Razorback V Two-Tone review by Dean

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (42 votes)
Dean: Razorback V Two-Tone

Price paid: £ 340

Purchased from: Cash Maker Derry

Sound — 10
I play a lot of metal and this guitar is great for metal not only aesthetically but in sound quality too. This guitar suits my style very well, I can play very quickly and melodically on this guitar. I have two setups that I use it with, A Vox VT40+ on a High Gain metal setting. The amp is a valve amp and it's quite noisy at times, but the guitar is very quiet when it's needed to be. My second setup is using a Roland Micro Cube on the R-Fier setting with the tone and gain maxed out. There is no unnessecary feedback from that amp and the sounds are very tight and smooth. The DimeBucker had a brilliant sound on a distortion setting and it also has a great sound on clean too. It's very bright but sometimes the clean channel pops too much. This guitar is perfect for Metal and Rock, and when used with the bridge 'bucker sounds beautiful. The middle position also gives a good pop/funk tone as well, and the neck pickup has a greta bluesy tone to it. Those would be the only styles I'd use it for.

Overall Impression — 10
This guitar is a great guitar for Metal. I play Children Of Bodom, Pantera, Black Label Society and Bullet For My Valentine mostly. I keep it in D standard/Drop C. I use this through a Vox VT40+, Roland Micro Cube and Boss ME-25. It gives a great metal distortion sound when used with a distortion/overdrive effect, it can do divebombs and harmonics very easily on a high gain setting. If it were lost/stolen, I would definitely buy another, maybe get the Black & Yellow one (Does that exist?) If I couldn't get another one, I'd buy a standard Razorback in the hope that they would play the same. What I love most about this guitar is how easy to play it is and how light it is. I hate the fact that it's awkward to play sitting down, but that's a common factor with any V, and I also hate that I occasionally knock the headstock and horns, but wrapping them in insulation tape stopped all that. My favourite feature would be the Dimebucker and the Floyd Rose working together to achieve screaming harmonics. I also absolutely love the neck. The neck on my Squier is quite thin, and this is relatively thick. I love the overall feel and speed at which I can play. One thing I wish this had was a better set of strap locks, the set that were on it when I got it had been wrecked by someone putting a bolt into the wood and f--king up the top lock, but once I fixed it, It's sturdy as hell.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar seems like it can withstand a good live performance. I would play for around 4/5 hours each day, headbanging and jumping around and this guitar can certainly hold up to that, so I would say it could hold up to a lot of gigs. This guitar is very well built, very sturdy and very light which is great for playing at extended periods of time. This guitar seems like it will last me a very long time and I bloody hope so. The strap buttons are solid as hell (they had been f--ked up by the previous owner) but now they're reliable as f--k. I can sometimes depend on this guitar, however there is a problem with the pickups cutting out every now and then. Once I get that fixed, I would definitely gig this guitar, even without a backup, I'd still gig it. The finish is almost perfect bar a chip on the headstock and a few scratches around the back plates. The finish is quite thick and can withstand a good few knocks without chipping/cracking.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
This guitar has had one previous owner, and they had barely played it. It still had the factory strings on it. No neck wear, no finish wear, no chips/scratches. The stock action was set up very well and I found it beautiful for bends, even down at the 3rd and 5th frets where it would be difficult. It has a very nice action on it as well. I have it set up with Jim Dunlop .10s and they it sounds bada-s. The guitar itself is a dream to play. The neck has a slightly awkward shape, but now that I'm used to it, I wouldn't want anything else. The fat neck makes it very good for tapping, hammer ons and pull offs. This guitar has helped me speed up my playing a lot. There was one problem with the pickup selector cutting out at times, but that's stopped mostly. The tuning pegs are reliable as well, as is the Floyd Rose.

Features — 10
I am unsure of where this guitar was made, either USA or Korea. It has 22 frets and a 24 3/4 scale. The neck is made from Rosewood (I think, it might be ebony). It is a V shape which means it's kinda awkward to play sitting down, but it's easily solved. It has a Floyd Rose which is great for divebombs, it has a set of passive pickups, (Dimebucker in the bridge and I'm unsure of the neck). It's got a Volume, Tone and a 3-way selector. The Dimebucker is a Seymour Duncan. It's for a double locking system and grover tuners which are beautiful. It came in a Dean Hardcase.

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    I know this is an old review but the very top reviewer is commenting on what he believes to be a Razorback V 255 (25 1/2 scale length) when in fact he has either a 2007 Razorback V or Razorback V Standard which were 22 frets 24 3/4 scale length, they never came factory with EMG's for that year either they came loaded with a Seymour Duncan DIMEBUCKER in the bridge and a DMT pickup in the neck. Also they had licensed Floyd Rose tremolos. 2008 is when the Razorback V 255 was introduced with EMG's 81/85 they still had licensed Floyds. 2009 The Blades 255 gets a real Floyd. Seymour Duncan Dimebucker (b) and USA DMT DimeTime in the neck. 2010 lic Floyd, EMG's, explosion graphic. 2011 V shape neck, pearl inlay, Lic Floyd, EMG's explosion graphic. 2012 V shape neck, pearl inlay, EMG's, Floyd Rose Special. Series Discontinued.