V 79 review by Dean

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 6.6 (41 votes)
Dean: V 79

Price paid: $ 487

Purchased from: RebelMusic, only Dean dealer inland

Sound — 7
The sound is great, it`s easily switchable from 80`s midrange metal to modern Death Metal and most everything in between. The music I play is a varied style of Thrash, Death, Heavy and Sludge/Stoner, I think it's easier to say Metal. I like playing fast, slow and a catchy rhythm beat medium speed, I like a bit of mids when playing, not the chugging low-end guitar sound of modern players. I like where sound consists of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, not 1, 2, 3 and 8, 9, 10, if you can understand my point, I like a sound with a full spectrum. I listen to Death, Cannibal Corpse, 80's Metallica, SOME Slayer, some Megadeth, a little of Kreator, Corrosion Of Conformity, Crowbar, Down, Pantera, Carcass, In Flames from the 90's, Dark Tranquility, Testament, November's Doom, Machine Head, Tjsuder, Dimmu Borgir, Ceremonial Oath and so forth. I use a Laney TF200 and an EH Metal Muff with Top Boost, the pickups make noise when not played for 5 secs and onward. Pinch Harmonics on this is possible, but the top-end of the PH sounds very... clenched, if you will, picture a Coca Cola bottle, the PH starts at the bottom and travels up, but the top-end just won't freakin' sing, although it`s a quality sound, it sounds very strangled at the peak. With chords, this sings, and with my 012 strings, the sound doesn't seem to leap, it builds up gradually and doesn't skip or jump, it`s a very very thick and sturdy sound, warm or cold is dependent on the tone control. Distortion is rich and harsh, trembly and old school distortion. Cleans that sing, the sounds of this guitar are 6 or higher on the rating anyways, the cleans are defined, clear and full.

Overall Impression — 7
Metal music, or something along the lines, I'm not into the A7X, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine, All That Remains, Disturbed, Slipknot, as a 19 year old, I'm f--king unique, I've got the oldschool genes, I'm not into Deathcore, Metalcore or any of the mainstream "cool emo" hipster shit, only Core that's worth a damn to me is Grindcore, Carcass style. I wish I had asked about a hardcase when I bought it, difficult to find one that matches the size of this thing. If it were stolen? The bastard wouldn't have gotten far, this thing is chained to my desk, I would get it again, BUT I`d also save up for some improvements, pickups, straplocks and so forth. I love the balance, the weight, compared to the previous guitar, this one is extremely light, I'm actually cautious about moving around cus I fear it'll get damaged very easily. Love the color, love the awesome huge headstock, if you think the headstock is big compared to the neck in a picture, wait til' you really see it. I hate... Well, not hate, but the dot markers are so bland, overused, and unoriginal, but hey, what the hell am I complaining for? I got it for 487 dollars. I wish the Pinch Harmonics were sharper and more intense, they are very contained, but good sound quality, indeed. Might upgrade to some typically well-known pickups when I got the money, so at least I'll have good pickups. If you have any tips about anything regarding amplifiers, guitars or the like, please le'mme know, I'm a sucker for knowledge. Rock on.

Reliability & Durability — 7
Withstand liveplaying? I'm hesitant to answer, but I'm 80% sure it won't be a problem with a 50 minute playlist. Hardware seems durable, it seems like it will collect masses of dust, though, keep this in mind. The strap buttons haven't disappointing, but I've only had it for a few weeks, I use a single Warwick strap without straplocks, and it hasn't failed yet, quality strap, I was lucky the first time.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
The action was too high for me at the unboxing, went to a shop and got that and the tross rod fixed, it made some serious dents in the sound.

