Razorback Shards Review

manufacturer: Dean date: 07/25/2011 category: Electric Guitars
Dean: Razorback Shards
The Dimebag Razorback Shards guitar comes wtih all the classic Dime guitar features but has a highly contoured body shape that Dimebag designed himself. The body is covered with a dark, bone-shard graphic finish, and has a floyd rose licensed locking trem, genuine Dimebucker bridge pickup, Dean humbucker neck pickup, and set mahogany neck like a regular Dime. The bound rosewood fretboard has V inlays and a pearl razor inlay at the 12th.
 Sound: 8.8
 Overall Impression: 8.8
 Reliability & Durability: 8.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8
 Features: 9
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overall: 10
Razorback Shards Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 31, 2006
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Features: Made in America, this guitar features a Dimebucker Treble pickup, a floyd rose licensed tremelo, custom Shard Bone graphics, a mahogany body and neck and a rosewood fingerboard. This model features 22 frets. The weight of this instrument is outstanding, it ways so little compared to how much you think it would weigh. The neck is extremely smooth and fast to play, making it easy to pull off relatively complex techniques with ease. This guitar has an unconventional bidy shape, although it does look so damn cool! You are given three controls: 1 volume and 2 tone, 1 for each pickup, and you also get a three way selector. the pickups featured on this Razorback are a Seymor Duncan Dime bridge pickup and a Dime Treble pickup. I don't know what you recieve with this guitar, a I only played it in the shop for a few hours. The only small problem I has was that the selector did stick in the clean possition, which was worrying as I didn't ant to break it. Also the body was pretty damn large, so if your planning to play this in a small bedroom you better think again or you might end up scratching the paintjob. // 10

Sound: This guitar perfectly fits my music style. I play shred and heavy metal ranging from Trivium to Metallica, Pantera and a little bit of Yngwie Malmsteen on the side. I ran this through a 60 watt Line 6 Flextone 2 Plus and later I tried it with a Boss Heavy metal Master pedal. With the amp set to Modern high Gain setting this baby blew the cobwebs of this store, and sounded bloody amazing. Even without the Boss pedal, the filth the two pickups created was unholy. The harmonics on this thing are top knotch, as you would expect from a guitar designed and used by the late, great Dimebag. the most satisfying thing to do on this is to create on of his signature harmonic squeels, which really hit the spot when you're trying to add a little flavour to your playing. Both of the pickup selection give great tone and a very rich heavy sound, making this beast sound amazing. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: When I tried this guitar out in the store, the action on it was nice and low, giving me the chance to play a little faster with more Precision, although it was not too low to affect the way the guitar sounded and played. Without trying to sound like I'm selling this guitar, it was absolutely perfect! It is one of those rare guitars that leave a huge smile on your face fr hours after you've played it, and it makes you just want to play it all day everyday. The neck, as I said before, is top quality as is the hardware it is fitted with. The controls it comes with are specially made with weird piercings in them so you can grip them with more ease. The only problem is that the pickup selector is a little sticky on one of the three positions, however this may only be on this specific guitar. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I am confident that this guitar would withstand live playing, and when I buy it I would confidently use it without a backup. The hardware seems like it would last for a lifetime, and the strap buttons seem solid enough to hold this guiats weight. The finish is very good on this Razorback, and I would guess that it would last for a very long time, especially as it is fitted with mahogany and rosewood which would age well. // 10

Overall Impression: The type of music I play is shred, metal and heavy/death metal. I have been playing for about a year; and I can confidently say that I can play very fast already, and this guitar gives me that boost of speed I'm looking for. I own a Squier Affinity Strat and the SP-10 amp that came with it. I have been naging my parents to get me a better guitar ever since I got it, and this one seems like the dream choice. When I buy it, if it where to be stolen or lost I would probalbly hunt down the person Who did and feed them their severed finger one by one, or I would simply buy it again it's that damn good! I love almost everything about this guitar, the way it plays and feels to hold, the sound and the looks and the way it makes me feel when I play it. my favourite feature is the harmonics and the cool tricks you can pull off. I compared it to a ESP EX-400 with EMG's and a Ibanez Mick Tomson signature. These were blown out the water by this Razorback, as it trumps them in almost every way. I found that the EMG's on both the Ibanez and the ESP gave a nice, thick heavy sound but they didn't have the versatilty that the Razorback has. The Ibanez, which was 4 more expensive at 999 had a really thick, greasy neck in comparsion to the Razorback, and it almost felt like my rubbish Strat at home. The ESP was pretty damn good, and if my price range was around 600-700 I would probably buy it. There could'nt be a better guitar in the world for shred and metal, and it is without a doubt one of the best guitars I or probably anybody else will play. // 10

