Razorback V 255 Review

manufacturer: Dean date: 04/07/2014 category: Electric Guitars
Dean: Razorback V 255
The Dean Razorback V 255 electric guitar features a mahogany neck and body and a rosewood fretboard. The V-shape neck has a strong, set joint and a 1-5/8" nut. Grover tuners and a locking tremolo keep you in perfect tune while you divebomb the night away.
 Sound: 9.2
 Overall Impression: 9.4
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.8
 Features: 9.6
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overall: 9.2
Razorback V 255 Reviewed by: deankid666, on july 23, 2007
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Price paid: $ 1119

Purchased from: Gearhounds

Features: This certain guitar did not come with the year it was made in but was believed to be constructed in China yet the neck has Korea on the back. It has a 25.5. scale (hence the name 255 Razorback) and 24 frets. The body is of the sloid body variety. The body follows the style of the infamous Razorback V style. The bridge is a Folyd Rose. It has active electronics which are controlled by one volume knob, one tone knob and a three way selector. The pickups are active EMGs 81 and 85. The tuners are Grovers and I was fortunate to be given a free Dean hardshell case with the guitar. // 10

Sound: This will be quite a ambiguous section since I have only played this guitar threw a Fender and a Dean amp which aren't really designed for metal. But playing it threw a Fender gives it a chance to show off it's ability to play clean arpeggios and not just resort to disorted metal sounds. It can get bloody loud on like 3 it can overpower my ipod speakers when they are half way up. The sounds I have mentioned already, clean acoustic sounds to I hope heavy metal sounds which I have No Doubt in because of the EMGs. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar setup was not too bad, apart from the action which is slightly higher than my Gibson SG but then when you playa string on that it starts buzzing so you really can't win. The Floyd Rose part of is fine (touch wood). But I've been wammy abusing for a fortnight and not noticed any faults and it all came pre-setup saving me a trip to town. It arrived in the end all well no faults but that was just me and maybe the planets were in place to give me good luck that day, so don't take my word for it that yours will arrive safely. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This is what I've been dreading, the Live playing aspect is always one which is excelled too much like people write it as if your smashing uit against panzer tanks, but if you just run around a but keeping near the front of the stage not next ot the amps it will be fine, but yet again the Floyd Rose may come a croppa and this meaning a would play with a back up. The harware seems fine but I'm still on my toes I watch everwhere I go but that's just beacuse it's new and I don't want to break it. The strap buttons are solid and look like there staying there. The finish does seem one that I could rub off by rubbing against walls and doors. But just keep it in your head that if you just keep an eyeball on it and don't do anything brave like Kurt Cobain and it will be fine. // 8

Overall Impression: This is a perfect match for any kind of metal and even stretches to clean. I've playing for 5 years now 2 of those classical and I own one Gibson SG that does not compare to this guitar in any way. I wish I had asked the Dean dudes at this years london guitar show what it can and can't do sound wise and played it myself to get the feel for it but lucky I did when it arrived. If this guitar was stolen or lost I would definitely buy it again if I was still in the same price range. I love the EMGs and the folyd rose, I adore the explosion graphic even though slightly pixelated from a distance of about metre and more looks like a real explosion. The only flaw is the action but if it were lowered too low I would get unwanted buzzing. I was comparing it to an DJ600 and an Alexi Laiho sig both ltd, I didn't choose these simply because they were a sub division of another make and the graphic on the DJ600 sucks ass becasue of the bright red blood and the Alexi Laiho one had a shitty EMG-HZ and no pickup selector. I only wish that it was constructed in america then I would have absolute faith in it. // 9

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overall: 9.4
Razorback V 255 Reviewed by: Inbleach, on march 17, 2010
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Price paid: $ 400

Purchased from: Craigslist

Features: Dean Razorback V 255. Solid Body, 2 EMG's; I believe an 81 and an 85. 24 frets; Set neck. Mahogany neck, Rosewood fretboard, Grover tuners, licensed Floyd...etc. Typical metal guitar really. I do like the traction knob. The shape of the guitar is wicked. I'm not too fond of the enormous headstock, but it goes with with the guitar. This thing is a damage magnet if you don't take care of it. Also it came with a case. // 10

Sound: This thing screams metal; nothing else. The EMGs are sick and don't make almost any noise. I run it through a Mesa Boogie Dual Rec. I also own a Jackson RR3 which is another amazing guitar, but I prefer the EMGS in this bad boy. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: When I bought the guitar, I bought it used. It had no strings on it and there was a wire that had come unsoldered. I had it set up at a local guitar shop. It plays like a dream. The nut is a little sharp. Like I stated above I've seen some of these things completely destroyed in terms of the finish. It seems like it's an easy guitar to chip. So I'm giving it an 8 for the paint. // 8

