SplitTail Floyd Rose review by Dean

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  • Features: 10
  • Sound: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.2 (17 votes)
Dean: SplitTail Floyd Rose

Purchased from: Pawn Shop

Features — 10
This guitar was made in Korea, I'm not sure of the year but I but I believe it is 2008-2009. It has a 24 3/4 scale with 22 frets on a rosewood fingerboard with beautiful mother of pearl block inlays on a V shaped mahogany neck set into a solid mahogany body. The guitar is very light and has a great warm tone. The neck is very well constructed and finished the frets are level, polished nicely and rolled smooth on the ends and tucked neatly into the white binding which runs around the headstock where it becomes white and black multi-layer, the binding was installed well, I have not been able to find any issues with the neck work what so ever

The neck and body are painted white with a single black pin stripe that traces the entire top of the body adjacent to the bevel which compliments the all black hardware, it has an unusual shape that is an SG in the front and a pointed V shape in the back. It's sports an original Floyd Rose tremolo and has one volume and one tone control as well as a three way toggle switch. It has non-locking Grover tuners, two passive humbuckers and came with a factory Dean custom molded case.

Sound — 8
I am primarily a metal guitar player and this guitar fits the bill quite well, from it's looks to the high performance Floyd Rose tremolo the mahogany body has great tone while the mahogany set neck has great sustain qualities. I play though both a Mesa Dual Rectifier Roadster 2x12 combo and a Peavey 6505+ half-stack I have several effects pedals but I usually just run straight into the amp, I do use a tube screamer from time to time. 

I found the Dean USA Time Capsule pickups to be a bit dirty sounding for my taste they were powerful but just really dirty, they did not offer a variety of tones and were defiantly lacking when playing clean, they have since been replaced with a set of Seymour Duncan's a hand wound custom shop TB-4 JB model in the bridge position and a SH-2N Jazz model in the neck.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I bought the guitar used so I can't comment on the factory set-up, but the action and tremolo were set-up just fine when I got it from the pawn shop, I had it professionally set-up when the pick ups installed. After the professional set up it almost plays itself, and the Floyd preforms better than any of my other tremolos including my other real Floyd's, the new pickups absolutely scream especially the custom shop it can get that heavy chug as well as killer harmonics and screams.

I can find no quality issues whatsoever with this machine, the fit and finish were flawless, the electronics all work as they should the pots and switch are clean and silent and for being used there was absolutely zero corrosion on the Floyd.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I don't play live I have a home studio and on occasion I jam with some of my friends but this guitar would be great in a live setting both visually and performance wise. It is equipped with Grover tuners and a real Floyd Rose so the hardware will last for sure, the strap buttons were solid but I replaced them with Dunlop strap locks which I have on all of my guitars, I think with the brand name hardware and pickups it would be very dependable in a live setting, I would never gig without a backup guitar just in case of string breakage. I have had the guitar for about a year now and have played it for many hours without any issues it seems dependable enough to me.

Overall Impression — 10
I play a little bit of everything from classic rock to rockabilly and instrumental surf but mostly I play metal and this guitar is designed for just that purpose although, with the Duncan pickups, I can clean it up and even play surf with it. I have been playing for 30 years and own 12 guitars several MIJ Jackson's, a B.C. Rich, Fender, and a 7-string Schecter. If this guitar were stolen I would be very mad because it was only produced for a couple of years and is out of production this one is the only one I have ever seen in person where I live so replacing it would be no easy task. I love the unique shape of this guitar, it is a real conversation piece.

Overall it is on par quality and playability wise with the rest of my guitar collection it plays great sounds like a beast and the Floyd performs better than any of my licensed copies or my other real Floyd's.

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    I own a Floyd Rose guitar and I'd never buy it again. It's great for a second guitar but not as your one single guitar you own in my opinion.
    I absolutely love this guitar and one day hope to find one. Super fan of Dean guitars! I own a black and silver razor v w/emgs and a concrete sledge. Super fun guitars! Stock pickups do tend to suck though.