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overall: 10
Razorback Shards Reviewed by: Timescarz, on august 21, 2008
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Features: The features on this guitar are absolutely top notch. Dean gives you 2 controls for volume (1 for each pickup) and 1 for the tone, and a 3-way switch (that does not stick at all for me, it did according to another review). The pickups are a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker and a dimebag treble pickup, good quality pickups in my opinion. The finish is the bone shards that you see in the pictures, although mine that I bought appears to have a custom green tinge (that looks very cool, commando like if you will). The shape of the guitar is also as it appears in the picture, the razorback style. Despite me knocking the spikes and edges into walls, none of the finish has been blemished and the guitar hasent chipped at all, very solidly made, even after I beat the crap out of it. And it's big. And despite it's size, it is light enough to not wear you out at a gig. jump around all you want and make sure noone gets stabbed. The Floyd Rose it comes with is perfectly suited to dimebags style if you so wish to play it, and it sounds great otherwise, it stays in tune for weeks for me with hours of playing each day. My favorite feature, however, is the frets. They are big, solid, and you can slide your fingers across them effortlessly. perfect for a shredder like me, the speed from these things is excellent. // 10

Sound: The sound that comes from this thing is just mean. You aren't going to be getting any Sweet Child O' Mine out of this one, the pickups are just too filthy. And that's a good thing. The tone is amazing, with good lows and highs. My configuration is a little complicated, for the heavy tones I want, I feed my guitar through a rack noisegate/compressor and then an electro harmonix metal muff with the top boost enabled at all times. It is then fed into a Peavey valveking head with a valveking cab on top for highs and lows and a windsor on the bottom for some low end and middle magic, with the middle scooped everywhere I can do it. And this guitar comes through in spades, perfectly pronounced Filth. Those pesky harmonics sound crisp and mean through it, and shredding has never sounded so good. I have a Gibson les paul, a Strat, and an ESP with EMGs beside this, and nothing compares. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was obtained used, and as such might have been set up better, because it was flawless when I got it. The action was so low I just had to lay a finger on a string to get a clear note, and fret buzz was nowhere to be found. I use cleartone .09 strings, and after setting up the Floyd Rose with them, shredding was effortless. The wiring was unique when I looked inside, but it has performed flawlessly so I have no complaints. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've put this thing through quite the beating, and it has survived effortlessly. I may have gotten a good one out of the bunch, but the one I have is tough and durable. I play shows where I use all of my guitars, but if I had to pick one guitar to use out of all of them for an entire show it would be this one. It even comes with a hard case to protect it while on the road. // 10

Overall Impression: I play a variety of music, but for metal and soloing there is no match out there to this guitar. I have over 10 grand worth of equipment, and this is one of the greatest pieces to add to the collection. I would for sure buy it again if it was stolen or lost, in the case of stolen taking it back and beating the person with it (it might do some damage). I love the Tone and shape, and the frets are top notch. The best guitar I have. // 10

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overall: 4.6
Razorback Shards Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 02, 2009
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Price paid: £ 850

Purchased from: Online

Features: Chinese made, older-run of the Shards finish (the graphic is more blown-up/less detailed). 22 jumbo frets on a chunky 24.75 scale neck, rosewood fretboard. The finish on the top is just a cheap decal, and the paint/lacquer over it is done rather poorly. All-mahogany with a set neck. Dean Liscenced Floyd Rose tremolo, Seymour Duncan dimebucker/dean humbucker pickups w/ 3-way Switch, 2 volumes and master tone control. Locking nut with Grover tuners (why? ). Came with the case, hex keys, and 3 sets of DR Dimebag strings (the only good feature IMO). // 6