Reliability & Durability: The guitar seems pretty sturdy. I think it'll last a while if I take care of it. // 9

Overall Impression: I've been playing guitar for 7 years. I've owned just about every brand of guitar imaginable (except for Gibson's; not a fan). I play mostly metal and this is just about the perfect guitar for that. If it were stolen I don't think I'd find another one this cheap so I'd probably just go for a USA Jackson. But for the price I got it at it was a steal and I'm glad I picked it up. The pros outweigh the (few) cons in this case. // 10

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overall: 9.6
Razorback V 255 Reviewed by: Ikillintel, on april 07, 2014
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Price paid: $ 600

Purchased from: Ebay Store

Features: I bought this guitar brand new had I not been shopping around I would have had to pay in excess of $1000 USD. If I read the serial number right it was made in 2012. It's Korean made and has a 24 fret set neck with a 25.5 scale. The neck width is 1-11/16" (42.90mm) and has a 10" radius it's made of mahogany and feels very fat to me (I'm use to playing Jackson & Ibanez guitars). It has a rosewood fingerboard with pearl dime razor inlays as well. The top/body is mahogany with an explosion graphic and is a V shape, it's the first V I have ever owned but not played. The bridge is a FRS (Floyd Rose Special) with an R-3 locking nut & maintains the construction parameters and features of an OFR they just used zinc alloy for the saddles and sustain block instead of steel and brass. This guitar came with active EMG 81/85's and DBD traction knobs (Vol & tone) 3 way selector and grover machine heads all bundled nicely in a Dean Guitars hard-shell case. // 10

Sound: This guitar will suit a metal guitarist and that's what I bought it for, I run this through 3 different rigs, Carvin MTS 3200 full with a Digitech 2101 studio processor, 5150 BL full also with a Digitech 2101 studio processor and finally AmpliTube 3 Metal plugged into Presonus Audiobox and blaring through Presonus Eris E8 monitors. The sound is amazing through any of the equipment, so yes, I get full capt'n crunch in your face metal sound. It is very noisy according to my wife, I play the loudest when Dr. Phil comes on. I usually have the volume all the way open on the guitar, but I roll that tone back and forth a pretty good bit. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar arrived perfectly setup the action was set low & plays fast, the pickups were set on the money I did not have to adjust one thing on this guitar, except after a month of ownership the EMG 85 failed and a phone call to Dean guitars had me playing it 2 days later, other than that no flaws at all, the paint and graphic as-well as the rest of the hardware are flawless. This is a Korean made guitar but quality did not suffer. I gave this section a 9 because of the fast, great support I got from Dean Guitars and EMG. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I do not play "live" in clubs/bars but if the home studio and backyard with others counts as "live" then Yes! If you guys are clumsy, careless overly wild on stage or in your studio, then I do not care who made it USA, Mex, Korea the guitar is going to look like crap and have broken parts. Aside from the one pickup failure I mentioned earlier the hardware is of great quality and I have had no further issues with this guitar. The strap buttons are solid no slip off's or loosenings have happen. Can I depend on it? I am not abusive to my equipment so, yes, I can. If I were a gigging musician I would never gig without a backup, anything that is man made can and will fail at some point or another. I think the finish is of great quality, again guys... I take extremely well care of my equipment and am attentive of my environment when I play. // 9

Overall Impression: As I said before I play metal, been playing about 3 yrs. What other gear do I own, I already mentioned my amps & fx so here is what I have for guitars, Jackson - 2 90's Kellys STD & XL and a Warrior. Dean - Dave Mustaine AOD 2 with DM Livewires and Dime RZRback V 255. Ibanez - 07 S series S620EXQM. I did 2 weeks of looking and reading about this guitar before I bought it so I felt well informed. If it were stolen or lost I would have to get another. I love everything about the guitar the sound, the looks, it screams bad ass! The one thing I hate is how fat the neck feels, it doesn't really slow me down or nothing it just feels so bulky after playing any of the Jacksons or the Ibby. My favorite feature is the V-body and how it goes so well with the V-headstock. I compared this guitar to another I had been wanting, which was a Dime Dixie Rebel. I choose the V because of the price I was getting it at when so many paid way more for the same thing. I wish I had that Rebel, I will get one eventually. // 10

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overall: 9
Razorback V 255 Reviewed by: metalhead2475, on august 31, 2010
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Price paid: $ 550