Features — 8
This is my first review, keep in mind, I've played guitar since my 17th birthday, which was 08.01.2010 and still going. Mine is a review of slightly hesitant praise, I`ll try to contain my "fanboy love" of my guitar, and just know that I've only EVER played a J&D Stratocaster ripoff (deadbeat thing I destroyed from the inside out) and an LTD Viper-50, damned thing must have been taken literally when it said it wanted to be heavy and neckbreaking. All my equipment has been a Laney 12W package amp I got with my J&D, after a while I bought a used Peavey Transtube StudioPro 112, then I bought a Laney 120w TF200 (from 94) and for Christmas of 2011 my brother bought me an Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff With Top Boost, which I always use. I have no professional opinions, just slight experience in my 2 years of playing. Now onto the guitar. No idea when it was made, but seeing as I ordered it on 15.01.2012, I'm sure it's made in 2011 (in Korea), as I've seen the guitar at the site of purchase long beforehand. Where to start. The guitar is a beauty to look at, I ordered the Trans Cherry Sunburst because I'm sick of being labeled a freak with addiction to dark things(no racism intended) just because I listen to metal, the finish looks cheerful and slightly "original" by metal standards(boring wannabe-hardcore, Kerry King style). The description that comes next has been taken from the site of purchase, who I trust to type the right f--king words correctly: - Dean Guitars V79 - V-Style. - Mahogany with Maple Top. - Set-in Mahogany Neck. - Rosewood Fretboard. - 2 Dean Zebra Humbucker Pickups. - Tune-O-matic Bridge - string thru Body. Me again. The guitar has Grover non-locking tuners, the tuning pegs are massive, and seem to hold well, although the strings must be stretched intensely when re-tuning, and they slip off-point within 10 minutes of playing, so remember to re-tune this back up after ca 20 minutes of playing(I check tuning almost by routine). It came with D'Adarrio (?) 010 strings, which I don't fancy after I changed the strings for the first time(on this guitar) to GHS 012 strings tuned to E Flat 430 HZ, kinda like an original tuning x). The guitar has a great balance and it is extremely light, I'm not a big guy, 5"10-5"11 with kinda broad shoulders, but I'm no fitness center freak, haven't worked out in years, I used an LTD Viper-50 that I borrowed from a friend for about 6-9 months which was so f--king heavy and un-balanced you wouldn't believe the intense difference. The guitar has NO neckdive whatsoever, I don`t care what you've played before, and I've been in the hesitant situation you are in RIGHT NOW, "maybe he`s stronger than me, maybe he has bigger or longer arms" bullshit, if anything, I have short fingers, but broad hands, this guitar has very intense balance! This has 2 Volume and 1 Tone, and 1 Three-way-Switch in user-friendly position, behind the bridge, at the side of the string-through metal plating. Trans Cherry Sunburst hopefully means Transparent etc etc finish, I've got no idea, I know that I like the look of it, it's an exciting aspect of the guitar, because that`s what strikes you first, the look of it. It looks rather old, or slightly vintage, the cream binding, the vanilla cream pickup casing. The back of the guitar is a maroon fiber color, you can see that it`s made of actual wood and you won`t question that, the neck is colored the same. 22 frets, feels like jumbo, sparkly Twilight Edward dot markers on the fretboard and black versus creamcolored dot markers on the topside of the neck. The neck is quite fast, although I'm not the shredding player, I'm not good enough yet, or am I. The input/output jack is very nicely positioned, and it sits very well, but be careful, due to the extreme angle it can quickly hit something and brake off or damage some wiring in the cable. I've definitely missed something, so you'll point it out for me, I assume?

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    When I think of Dean guitars, I think of Dean Martin. I don't know why but I do.
    I really like the deans pickups in these, i think the neck was really awesome. The only negative thing about the dean is the reliability of the stock electronics.
    Dean guitars are lame. They give the artists the custom guitars and sell the bullshit models to the kids. This is exactly what Dimebag hated and they are whoring out his name to sell more shitty guitars
    In which Sparda93 tells us his entire life story and tries to prove how cool he is to everyone rather than review the guitar.
    super collasal
    Kerry King boring? Have you ever been to a slayer show boy? I could watch that man play for days
    super collasal wrote: Kerry King boring? Have you ever been to a slayer show boy? I could watch that man play for days
    I was talking about his boring tribal guitars and his chains, metal wasn`t supposed to be about looks. He`s no poser, though, i respect him for sticking to it for 30+ years, but i do find his playing repetetive as ****, and his guitars and tribals, it`s one of those things i just don`t get.
    Retro does mean that headstock is supposed to be bigger than body? It looks great, but that headstock is f**king joke.
    Eh, it's not that bad. It is big for a headstock, but it never got in my way, especially. I would prefer the shark fin headstock, but oh well.
    Ooooh I like them reviews with 7qty pictures. Don't do the words thing so well.
    Soundservant wrote: V shaped guitar for sludge/stoner music? Interesting
    Nothing says heavy metal more than a V
    Metallilmeister wrote: Dean guitars are lame. They give the artists the custom guitars and sell the bullshit models to the kids. This is exactly what Dimebag hated and they are whoring out his name to sell more shitty guitars
    I`m enjoying my guitar, atleast, not much to discuss.
    pokerhappy wrote: In which Sparda93 tells us his entire life story and tries to prove how cool he is to everyone rather than review the guitar.
    No, i tried to detail the review as much as i could, as i made this review at 3 in the morning and i took several hours searching for information regarding the guitar incase i was wrong about anything. Sorry that you feel that way, i didn`t give it straight 10`s, therefore i feel that a did a good job, for a first timer.