Sound: I play mainly metal and heavier rock, but also some blues, jazz, country... even some classical pieces arranged for guitar. And this guitar does none of them terribly well. The dimebucker may be high-treble high-output, but it really is a one-trick pony. The treble gets annoying quickly, and I find myself playing lead almost exclusively with the Dean own-brand neck pickup, simply to keep it clean enough to make notes discernable. I run it through a Sound City 40w valve 2X12, a Crate 120w 2X12 and a Line6 Spider 3 for evening practice, and the only way to get an even remotely good tone out of it is to crank the valve amp right up. Everything else is just bass mush or treble mush (neck vs bridge pickup respectively). The clean tones aren't too bad - the Dimebucker gives a pleasant 'jingly' sound and the Dean humbucker is nice and deep. Ironic that a metal guitar should be best on clean channels. The Dimebucker does make harmonics easy to pull off, and whammy screams come out well, but that cones at the price of cornholing your tuning with the crappy Dean tremolo. // 5

Action, Fit & Finish: Set-up was good, but the intonation was out on a few strings - never a good thing with an FR bridge. Trem cavity is routed well, but there's not that much space for pulling the Floyd back. The fretboard was horrid. I don't know when they changed the Razorback inlays, but this one came with some beyond-awful cheap plastic gunk poorly injected into the fret positions. It's been filled around with some even cheaper brown plastic instead of cutting the holes for it properly in the first place. Poor fare, Dean. Several finish flaws - notably runs in either the paint or the lacquer under the points, as well as the silver lining around the shards decal being incredibly thin-looking in places. The frets themselves are OK, with the exception of a couple that weren't filed well around the 20-fret area. With a bound neck, this was annoying to fix. // 3

Reliability & Durability: I haven't dared to try this thing Live - aside from the limited sound, it's recieved several chips already despite being treated like royalty from the day I got it. The Dean FR is going already, with the plastic washer at the base of the trem. arm worn away to the extent that delicate trem-wobbling is now impossible - the arm just moves in the space left by the worn-out washer. The strap buttons are good, but I've never had problems with them - even on the old Telecaster copy I started playing on. As stated already, the finish chips easily and doesn't seem to have been done very well in the first place. // 4

Overall Impression: In theory this guitar should suit me, as primarily a metal player. Sadly, nope. My Ibanez RG which cost me less than a third the price of this is more playable, sounds much better with the pickup change to Seymour Duncans (which still kept the price under half of this), and so far has yet to experience any form of damage to the finish, even though I'm relatively rough with it. It was even made in Indonesia as opposed to China! Shame on Dean guitars. I tried several Razorbacks in shops before buying this - they were all 'newer' models with good inlays and finishes which were flawless. I only wish I'd been able to find a shop stocking the Shards finish on-premises so I could've gotten one I knew would be good - I felt the explosion finish to be too cliched, what with all the droptuning Trivium fanboys masturbating over them, and the twotone was just too plain for me, so I chose shards over these. If it was lost, I wouldn't fret. It lives under my bed in its case now anyway. If it was stolen, I'd just use that as an excuse to annihilate the guy Who did so. Chances are it'd be some neddy scumbag Who then sells it for drug money, so I'd just prosecute them, get the money, and buy a Jackson RR3. Better guitar by far, even if it is 'just' a bolt-on neck. The only feature I really like about this besides the body shape is the pickups. Yes, I ranted about them being far too limited, but I put that down to poor-quality wood as much as anything, because I've heard what Dimebuckers are capable of. When I was originally trying out Razorbacks I compared them to the aforementioned RR3 as well as some ESP LTD guitars. I found the Razorback more comfortable and natural to play (as Dimebag said, Deans feel like a fucking weapon), and the hardware/pickups/wood were otherwise on par with the other options, so I chose on that basis. Maybe mine is just shit because it's an early-run model? Who knows. Just a real poor show from the guys at Dean for letting this piece of Chinese pish onto the market. I've learned an important lesson here - NEVER pay more than 300 pounds for a Chinese-made guitar, no matter how much fancy kit it has. My father's chinese-made Epiphone Les Paul blows this away, and even looks much nicer thanks to some 'custom shop' touches in the form of nice Grover tuners and a gorgeous flamed top. // 5

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overall: 9.8
Razorback Shards Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 25, 2011
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Price paid: C$ 1500

