Razorback Two-Tone review by Dean

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (139 votes)
Dean: Razorback Two-Tone

Sound — 10
I am not going to lie I love metal everything from Iron Maiden to Metallica, Children Of Bodom, System Of A Down, and Black Tide. Metal is all I play so this guitar is probably my best bet. Just to get things straight this guitar sounds as good as it looks it is just amazing it has so much sustain it's unbelievable and the EMG's help to give it that distinct crunchy overdrive needed for lead guitarists. This guitar sounds great on clean also. I play it through my Marshall MG100 HDFX half stack and it sounds amazing.

Overall Impression — 10
So yea as I said before the guitar I am reviewing is not on this sight it is the razorback 255 slimedime edition and it is absolutley brilliant. There is nothing really I can say about this guitar other than I wish fire could somehow come out of it but other than that I think I will be content with this guitar for many years to come.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I have played atleast 20 gigs with this axe and so far all that's happened to it is that I got a little scratch on the back of it because idiot me I gave it to one of the techys and they put it down right onto one of my pedals. I think that this will proabbaly last me at least 5 more years of constant gig playing before I need another one. I use this guitar at gigs without a back up becasue I am so sure of it's quality.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
So far I have no complaints other than ther was a tiny dink on the head of the guitar but other than that I'm satisfied. Everything was set up perfectly and I absolutley love it. The color is amazing too. The bright slime green looks kinna like your playing something you just sneezed out but in a good way. Also the fact that it had 24 frets was the thing that sold me on it. I don't know why but it seems that now days everyone has only 22 frets and it pisses me off because whenever I play one I'm so frustrated because I can't go the two octaves higher. it's such a pain particulary on sweep tapping it makes it practically impossible.

Features — 10
Ok so the razorback that I bought is not on here but it's pretty close to the two tones model and shape. First of all it's slime green and has 24 jumbo frets(which is something I have to have), and 2 EMG pickups. Right out of the box it came with an EMG - 85 on the neck and an EMG-81 on the bridge pickup. It still has that classic razor on the twelfth fret and the flotd rose is absolutley amazing. There is a three way selector pick up and three knobs. One is for volume and the other two are for the tones of each pickup. I have never owned a Dean but I have owned a Gibson les paul (which I hated because I can't stand fixed bridges) and the Alexi Laiho sig. ESP. By far this guitar blows both of those clean out of the water. Also the double locking tuning is amazing now me and mr flotd are best friends.

