Razorback Shards review by Dean

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.6 (114 votes)
Dean: Razorback Shards

Sound — 10
The sound that comes from this thing is just mean. You aren't going to be getting any Sweet Child O' Mine out of this one, the pickups are just too filthy. And that's a good thing. The tone is amazing, with good lows and highs. My configuration is a little complicated, for the heavy tones I want, I feed my guitar through a rack noisegate/compressor and then an electro harmonix metal muff with the top boost enabled at all times. It is then fed into a Peavey valveking head with a valveking cab on top for highs and lows and a windsor on the bottom for some low end and middle magic, with the middle scooped everywhere I can do it. And this guitar comes through in spades, perfectly pronounced Filth. Those pesky harmonics sound crisp and mean through it, and shredding has never sounded so good. I have a Gibson les paul, a Strat, and an ESP with EMGs beside this, and nothing compares.

Overall Impression — 10
I play a variety of music, but for metal and soloing there is no match out there to this guitar. I have over 10 grand worth of equipment, and this is one of the greatest pieces to add to the collection. I would for sure buy it again if it was stolen or lost, in the case of stolen taking it back and beating the person with it (it might do some damage). I love the Tone and shape, and the frets are top notch. The best guitar I have.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I've put this thing through quite the beating, and it has survived effortlessly. I may have gotten a good one out of the bunch, but the one I have is tough and durable. I play shows where I use all of my guitars, but if I had to pick one guitar to use out of all of them for an entire show it would be this one. It even comes with a hard case to protect it while on the road.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The guitar was obtained used, and as such might have been set up better, because it was flawless when I got it. The action was so low I just had to lay a finger on a string to get a clear note, and fret buzz was nowhere to be found. I use cleartone .09 strings, and after setting up the Floyd Rose with them, shredding was effortless. The wiring was unique when I looked inside, but it has performed flawlessly so I have no complaints.

Features — 10
The features on this guitar are absolutely top notch. Dean gives you 2 controls for volume (1 for each pickup) and 1 for the tone, and a 3-way switch (that does not stick at all for me, it did according to another review). The pickups are a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker and a dimebag treble pickup, good quality pickups in my opinion. The finish is the bone shards that you see in the pictures, although mine that I bought appears to have a custom green tinge (that looks very cool, commando like if you will). The shape of the guitar is also as it appears in the picture, the razorback style. Despite me knocking the spikes and edges into walls, none of the finish has been blemished and the guitar hasent chipped at all, very solidly made, even after I beat the crap out of it. And it's big. And despite it's size, it is light enough to not wear you out at a gig. jump around all you want and make sure noone gets stabbed. The Floyd Rose it comes with is perfectly suited to dimebags style if you so wish to play it, and it sounds great otherwise, it stays in tune for weeks for me with hours of playing each day. My favorite feature, however, is the frets. They are big, solid, and you can slide your fingers across them effortlessly. perfect for a shredder like me, the speed from these things is excellent.

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    Hoodoo Child
    i tried a razorback out the other week. didn't like it. too big, and the spikes kill you after a while..not literally...:p
    I loved it. For mard rock/metal, it's a dream. And I assume the one I was playing was a chinese one since it was only $1300. The closest guitar to it is the ESP LTD Alexi Laiho, that thing is a beast. But don't doubt for a minute, the razorback is for real, whether you agree with Dean making so many different models, or if you think someone is getting exploited, that is irrelevant. They are really nice guitars.
    i saw a razorback at JB music philippines and it cost's php25000+ only but the razorback V cost's about php60000+
    the guy that done the first review, has he got this guitar, or has he just copied the sales blurb?
    scruftyboy wrote: the guy that done the first review, has he got this guitar, or has he just copied the sales blurb?
    nope, he just played it for a few hours. IMO i think its a rip of this costing $1000 they don't mention the neck pup, just dean neck pup, and it has a Licensed floyd rose. It should be an originalfor $1,000
    i personally dont like playing razorbacks sitting down because the flame at the top of the guitar pokes into your chest, but it is EXTREMELY lightweight... the headstock and the tuners put together probably weigh more than the body
    seanie! wrote: Dude, sorry to break it to you but the only Razorbacks madie in America are the $5,000 ones. It really sucks that the $1,000 ones are made in China. It's a total goddamn rip off.
    Korea, and they're still great guitars
    well done man, good review. I have this guitar so well done ha and...
    acdc101 wrote: ^ Dime had a deal with Washburn and they made his guitars for about 10 years. The Washburn Dimes blow the Deans out of the water in my opinion.
    What are you on about?, i bet you've never played a razorback you jackass.
    I got my new razorback last week. I ve read all kinds of opinions, from Dime-reaping shit to a best metal guitar ever made. I was really scared what will come,because it was already order.After reading Razorback discusion here at UG I was expecting a pixelated, horrible sounding ,Dime reaping ,shit looking ,childish playing piece of shit.But the true is, you cannot see a pixel on the painting, it came well tuned, it sounds awesome and many of my friends who are playing strats or les pauls find the fretboard amazing.The true,fresh experience is ,that is one of the best guitars made.
    i have a jackson ke3 and its roughly half the price of this dean and the pickups are better in the ke3, it feels more comfortable, the sound is more versatile, and the bridges are roughly the same
    HeroElement wrote: well done man, good review. I have this guitar so well done ha and...acdc101 wrote: ^ Dime had a deal with Washburn and they made his guitars for about 10 years. The Washburn Dimes blow the Deans out of the water in my opinion. What are you on about?, i bet you've never played a razorback you jackass.
    k culo eres !!! jajajja pero de todos modos el otro estaba bien pendjo jajaja
    I could go my whole life without seeing another ****ing Razorback. How much longer can they ***** out Dimebag's name?
    theimmortal1 : seek_&_destroy : razorbacks were designed i believe the day before he died, he only used the ml's
    That is true, but Razorbacks are designed by Dime.I think I saw some interview where he was talking about the sharping the ML edges and stuff. Razorback are kickass, very good guitar.
    Looking for a good guitar in a price class from 1000 - 1500 dollars. Playing in a band and often plays on the youth club were i live. Need a guitar that i can have for years and use on some big stages without getting so much feedback. Is it worth buying this guitar? I see the Razorback explosion doesn't got as much as this one and their pretty much the same or? I do play Pantera and such.