Features: One of the best metal guitars you can buy, Dean is kind of famous after 2004 for really milking Dimebag Darrell and putting out wayy too many "signature series" guitars for Dime but this is as close as you're going to get to his stage guitars for under 2000$. Its all mahogany like his ML's, grover tuners, same amount of frets, this is indeed set neck which all his best guitars where and this features his Dimebucker SH-13 by Seymour Duncan which he would Switch between on his guitars on stage. This features 22 jumbo frets which I'm sure everyone has already mentioned and really the fretwork on this guitar is far superior to a lot of guitars I've owned just really solid feeling with not a touch of buzz. What I like most about this guitar is the two volume knobs which is something new to me as I've refused to own a Les Paul or anything with it in the past. Of all the licensed floyd roses though this is probably the best one right up there with the low profile one which I recommend to anyone looking for a good replacement for whatever reason with a proper set up and 10-46s its one of the most comfortable floyd roses I've ever used. So even though there's no Seymour Duncan 59 in the neck and no original Floyd Rose which its safe to say he used this is EXACTLY like what he used on stage. So because of that I'll give it a 10 because the difference from an OFR (original floyd rose) and a 59 neck pickup to 90% of the people playing this guitar is un-noticable especially if you're rich and just spending your parents money. // 10

Sound: Unplugged with DR Dime Hi voltage strings in Standard this guitar sounds great its defintely up there with the higher end LTD and BC Rich guitars I've played, if you want an Ultra high output Bridge pickup for the heaviest Pantera or Damageplan songs look no further the pickups on this to the right listener will go toe to toe with EMG pickups. But again this the true to Dime signature razorback not the one they would later come out with that's neckthrough with the original Floyd Rose... And for all I know 24 frets and it did indeed have an 81/85 or 81/60 EMG configuration. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The pickups height and all that I'm very picky as will you if you've been playing as long as me but safe to say when I got home it could out play all the cliche guitars kids are saving up their allowance to buy in this price range if not more. I did have to swap the 3 way toggle Switch after a year as it "died" and it still looks new as I took very good care of it. This guitar in all honesty has a very thin finish but guitar makers tend to do this to make the wood breathe better so its not "crap quality" I'll admit Dean should have went with Tung/linseed oil to finish these guitars but like I've said two or three times before this is a replica of dimebags guitars, there's no way to tell for sure if Dean just cut corners on this for me. But taken proper care nothing is loose, the frets are in "like new" shape and everything you really look for in a quality guitar. So 9 because of the 3 way change, everything else is well worth the money. The V shaped neck and bound rosewood fretboard where two other cool features. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will last a world tour if you take care of it or don't mind a chip or two, 95% of the people who bought this guitar wanted to stand out and what better way, its kind of a fusion of a B.C. Rich Ironbird and a Gibson Flying V... You get this awesome looking graphic that will make you stand out on stage and I've got noting but compliments for this guitar since the day I bought it. The hardware still looks new with little signs of ware, I can highly depend on it, this isn't some cheap walmart or Epiphone beginner guitar. So this indeed I could do without a backup guitar but come on who brings one guitar to a gig to begin with. Sadly this will chip the finish and paint but its a price I'm willing to take for the ultimate guitar tone as the more the wood breathes the better the sound as too much finish will compress your sound. // 10

Overall Impression: First time I saw one of these I was around 14 or 15 and I picked it up for a better look and I said to myself I have to have this 6 years later I got my wings. I've been playing since I was around 13 and really I wouldn't have appreciated this guitar then but I sure do now as to beginners everything sounds the same the first year or so and we think its cosmetic. I love the Floyd Rose on it, I hate that its set neck because they break more than any guitar neck combined, the fret work amazed me and its up to you about the paint finish. Now comparing... A BC Rich Warlock or anything Bronze series (seriously) has a bulletproof like finish how thick the polyurethane is on it that's 10x more durable than this guitar... A neckthrough LTD I found had a fuller sound, similar wood and a Floyd Rose of course. Sound its up to you if this guitar was stolen/lost or anything in between some heads are gonna roll... That's all I'm saying a Squier or entry level Epiphone is a whole different story but this amount of money that isn't mommy or daddies money they spent on you, you REALLY appreciate this guitar being common wealth because guitarist or not 1500$ can buy you a lot of stuff this being stolen is almost like a rolex or something along those lines. // 10

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