thing similar between these and it. Moral of the story, wait until you know what you're doing before you spend $500+ on a guitar. Otherwise you won't know what you want out of it
    I played this guitar once and honestly it sucks, i swear my b.c.rich metal master warlock (which sucks) was better than this. Its a disgrace to even have a guitar this bad, to have a Dimebag,RIP, shape.
    hey idiots, this is a metal guitar and pete wents is just a faggot so you fail there and if you honestly think that B.C Rich makes better guitars for any price range then please for the love of god never pick up a guitar never again. you are obviously a poser "oh that guitar looks so cool it must be really good" screw off kids and learn your guitars.
    J.J.G. wrote: falloutboyrawks wrote: i dont think that this is a good bass....worst review... pete wentz commented on this... he said it sucked.. 6string basses suck... it is called a G-U-I-T-A-R. this one failed hard.
    G-U-I-T-A-R as in B-A-S-S- G-U-I-T-A-R?
    falloutboyrawks wrote: i dont think that this is a good bass....worst review... pete wentz commented on this... he said it sucked.. 6string basses suck...
    eteam_sammy4him wrote: falloutboyrawks wrote: i dont think that this is a good bass....worst review... pete wentz commented on this... he said it sucked.. 6string basses suck... WTF dude, thi ain't a freaking BASS. Its a GUITAR.
    successfull troll is successful..
    A Bad Guitarist wrote: falloutboyrawks wrote: i dont think that this is a good bass....worst review... pete wentz commented on this... he said it sucked.. 6string basses suck... Derp.
    This is probably the most eloquent to respond to something like this. I commend you sir.
    colm c wrote: People who buy Dean obviously suffer from such a high degree of buyers remorse they feel they have to justify spending stupid amounts of money on sub-par "guitars" at everry opportunity. Horrible guitar, horrible brand.
    That's how I felt....
    In my opinion if you are going to get a Dean, I would highly reccomend a Dean from Hell (Dean CFH). I have one and I have never played anything like it. The clean tone is so nice and bluesy and when its on distortion it can scream!
    falloutboyrawks wrote: i dont think that this is a good bass....worst review... pete wentz commented on this... he said it sucked.. 6string basses suck...
    eh????? LMFAO! You're right though, as a bass I reckon it probably sucks, lol!