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: This guitar was made in Korea but I don't know what year. It has a 25.5" scale instead of the Standard 24-3/4". It has a rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets and a razor inlay at the 12th. The neck is a v-shape neck that is very comfortable once you get used to it. The body and neck are made out of mahogany. The body on mine is two-tone black and silver and looks nice. Also included are two EMG pickups, an 81/85 combo. The tuners are grover and keep their tune well. Controls are volume, tone, and 3-way selector. It comes with a licensed Floyd Rose and some allen wrenches to adjust it, and an extra spring. Mine also came with a hardshell case. // 9

Sound: I play metal and thats why I bought it. The EMGs work well and give it a powerful attack with distortion. Clean is ok but I didn't buy it for the clean tone. I play it through a Marshall MG100FX and a Boss ML-2 Metal Core and it sounds great. There is little feedback when using distortion. It is a great sounding guitar for metal. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I bought my guitar used and it did not have any scratches or nicks in the body anywhere. The pickups were adjusted fine, but the floyd needs some adjusting. It goes out of tune sometimes when using the floyd, but a divebomb and pullup usually put it back I tune. I'm going to bring it to my local shop to get it set up and that should make it better. I did see a little bit of rust on the bridge though. Other than that, the guitar was set up great. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I have not played live with this yet, but it seems like it could withstand it. The hardware looks like it will last. The strap buttons keep my strap on great, but it depends on the strap. I can depend on this, but I would bring a backup anyway. The finish on this is good enough to last, but I imagine the wings can get dinged up easily. // 10

Overall Impression: I play metal, and I needed a better metal guitar than my Epi Les Paul. This guitar does that. I've been playing for four years and I own a Yamaha acoustic, andIbanez RG120 (a great metal guitar for the price), a homemade Strat my friend gave me, and an Epiphone Les Paul. This guitar is the best out of all of them. If this was stolen, I would definitely buy this again, but I would find the guy who took it first. I love the EMGs, they are great pickups, the floyd is great for divebombs and Dimebag squeals, the toggle Switch is kinda noisy but I can live with it. I compared this guitar with the ESP LTD V401DX and I went with this one because I love the razorback style more than the Mustaine V style. The things I wish it had is an original Floyd Rose and a killswitch, other that that, this is a great guitar. // 9

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overall: 8.8
Razorback V 255 Reviewed by: -SuicidE-, on november 01, 2011
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Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: A friend

Features: This Dean Razorback V255 was made in Korea, in 2007. It has 24 frets, and plays great. It has a set Mahogany neck, with the Dean V-Shape neck, it fits very comfortably in my hand. The finish on it is absolutely gorgeous, all black, with an awesome Explosion graphic on the top of the body and headstock, and a clear coat on top for extra shininess. The Razorback V body style is killer looking, and it is really comfortable to hold sitting down, although sometimes the bottom fin stabs into my leg causing some discomfort. It's loaded with a Licensed Floyd Rose double locking tremolo bridge, and it holds tuning perfectly. The active EMG 81/85's are wired to a single volume and tone knob, with a 3 way toggle switch. The black nickel Grover tuners hold tuning very well, and holds even better with the floyd locking nut. My buddy gave it to me with the 5 year warranty still active, and a Dean hardshell case, and some shitty HOT topic pick. // 9

Sound: I play metal, strictly metal. This guitar is wonders for that, the EMG 81 and 85's sound killer, perfect amount of crunch and power, although they sound kind of like EVERY other set of EMG pickups, too much the same. I have it hooked up to my Line 6 Spider IV 15 watt amp (Yeah, I know) which is hooked straight up to my PC, and it sounds awesome. No feedback at all, which is an absolute plus. Pinch harmonics are a breeze, divebombs are f--king awesome too. This guitar has sustain for DAYS, seriously; I blasted a power chord and walked into another room to get my headset, and came back and it was still ringing. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: When I got it, the action was a little too low (fret buzz) so I raised it a tad bit and now it plays great. The pickups were set to the perfect height from the body and strings. Very clean body cavities, very clean body as well. Only a tiny clear coat chip on one of the bottom fins. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I only play at home, but I am sure this guitar would play great live. It is balanced pretty well, no dipping and such. I need to put strap locks on it, cause the strap buttons are kind of sh-tty, my strap slips every once in a while, but oh well. // 9

Overall Impression: It looks f--kin' awesome, and plays awesome. Easily blows my Dean MLX and my ESP LTD M-100FM out of the water, without a doubt. If this got stolen, I would track the dude down and beat the crap out of him, but I probably would not replace it, just because I got it for only $300, and to buy a new one would cost me about $1000. Unless the warranty was still active. I hate the floyd rose, I never really liked them that much, but this one seems to be pretty solid for now. I love the graphic on it, and how fast the neck is, as well as how comfortable the V-Neck shape actually is. I just wish it had Blackouts rather than EMG's, but I can always replace them. // 9

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