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    Brungage wrote: Best ever guitar!! Looked good on Dimebag.
    Dime never played a Razorback. They were manufunctured after his death.
    mysistermeac wrote: the matt heafy white with goldstripes razorback is available for a affordable price now, i have one and it's made in korea (or maybe somewhere else, it's made at the same factory as this the two tone guitar and the other models at that price). I paid 1.198 for this guitar and it's ****ing sweet and looks exactly like the usa model. and the best feature is that it has a original floyd rose bridge so it's a really high quality guitar. the only diffrence is that its not made in the US. but there you go, now you can go "matt heafy style". remember though that this is not his sig, he just helped dean to design it and used it for a while.
    true i have the same for 1200 bucks with the original floyd rose is the best feature. I changed the pickups to EMG's because I didn't like the dimebucker in the beginning but now i do and i still use it in my Epiphone. The guitar is well made and all works with the floyd in the beginning it's a hell but later your in heaven! nice that you got one too! although people who are interested in them now will have a hard time buying because the 24-48 are already gone
    wow, what can i say but dont listen to this guy... first of all i bought this guitar for $950 out the door and it was the worst mistake i made. also, this guitar was not made in the USA it was made in some chinese sweat shop, it even says so on the back of the neck, lol.
    haha why would you not check the back of the neck before buying a guitar.
    People buy Gibson Les Pauls because that guitar is some sort of cultural legacy. It's more than a guitar, it's an icon. People buy Razorbacks for similar reasons; they have a specific attribute not found anywhere else. In this case, the guitar's shape. Sure, a Korean-made guitar will not have the same quality as a USA or Japan guitar, but you're not paying $3,000+ for it. Unfortunately, Dean imports are either a hit or miss. The quality of the Korean/Chinese Deans aren't as consistent as one would hope. And of course they're taking advantage of Dimebag's name. I want one but not because of Dimebag, I simply love its looks. But I'm hard pressed to shell out $1,000+ on it. I own a Jackson RR3 Rhoads that I bought for roughly $800, and it's a Japan guitar. It has a bolt-on neck and a licensed FR-bridge. Other than that, it plays amazingly well. I'm personally getting a Dean ML 79 when I can. I'm not confident enough in Dean Guitars to shell out more than around $600 on one. Though I'd love to own a few Razorbacks and Razorback V's. The White Gold Razorback in particular is really sexy, and after the initial 24 USA-made ones that were sold through Carlino Guitars, they released another set of import ones. Of course, I'm getting an import one.
    Jaffaps2 wrote: Mine is signed by Michael Angelo, not the painting noob the guitar guy!
    That's awesome! And funny referance!! haha
    PoP N FresH
    Shred676 wrote: haha. ofcourse these guitars are crap. i mean yeah, dime designed em, zakk wylde uses one, trivium use em, n a whole loada others use em. but yeah, their so crap aint they. dumb shits. you guys have seriuosly gotta grow up if you think that it makes you harder for dissin a guitar. its clearly a great guitar. stop tryna get attention by bein a 'rebel'. sad bastards tbh. Fuckin' mint guitar. RIP Dime
    an ibanez prestige or an esp or even an ltd deluxe, or for that matter a decent scheter or jackson, or just about anything is better than this...u know why.....coz this guitar IS the dimebucker. thats all it has. i can buy a starter guitar and put ina dimebucker and it will be about the same. and no im not exaggerating.....the neck isnt as fast or as confortable as an ibanez, the neck pikup is terrible, the look is cool but is very uncormfortable to play while sitting, and it doesnt feel like it should. this COULD have been a great guitar, and indeed i wanted it to be coz its looks kinda awesome and im a metal guy, but it isnt. looks mean nothing, tone is everything. SORRY FOR DOUBLE POST.
    PoP N FresH
    played one coz they look cool. would never buy one coz they are about as versatile as a peice of chalk. dimebucker admittedly sounds wild, neck was fast as well, but it feells light and cheap despite the price tag and the dean neck pu sounds worse than my ibanez AU$300 starter guitar. really cant say i liked it at all, so im getting a brian moore. i win dean.
    deathbd: The best feature I would say is the shape because it is not often you see a guitar like this
    That's until every teenage guitarist goes and buys one of these overpriced lumps of commercial Dime-rapeage
    these guitars are so nerdy looking and overrated. buy an esp or ibanez if you are looking for quality.
    The only reason people harp on about these is because Dime designed them. They're not worth the pennies people spend on them.
    Dear God, DO NOT buy this guitar you fools. Buy something better, it dosen't seem like a lot of heart went into building this. Your wasting your money. I love this guitar, but I wouldn't recommend it, unless your going to change the pickups, which means you could spend up to 1300 on this. in my opinion, you shouldn't buy a artist guitar like the Dime or Zakk Wylde model, because the company is cashing in on the name of the artist, not the features of the guitar. Zakk Wylde uses it, so you should to! Think for yourselves. I don't mean to offend anyone.
    By the way, the toggle switch is horrible! I'm always bumping it into the treble position when I'm using it. I like the Ibanez 5 position toggles better.
    Oh one last thing, Zakk Wylde, Trivium, and Dime use a version that probaly has $3000 plus dollars in it, because the company wants to look good. The unknown musicians like us, who can't afford a $5000 guitar use guitars that arent as good.
    I have a silver Two-Tone Dean Guitar, and I must agree that ITS NOT WORTH THE MONEY. It costed me $1100, and I dont regret buying it and I haven't had problems with it, but there are cheaper guitars that have better features, in my opinion. The pickups on mine are good, but harmonics can be difficult, despite what everyone sais. And why isnt there a 24th fret? I didn't think I would need one when I bought it, but now I wish I had gotten something with a 24th fret. All in all, unless your completely taken with the guitar like I am, dont buy it.
    Shred676 wrote: haha. ofcourse these guitars are crap. i mean yeah, dime designed em, zakk wylde uses one, trivium use em, n a whole loada others use em. but yeah, their so crap aint they. dumb shits. you guys have seriuosly gotta grow up if you think that it makes you harder for dissin a guitar. its clearly a great guitar. stop tryna get attention by bein a 'rebel'. sad bastards tbh. Fuckin' mint guitar. RIP Dime
    Ok so are you honestly telling me, that just because of the 2 or 3 name drops you had right there, that this guitar has to be good? You think that some people might honestly not like it?
    to the guy hu first reviewd it. The exploion fiish varies, some are really brignt orange, and some are darker. You may of had a nightmare mate
    Im i the only one who noticed that more than one guitar is reviewed?