USA Dime Razorback V Review

manufacturer: Dean date: 06/08/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Dean: USA Dime Razorback V
This is an electric guitar for the ages! It's made of mahogany, with a set-in neck and ebony fingerboard that sports custom "Razor" and "V" inlays. It also features a locking Floyd Rose tremolo, die-cast tuners, and your choice of bevel colors.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 9.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9
 Features: 9.5
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overall: 9.8
USA Dime Razorback V Reviewed by: Shredboy, on march 06, 2007
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Price paid: $ 3750

Purchased from: Ebay

Features: This guitar was made in 2006 I believe. Made in the USA. It has 22 frets 24 3/4 scale. The neck is extremely fast and thin. All mahogany except for the fretboard, which is ebony. Neck is a set neck. it's got the Dime tracton knobs for the two volume knobs. They are really practical and easy to turn when the sweat is pouring. The pickups: They are the Seymour Duncan Dimebucker in the bridge, and the Dimarzio Super Distortion in the neck. Both pickups are active and sound amazing! The finish is really smooth and the colours are black with red bevels. Looks awesome. Bridge is a Floyd Rose original, not the lisenced one. Got the double locking trem which is great. it's also got grover tuners. That baby aint going out of tune any time soon!! 3-way selector for the pickups. Oh and it's got the electrical tape near the neck pickup which stops and strings getting caught when you divebomb. It came with a Dean USA hardcase for free! // 10

Sound: Sounds amazing! It is great for heavy metal and hard rock. This guitar isnt designed to be used when your sat on a beach with your girlfriend on valentines day!! Sounds ok on a clean setting with both pickups but really shines when youve got a good distortion effect for it. I'm running it through a Laney Hardcore Maxx 65 watt amp, a DigiTech RP80 MultiFX and an MXR Dime Distortion. It sounds unbelievable! The pickups can take you from a high crunch sharp distortion for high pitched squeals to warm rhythm tones that have the right amount of distortion to keep things heavy. The sustain is amazing the sound verberates through the whole guitar. The only thing I can complain about is the slight amount of feedback that the Dimebucker gives. But it's only slight and if you are far enough away from your amp, you get no feedback. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Cant complain about the finish. It looks great! The colours are bright and look perfect on the whole body, no flaws at all with the paint and it looks like it's gonna last a long time. Pickups were adjusted fine, close to the strings but not so close that the sounds is muffled, too loud or that the strings rattle. They are just right! Looked at the frets and played each one. No problems there. The floyd rose was set up fine and in perfect Standard tuning so I didn't have to mess around with that. It is made out of top quality mahogany so I can't complain about the wood. The action was a little high for my liking. It wasn't high, but not low either. It was in the middle, but I hate not having the strings close to the fretboard, so I'll have to be critical about that. Didn't cost much to get it lowered though! // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is like a tank! It is solid. It will definately withstand Live playing, and then some!! The hardware looks good, but then again I wont know until I've had it for a few years. But for now it all looks solid and is in perfect working order. The strap buttons must be cemented in because they aint going nowhere! They are very reliable although I would still use strap locks just in case (I'd cry if I dropped this guitar). I wouldn't use it at a gig without backup simply because I have had experiences where I have snapped a string by using the Floyd Rose too much. it's not the guitars fault but you never know. The finish is great, really thick stuff, and the mahogany body can survive dinting. It's very hard. The only weakness is on the horns of the guitar. It looks like there could be some wear and tear showing up around those areas in the near future because they are so thin. But hey, I'll put up with that. it's all part of te character. // 10

Overall Impression: I play mostly heavy metal and hard rock, this guitar is perfect for those styles! Looks great, feels great and is a very fast guitar to use. Not to mention the sound. It's so heavy! I've been playing for 6 years now and I own a Jackson warrior WRMG, and a Gibson Les Paul Studio. This Dean beats them all hands down. I harldy play my Jackson anymore (sorry to Jackson fans reading this, but the Dean rules). If it were stolen/lost I would find it at all costs or buy another one. No guitar I have played has matched this one. I love the playability and the looks, but I hate the fact that if I knocked it I would cry like a baby I compared it to Ibanez prestige models, and LAG guitars, but the Dean beats them on looks and playability by far. And the pickups are great together. Brilliant guitar. // 10

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overall: 9
USA Dime Razorback V Reviewed by: jwalk3r, on june 08, 2012
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Price paid: $ 999

Purchased from: Gear Hounds

Features: - Mahogany Top / Body - 24-3/4" Scale - 1-11/16" Nut - Set Mahogany V Neck - Ebony Fingerboard - Pearl Dime Razor Inlays - Grover Tuners - Black Hardware - DBD Traction Knobs - Floyd Rose Original Bridge - USA DMT "DimeTime" Neck Pickup - Dimebucker Bridge Pickup - Hardshell Case Included - Black With Green Bevels // 9

Sound: This guitar is perfect for metal. It has a very rich full sound. Neck pickup has a nice strong bass without sacrificing tone. Sounds great in the clean setting. Bridge pickup has more bite and sounds really sick with distortion. This guitar can be used for all kinds of music from jazz to progressive metal. I use the Dean Razorback V with my Hiwatt 100 Watt Half Stack and my Vox VT100 modeling amplifier. I'm able to achieve a wide range of sounds and this guitar is definitely worth the price tag. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The hardware on this guitar is perfect. The action needed a little adjusting at least for me because I prefer it lower to the neck. The Floyd Rose worked out great especially after I put some new strings on. The maintenance does take a little more time however because of the tremolo. Pickup selector and volume/tone knobs are a little stiff but nothing time wouldn't solve. Factory settings are fine. I play with heavier strings so you might want to get the action set up if your going to drop tune the guitar. Sounds great and looks bada-s. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar has withstood hours of live play. I've used it many times for shows and it has fulfilled my every expectation. The floyd rose keeps the guitar in perfect tune even when I abuse the whammy bar. I've used sometimes wihout a backup but it never hurts to be safe. The finish has been great. // 9

Overall Impression: Perfect match for metal music. Designed by guitarist Dimebag Darell (Pantera). Great for all genres. Its important to get use to playing it sitting down for its a different setup because the body shape is a V. Favorite thing about it is definitely the body and look. It also sounds wonderful. I would definitely advise people looking to buy a guitar to check this one out. Best guitar I've played after 9 years of looking. // 10

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